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1. Human milk changes in composition from colostrum to late lactation, within feeds, by gestational age, Diurnally, and between mothers


2. The only effects of it will be some Diurnally driven afternoon clouds as we reach our convective temperature

Diurnally, Driven

3. Are the red blood cell counts, and how do they vary Diurnally? What relationship exists between the number of red blood cells and the ability of the blood to supply oxygen to body tissues? What is the relationship between the heart rate, red and white blood cell counts, oxygen consumption, and the animal's ability to withstand

Do, Diurnally

4. Ananas is Diurnally active, meaning they're active during the day

Diurnally, During, Day

5. Having recently removed a tree means that the moisture that would otherwise have been absorbed Diurnally from the ground will remain, allowing the soil to swell and heave - the condition whereby water that would otherwise have been removed swells clay soil, causing pressure on trenches and slab foundations.


6. Temperatures fluctuate Diurnally and that is where the temperature max/min is most interesting to me


7. “The climatic impacts of wind power may be unexpected, as wind turbines only redistribute heat within the atmosphere, and the 1.0 W m-2 of heating resulting from kinetic energy dissipation in the lower atmosphere is only about 0.6% of the Diurnally averaged radiative flux.

Dissipation, Diurnally

8. (1981b), Johnson (1982), and Johnson and Kriete (1982) documented a Diurnally-varying mesoscale precipitating cloud system over the ocean that is related to the winter monsoon flow pattern and the daily heating cycle of the adjacent land.

Documented, Diurnally, Daily

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