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1. Ditched synonyms, Ditched pronunciation, Ditched translation, English dictionary definition of Ditched

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2. Ditched , ditch·ing , ditch·es v

Ditched, Ditch

3. ditch verb (GET RID OF) [ T ] informal to get rid of something or someone that is no longer wanted: The getaway car had been Ditched a couple of miles away from the scene of the robbery.

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4. 29 synonyms of Ditched from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 30 related words, definitions, and antonyms

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5. Ditched: to end a usually intimate relationship with.


6. The ground around the lodge was Ditched, and the sods piled around the bottom of the skins


7. Ditched , ditch·ing , ditch·es v

Ditched, Ditch

8. Ditched To leave something that is not finished


9. I can't believe she Ditched me …


10. Ivy along with her foster sister, Darcy and friend, Leif found a successful nitch with their business Ditched

Darcy, Ditched

11. If you have a relationship that has run it's course and you're not sure how to end things gracefully, without drama, without backlash Ditched is who you call

Drama, Ditched

12. On August 6, 2005, ATR72 Ditched off the Sicilian Coast and 23 out of the 35 passengers survived


13. On January 16, 2002, Boeing 737 Ditched off Java Island, one flight attendant was killed


14. The US coast guard reports that there is at least one non-commercial aircraft per day Ditched in American waters alone.

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15. Definition of Ditched in the dictionary

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16. What does Ditched mean? Information and translations of Ditched in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions

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17. Definitions and Meaning of Ditched in English ditch noun

Definitions, Ditched, Ditch

18. Ditched: A Love Story is her first novel


19. Ditched seemed cute, but it is actually more lighthearted than I expected


20. Last year, Sidewalk also Ditched an ambitious project to build a digital city in Toronto, following controversy about the scale of its plans.

Ditched, Digital

21. ‘she Ditched her husband to marry the window cleaner’ ‘She had been married for 25 years when her husband Ditched her.’ ‘Shanti's daughter, Raji, had a philandering husband who Ditched her and took up with Kala.’ ‘She Ditched her husband in the Sin City, as part of a life-changing de-cluttering exercise in the early nineties.’

Ditched, Daughter, De

22. The thief Ditched the gloves and crowbar he used to break into the car


23. Synonyms for Ditched include lost, discarded, chucked, dumped, junked, scrapped, shed, binned, canned and tossed

Ditched, Discarded, Dumped

24. However, when hairstyles cycle in and out of fashion quickly, it can be a little harder to keep up with what trends are actually "in." To that end, here are the hair trends everyone Ditched in 2020.


25. Ditched RC Bolt 5 stars Oh gosh ladies - this is the book we have been waiting for


26. Ditched: A Love Story is her first novel


27. 11 April 1952: Pan Am Flight 526A Ditched 11.3 miles northwest of Puerto Rico due to engine failure after take off

Ditched, Due

28. Markle Ditched the jewellery for a virtual engagement with the Queen's Commonwealth Trust in August


29. If you don't like the look of full coverage matte concealer, then you'll be glad to hear that everyone Ditched this makeup trend in 2020

Don, Ditched

30. Fractured or Ditched margins are the most common problem associated with amalgam restorations


31. 13 hours ago · THE stay at home message will be Ditched in England from Monday - but you still face a fine if you try to leave the country


32. 22 hours ago · 'It had the oldest audience on TV': Jeremy Vine believes Eggheads was a victim of its own success - after BBC Ditched show to court younger viewers


33. Dumped & Ditched, Stanwell Park, New South Wales

Dumped, Ditched

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant by ditched?

A long narrow trench or furrow dug in the ground, as for irrigation, drainage, or a boundary line. v. ditched, ditch·ing, ditch·es. 1. To dig or make a long narrow trench or furrow in. 2. To surround with a long narrow trench or furrow. 3.

What is another word for ditch?

Synonyms: channel, drain, trench, gutter More Synonyms of ditch. 2. verb. If you ditch something that you have or are responsible for, you abandon it or get rid of it, because you no longer want it.

What is the meaning of ditch in Hindi?

Drainage ditch ka matalab hindi me kya hai (Drainage ditch का हिंदी में मतलब ). Drainage ditch meaning in Hindi (हिन्दी मे मीनिंग ) is a ditch for carrying off excess water or sewage.English definition of Drainage ditch : a ditch for carrying off excess water or sewage.

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