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Synonyms: 1. Dissipate 2. Disappear 3. Vanish 4. Evaporate 5. Dissolve 6. Dematerialize 7. Disperse 8. Scatter 9. Dispel 10. Banish 11. Quell 12. Allay 13. Check 14. Evanesce 15. Grow 16. Develop 17. Disperse 18. Disband 19. Separate 20. Disintegrate ...21. Dissolve 22. Drive 23. Send 24. Chase 25. Assemble 26. Converge 27. Congregate 28. Squander 29. Misspend 30. Waste 31. Lavish 32. Expend 33. Exhaust 34. Drain 35. Deplete 36. Consume 37. Lose 38. Blow 39. Splurge 40. Blue 41. Save See more »
1. The small dissipative eddies must be generated from larger ones
2. This is a coupled non parabolic dissipative dynamic system
3. HENSON Static dissipative slipper is the best choice for footwear in ESD sensitive cleanroom environment Its outer sole can protect human and products from static discharge effectively
4. HENSON Static dissipative Shoes is the best choice for footwear in ESD sensitive cleanroom environment Its outer sole can protect human and products from static discharge effectively
5. The robustly dissipative synthesis problem is discussed for a class of affine nonlinear uncertain systems with input-output feedthrough
6. The essential of entropy in the dissipative structure is the macroscopically order and energy transformationsentencedictcom/dissipativehtml and embodies the first law of thermodynamics
7. Then the main points of nonlinear science including dissipative structure theory synergetics catastrophe theory and chaos theory are introduced
8. The negentropy process of the dissipative structure system involves input subsystem's competition and coordination output and feedback
9. Quality dissipative mats are designed to haimlessly drain charges from presonnel tote boxes bages component etc
10. These mistaken ideas could be corrected by " dissipative structure" and "Self-organizing system" from the theory of Synergertios
11. The aerodynamic quality of dissipative silencer is summarized through the data from theory and experiment
12. It is noted that the dissipative mixing melting is the dominant mechanism of HDPE pellets in kneading blocks and sea island melting model is the typical one
13. By muffling volume of barrel dissipative muffler is tested in test-bed muffling volume of A class and each time of spectrum are obtained under various velocity of airflow
14. It is considered that genetical population is a dissipative structure There are the unrestrained behaviors in transmission process about gene It is controlled by leash cluster too
15. The existence of expanding and contracting directions is an essential prerequisite for chaotic behaviour in dissipative systems of this sort
16. This paper studies evolution problem of population and discusses its sustainable development goal by using the theory of dissipative structures and nonlinear stability criteria for nonlinear system
17. The friction force is therefore called a nonconservative or a dissipative force
18. Scrubbing and rolling heat was main make up of plastic dissipative energy and elastic hysteresis energy
19. In this paper We establish the local well - posedness of a weakly dissipative nonlinear shallow water ware equation and obtain the global solution and blow-up phenomena for different initial values
20. We consider passivity of system a special class of dissipative systems in which supply rate is represented by the product of the system input and output
21. The aim of this thesis is to introduce some characteristic phenomena in discontinuous and non-invertible two-dimensional maps which may be a concatenation of two conservative or dissipative maps
22. And two classes of semi-explicit difference schemes are also established by introducing a dissipative term they are unconditionally stable and can be calculated explicitly
23. It isbelieved that the new controlling device presented in this paper can increase steering radius under the samesteering yawing rate and reduce the total dissipative power
24. The genetic mechanism of immature-low mature oils is explained using theories of chaos and dissipative structure in microphysics
25. Analysis of simulated sea clutter indicates that sea clutter are chaotic dissipative and physically realizable system
26. Parkinson who began research on sound transmission through ducts with acoustical material lining questions of calculating sound attenuation by the dissipative mufflers have been ta
27. A reference environmental model can be determined and the dissipative exergy of the pollutions can be used to reflect the environmental influence degree of different pollutions
28. dissipative definition is - relating to dissipation especially of heat. Recent Examples on the Web The trouble with dissipative adaptation is that examples like this take us rather far from the living things whose origin the concept is meant to explain. — Andrew Crumey, WSJ, "Chance of a Lifetime," 2 Oct. 2020 Static dissipative properties, to reduce the accumulation of excess static
29. Define dissipative. dissipative synonyms, dissipative pronunciation, dissipative translation, English dictionary definition of dissipative. v. dis·si·pat·ed , dis·si·pat·ing , dis·si·pates v. tr. 1.
