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1. The declension of the adjective dissolut uses these forms of the comparison dissolut, dissoluter, am Dissolutesten

Declension, Dissolut, Dissoluter, Dissolutesten

2. Declension and comparison of dissolut The declension of the adjective dissolut uses these forms of the comparison dissolut, dissoluter, am Dissolutesten. The endings for the comparison in the comparative and superlative are er/esten.

Declension, Dissolut, Dissoluter, Dissolutesten

3. Dissolutesten Wörterbuch Deutsche Wörter Wörterbuch Deutsche Wörter Definition, Grammatik, Anagramme, Informationen über deutsche Wörter in

Dissolutesten, Deutsche, Definition

4. Declinação e comparação de dissolut A declinação do adjetivo dissolut utiliza as seguintes formas de comparação dissolut, dissoluter, am Dissolutesten.As terminações para o comparativo e o superlativo são er/esten

Declina, De, Dissolut, Do, Dissoluter, Dissolutesten

5. Ein grober Witz spielt dabei immer herüber und hinüber, und zwar ein Witz, der stets eine Ohrfeige vom Humor hat, der beim Dissolutesten Kerl auf eine 475 innere Behaglichkeit deutet

Dabei, Der, Dissolutesten, Deutet

6. Dissolubel dissoluble dissolublem dissolublen dissolubler dissolubles dissolut dissolute dissolutem dissoluten dissoluter dissolutere dissoluterem dissoluteren dissoluterer dissoluteres dissolutes dissoluteste dissolutestem Dissolutesten dissolutester dissolutestes dissolution dissolutionen dissolvier dissolviere dissolvieren dissolvierend

Dissolubel, Dissoluble, Dissolublem, Dissolublen, Dissolubler, Dissolubles, Dissolut, Dissolute, Dissolutem, Dissoluten, Dissoluter, Dissolutere, Dissoluterem, Dissoluteren, Dissoluterer, Dissoluteres, Dissolutes, Dissoluteste, Dissolutestem, Dissolutesten, Dissolutester, Dissolutestes, Dissolution, Dissolutionen, Dissolvier, Dissolviere, Dissolvieren, Dissolvierend

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DISSOLUTESTEN [ˌdisəˈlo͞oSH(ə)n]

dissolution (noun) · dissolutions (plural noun)

  • the closing down or dismissal of an assembly, partnership, or official body.
  • the action or process of dissolving or being dissolved.
Synonyms: cessation . conclusion . end . ending . finish . termination . breakup . split-up . discontinuation . suspension . disbandment . disbanding . disestablishment . disunion . separation . dispersal . scattering . prorogation . recess . dissolving . liquefaction . melting . deliquescence . separation . resolution . decomposition . disintegration .
  • debauched living; dissipation.
Synonyms: debauchery . dissipation . decadence . dissoluteness . intemperance . immoderation . excess . profligacy . abandonment . self-indulgence . wildness . depravity . degeneracy . corruption . sinfulness . immorality . vice . impurity . rakishness . licentiousness . promiscuity . lecherousness . lechery . libertinism . libertinage . wantonness . lustfulness . libidinousness . lewdness . drunkenness . asceticism . restraint .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the word dissolution mean?

dissolution - Legal Definition. n. The termination, cessation, or winding up of a legal entity such as a corporation or partnership; the consensual or judicially ordered undoing of a contract by placing the parties back into the positions they held before entering into it; the termination of a marriage.

What does dissolutions mean?

Definition of 'dissolution'. dissolution. Dissolution is the act of breaking up officially an organization or institution, or of formally ending a parliament. He stayed on until the dissolution of the firm in 1948. Dissolution is the act of officially ending a formal agreement, for example, a marriage or a business arrangement.

What are the steps of dissolution?

The Steps to Dissolution. There are six key steps to dissolving your business: Voting to dissolve. Filing articles of dissolution. Filing tax forms. Liquidating assets. Settling debts and obligations. Sending notices to interested parties.

What are the causes of dissolution?

The reasons for dissolution might be as basic as low cash flow or as complex as irreconcilable partner disagreements. But avoiding fines, fees or continued liability by legally closing a company can be reason enough for business owners to officially dissolve a business.