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1. In this sense, Comte has Divinized his own existence, making himself the herald of a new Humanity worshipping itself." Man's "self-deification" by man is the antithesis of man's divinization through the power and gift of God.

Divinized, Deification, Divinization

2. Synonyms for Divinized include deified, worshipped, worshiped, venerated, exalted, glorified, adored, revered, extolled and reverenced

Divinized, Deified

3. How to pronounce the word Divinized


4. Divinized Archangel, Gabriel is a water and water element monster


5. Looking at the above quotes, we can tell that Julius Caesar was Divinized because the people wanted it and because of certain divine circumstances following his death

Divinized, Divine, Death

6. Divinized How many syllables? 3 Syllables How it's divided? div-i-nized

Divinized, Divided, Div

7. Future Perfect; I will have Divinized: you will have Divinized: he/she/it will have Divinized: we will have Divinized: you will have Divinized: they will have Divinized


8. Theologians now use theosis to designate all instances where any idea of taking on God's character or being "Divinized" (made divine) occurs, even when the term qe/wsij is not used

Designate, Divinized, Divine

9. Divinize (third-person singular simple present divinizes, present participle divinizing, simple past and past participle Divinized) To make divine; to make godlike

Divinize, Divinizes, Divinizing, Divinized, Divine

10. The word is in the Wiktionary 1 short excerpt of Wiktionnary (A collaborative project to produce a free-content dictionary.) — English word — Divinized v

Dictionary, Divinized

11. One of the answers is that man can be Divinized (cf


12. THE Divinized LIFE “Let your door stand open to receive Him, unlock your soul to Him, offer Him a welcome in your mind, and then you will see the riches of simplicity, the treasures of peace, the joy of grace

Divinized, Door

13. Because of this, he added, managing employment “is a great human and social responsibility which can't be left in the hands of the few, or discharged to a Divinized market.” The Pope spoke to pilgrims present in the Vatican's Paul VI Hall for his Wednesday general audience

Discharged, Divinized

14. Rather, it means that man will become Divinized in the Kingdom of God, or, as St


15. However, theosis is also the state of being Divinized or God-infused, both in character and in person


16. Temple of the Divinized Emperors is located in a historic area of Rome known for its beautiful ocean views and array of dining options

Divinized, Dining

17. Divinized cult-objects could receive offerings of animal sacrifice, spices, oil, fruit, or jewelry


18. This was the legendary Divinized 5 Elements Constitution, where one’s inner power would form an entire world within onesef! Being the most frightening did not equate to being the strongest

Divinized, Did

19. Kinyras increased in depth and complexity with the demonstration in 1968 that Kinnaru—the Divinized temple-lyre—was venerated at Ugarit, an important Late Bronze Age city just… Available for purchase in print via Harvard University Press.

Depth, Demonstration, Divinized

20. Temple of the Divinized Emperors hotel reviews, photos and virtual tours


21. Thanks to photos and virtual tours, you can look before you book your Temple of the Divinized Emperors hotel reservation


22. Check out Temple of the Divinized Emperors hotel properties using interactive tools which allow you view hotel rooms, common areas and key features.


23. But what does the teaching mean? Are we really supposed be Divinized? Joe Heschmeyer explains.

Does, Divinized

24. In addition to the various forces operating in nature, various social and other functions are Divinized


25. After the flood his family was Divinized and taken to a distant land

Divinized, Distant

26. Finally, a reference to a Divinized dead person in Deir ʿAlla II.5, 12, 14 makes better sense in the context than a word related to "detached flesh." From a broader perspective, the field of biblical studies is still only beginning to grasp the impact that Egyptian culture …

Divinized, Dead, Deir, Detached

27. In study of religion: Later attempts to study religion …name to the doctrine called Euhemerism—namely, that the gods are Divinized humans

Doctrine, Divinized

28. It seems significant that for many in the Christian tradition, redeemed human existence culminates in at least one kind of vision of God: the visio beatifica, when the essence of God will be “seen” by the “eye” of the Divinized human soul


29. A Christian is a living member of Christ’s Divinized Body to the extent in which he or she fully participates in the Church’s mystical life


30. In divinization, God’s life becomes our life and our life becomes Divinized

Divinization, Divinized

31. Several scholars have pointed out that the story of the crucifixion has some aspects in common with myths of other religions: the scapegoat, who is ritually executed and then Divinized.


32. There was a celestial event that helped solidify the idea that Caesar had been Divinized


33. This passage from ugly egocentrism to Divinized altruism is a literary and theological gem profoundly instructive for each of us


34. A cult of immortals, including the Divinized Lao-tzu, also developed

Divinized, Developed

35. Powerful and influential during her lifetime, she maintained her power during the reign of her son, Amenhotep I; mother and son were venerated as a Divinized couple by Egyptians, especially in the Necropolis of Deir el-Medina.

During, Divinized, Deir

36. Might be Divinized and unified on the basis of true Dharma which is embodied in the Ideal

Divinized, Dharma

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