30. The small dissipative eddies must be generated from larger ones: 2. This is a coupled non parabolic dissipative dynamic system: 3. HENSON Static dissipative slipper is the best choice for footwear in ESD sensitive cleanroom environment Its outer sole can protect human and products from static discharge effectively: 4.
31. A dissipative system is a thermodynamically open system which is operating out of, and often far from, thermodynamic equilibrium in an environment with which it exchanges energy and matter.A tornado may be thought of as a dissipative system. dissipative systems stand in contrast to conservative systems.. A dissipative structure is a dissipative system that has a dynamical regime that is in
32. Both conductive and dissipative materials are classified as Antistatic. Insulative materials are not. How to Measure Surface Resistivity The SRM200 Surface Resistance Meter is an easy to use tester for measuring surface resistivity. This SRM200 uses parallel electrodes on the back of the meter to accurately measure RTT, RTG, or resistivity for
33. Dissipative. dissipative materials allow the charges to flow to ground more slowly in a more controlled manner than with conductive materials. Anti-Static. Anti-static materials are generally referred to as any material which inhibits triboelectric charging. This kind of charging is the buildup of an electric charge by the rubbing or contact
34. Chart #2 shows some typical use areas for flooring with conductive or static dissipative properties. Most electronic equipment is adequately housed and protected from transmitted static charge. In actual practice, our standard flooring has been used successfully in computer rooms, clean rooms, and laboratories for years without creating static
35. Anti static plastics are used to avoid static charges in order to protect from electrostatic discharge (ESD). To ensure reliable handling of highly sensitive components, static dissipative plastics may also be used, which significantly reduces the damage to or destruction of components during production.
36. Examples of how to use “dissipative” in a sentence from the Cambridge Dictionary Labs
37. Dissipate and neutralize by grounding, ionization, and the use of conductive and dissipative static control materials. Protect products from ESD with proper grounding or shunting and the use of static control packaging and material handling products. At the facility level, our ESD control efforts concentrate on the last five principles.
38. The definition distinguishes between "dissipative releases, or releases from products that are not easily recovered or recycled; and dissipative uses, or those uses of a substance where the dissipative release is intentional" Ziemann et al. (2012) The definition focuses on dissipative use/applications.
39. How to use dissipative in a sentence. Example sentences with the word dissipative. dissipative example sentences.
40. Static-dissipative carpet tiles contain thousands of dissipative fibers that sweep static off the soles of shoes as people walk, and direct the charge safely to ground—much the way small brushes eliminate static on high-speed copiers as paper is fed into the collator. ESD Rubber. Static-dissipative rubber is a naturally low static generator.
41. The combination of dust, an ignition source and oxygen in the air is the recipe needed to initiate a dust explosion. Confusion over when to use a static conductive or static dissipative material for an application can provide this ignition source when electrical sparks are created.
42. dissipative The charges flow to ground more slowly and in a somewhat more controlled manner than with conductive materials. dissipative materials have a surface resistivity equal to or greater than 1 x 10 5 Ω/sq but less than 1 x 10 12 Ω/sq or a volume resistivity equal to or greater than 1 x 10 4 Ω-cm but less than 1 x 10 11 Ω-cm.2 Conductive
43. Because woodworkers use relatively small amounts of hose our choices are typically limited by retail availability. The best hose I ever used was transparent, heavy, smooth-walled and made of a static dissipative plastic, but it is extremely hard to source, available only in 25-foot lengths and costs about $13/foot before adding in shipping costs.

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