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2. 442 rows · Districts may sometimes retain the same boundaries while changing their district numbers

Districts, District

3. The Districts today shared the video for their new single “Velour and Velcro,” the third released from the band’s forthcoming new album You Know I’m Not Going Anywhere, out March 13th on Fat Possum


4. The relationship between C&MA churches and their respective Districts is defined as constituted authority

Districts, Defined

5. Senate Districts House of Representative Districts Statewide GIS Data Statewide Election District Structure 2002 thru 2012 Statewide Election District Structure 2012 thru 2022

Districts, Data, District

6. District Court for the Western District of Texas ordered changes to Districts 90, 97 and 99 in Tarrant County for the 2020 elections

District, Districts

7. Texas has 150 state representative Districts


8. Escambia County is divided into five Districts with one county commissioner elected from each district to serve a four-year term as the legislative and policy setting body of Escambia County as established under Section 125 of the Florida Statutes.

Divided, Districts, District

9. Districts represent large areas of development on the planet dedicated towards a particular purpose, whether that be housing or resource gathering

Districts, Development, Dedicated

10. The total number of Districts that can be built on a planet is equal to the planet size


11. The number of mining, generator and agriculture Districts is further constrained by the deposits on the planet.

Districts, Deposits

12. Texas Department of Transportation Inside TxDOT Our 25 Districts oversee the construction and maintenance of state highways

Department, Districts

13. Locate a District by County: Districts

District, Districts

14. To create a district, click the Districts and Areas button located to the right of the zoning button

District, Districts

15. The Ohio Department of Transportation's 12 Districts work in tandem with Central Office divisions to serve Ohio's transportation needs.

Department, Districts, Divisions

16. The County is divided into nine Districts from which members of Council are elected for four-year terms

Divided, Districts

17. The map Districts are based upon the population distribution from the 2010 Census.Please click on the map above to see the council Districts.

Districts, Distribution

18. A district (zilā) is an administrative division of an Indian state or territory.In some cases Districts are further subdivided into sub-divisions, and in others directly into tehsils or talukas.As of 2021 there are a total of 741 Districts, up from the 640 in the 2011 Census of …

District, Division, Districts, Divisions, Directly

19. INDOT: Districts & Sub-Districts Close Menu


20. Districts have cited concerns about the virus’s spread as the main reason for choosing to remain remote; at least one district has said it intends to stay virtual through the end of the year

Districts, District

21. Use the layer icon to show or hide electoral Districts.; With a layer visible click on a layer region to display information about that district, including state representatives.

Districts, Display, District

22. Districts are a special kind of town building available only in The Crimson Court and The Color of Madness DLCs

Districts, Dlcs

23. Districts introduce a new layer to the depth of late-game planning for the player, as the available buildings are generally immensely expensive, but do offer substantial buffs if a player was so inclined to rebuild them

Districts, Depth, Do

24. North America is divided into eight regional Districts

Divided, Districts

25. Texas Water Districts and Bond Information


26. The district map is comprised of the 40 Districts that a Senator represents

District, Districts

27. Districts are determined on the basis of population

Districts, Determined

28. Find your district by city or town name; 2012 changes in Council Districts - On Monday, June 11, 2012 Governor Lynch signed House Bill (HB)1670 into law

District, Districts

29. This bill establishes new Executive Council Districts based on the latest federal decennial census.

Districts, Decennial

30. Click here for a map of the state including all Florida Conference Districts


31. Currently, there are 25 geographically defined Districts as shown on the map below

Defined, Districts

32. The Coronado National Forest consists of Five Ranger Districts and a Supervisor's Office


33. The Alliance District program is a unique and targeted investment in Connecticut’s 33 lowest-performing Districts

District, Districts

34. Connecticut General Statue Section 10-262u establishes a process for identifying Alliance Districts and allocating increased Education Cost Sharing (ECS) funding to support district strategies to dramatically increase student outcomes and close achievement gaps by pursuing bold

Districts, District, Dramatically

35. California's 35 local Air Districts are responsible for regional air quality planning, monitoring, and stationary source and facility permitting


36. The Districts administer air quality improvement grant programs and are CARB's primary partners in efforts to ensure that all Californians breathe clean air


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DISTRICTS [ˈdistrikt]

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by district?

Legal Definition of district. : a territorial division (as of a nation, state, county, or city) for administrative, judicial, electoral, or other purposes: as. a : an administrative unit especially of a town or city established for the performance of a special governmental function the water district park district.

What is the difference between district and town?

As nouns the difference between district and town is that district is an administrative division of an area while town is a settlement; an area with residential districts, shops and amenities, and its own local government; especially one larger than a village and smaller than a city. As a verb district is to divide into administrative or other s.

What is the meaning of district?

Definition of district. (Entry 1 of 2) 1a : a territorial division (as for administrative or electoral purposes) b : the basic administrative unit for local government in Northern Ireland. 2 : an area, region, or section with a distinguishing character a shopping district.

What's in a district?

A district is a type of administrative division that, in some countries, is managed by local government. Across the world, areas known as "districts" vary greatly in size, spanning regions or counties, several municipalities, subdivisions of municipalities, school district, or political district.

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