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1. Dissenting views were ruthlessly suppressed under the dictatorship Recent Examples on the Web Zucchet was the sole Dissenting vote, arguing that the three-week turnaround period was too brief.

Dissenting, Dictatorship

2. / dɪˈsen.t̬ɪŋ / showing a strongly different opinion on a particular question, especially an official suggestion or plan, a legal decision, or a popular belief: There was only one Dissenting voice

Different, Decision, Dissenting

3. 14 synonyms of Dissenting from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 25 related words, definitions, and antonyms

Dissenting, Definitions

4. Find another word for Dissenting


5. Dissenting: deviating from commonly accepted beliefs or practices.

Dissenting, Deviating

6. Also called Dissenting opinion.


7. Find 37 ways to say Dissenting, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


8. In a general sense, a Dissenting opinion is simply an opinion that does not agree with others—especially one that goes against a mainstream opinion

Dissenting, Does

9. A dissent is often accompanied by a written Dissenting opinion, and the terms dissent and Dissenting opinion are used interchangeably

Dissent, Dissenting

10. Organised Dissenting groups (17th century) In existence during the English Interregnum (1649–1660): Anabaptists

Dissenting, During

11. A dissent is often accompanied by a written Dissenting opinion, and the terms dissent and Dissenting opinion are used interchangeably

Dissent, Dissenting

12. Updated July 12, 2019 A Dissenting opinion is an opinion written by a justice who disagrees with the majority opinion

Dissenting, Disagrees

13. Supreme Court, any justice can write a Dissenting opinion, and this can be signed by other justices.


14. In short, a Dissenting part/concurring part of opinion agrees with one part of the decision but disagrees with another

Dissenting, Decision, Disagrees

15. What is the importance of Dissenting opinion and the Courts? The importance and role of Dissenting opinions in cases involving fundamental rights cannot be exaggerated.


16. When a Dissenting shareholder disagrees with a firm's actions, they can exercise appraisal rights; appraising their …

Dissenting, Disagrees

17. The Dissenting voice is perhaps the most potent force on the face of the Earth


18. A Dissenting opinion (or dissent) is an opinion in a legal case in certain legal systems written by one or more judges expressing disagreement with the majority opinion of the court which gives rise to its judgment

Dissenting, Dissent, Disagreement

19. Dissenting opinions are normally written at the same time as the majority


20. Synonyms for Dissenting in Free Thesaurus


21. 8 synonyms for Dissenting: disagreeing, protesting, opposing, conflicting, differing, dissident

Dissenting, Disagreeing, Differing, Dissident

22. Dissenting Shareholders means the holders of Shares who have validly exercised and not effectively withdrawn or lost their rights to dissent from the Merger, or dissenter rights, pursuant to Section 238 of the Cayman Companies Law

Dissenting, Dissent, Dissenter

23. Dissenting Statement of Commissioner Rohit Chopra Joined by Commissioner Rebecca Kelly Slaughter in the Matter of Pfizer Inc./Mylan N.V.


24. Dissenting opinions can also broaden a court’s understanding of a case by offering a divergent perspective, illuminating seemingly trivial facts, and encouraging thorough decisionmaking

Dissenting, Divergent, Decisionmaking

25. A judge authoring a Dissenting opinion has more of a license to tell a story and depart from the conventions of “traditional” legal writing than a judge

Dissenting, Depart

26. See authoritative translations of Dissenting in Spanish with example sentences and audio pronunciations.


27. One Dissenting voice can empower you to go with your gut


28. Again, Justice Stevens found himself Dissenting — this time not only about the constitutionality of gun regulation, but about how incorporation doctrine should be understood

Dissenting, Doctrine

29. The Dissenting opinion as a basis for challenging an award in other jurisdictions


30. Challenging an award on the basis of a Dissenting opinion is not new


31. More often, however, it is the content of the Dissenting opinion, rather than its disclosure, that provides the ammunition for a challenge

Dissenting, Disclosure

32. Posner's first decade of Dissenting opinions, 1981-1991--Toward an aesthetics of judicial Dissenting style

Decade, Dissenting

33. Dissenting Opinion: A written opinion of an appellate court in which the writing judge disagrees with the decision reached by the majority of the judges, and writes a separate opinion describing the reasoning that led to disagreement

Dissenting, Disagrees, Decision, Describing, Disagreement

34. A Dissenting opinion represents what one—or often more than one—judge thinks the law should mean, but what is the purpose of a dissent? The late Second Circuit Judge William Hughes Mulligan is said to have remarked that a “primary purpose …

Dissenting, Dissent

35. Dissenting Voices is a student engineered eJournal collaboratively designed, authored, and published by undergraduate Women and Gender Studies majors in connection with their Women and Gender Studies Senior Seminar at the College at Brockport

Dissenting, Designed

36. Dissenting Voices grows out of a course learning structure through which Women and Gender Studies students could reflect upon their undergraduate


37. Definition of Dissenting adjective in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

Definition, Dissenting, Dictionary

38. "Brenda Ayres's Dissenting Women in Dickens' Novels: Subversion of Domestic Ideology addresses an issue in academic feminism, the problem of how, since Charles Dickens has often been referred to as a domestic tyrant and patriarchal bully, ' such subversive texts squeaked from Dickens' pen.'"-Studies in English Literature

Dissenting, Dickens, Domestic

39. Dissenting Japan is a necessary text, and a compelling intellectual call to arms." -- Japan Times


40. Dissenting voice definition: Dissent is strong disagreement or dissatisfaction with a decision or opinion , especially Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Dissenting, Definition, Dissent, Disagreement, Dissatisfaction, Decision

41. The most visible Dissenting group which is a movement of laity and religious seeking to reform the "sinful structure" of the "patriarchal" Church


42. One could call them the "mother of all Dissenting groups" - feminist pun intended


43. A Dissenting opinion represents what one—or often more than one—judge thinks the law should mean, but what is the purpose of a dissent? The late …

Dissenting, Dissent

44. Synonyms for Dissenting include dissident, heretical, heterodox, nonconformist, unorthodox, unconventional, dissentient, iconoclastic, maverick and nonorthodox

Dissenting, Dissident, Dissentient

45. The Dissenting Voices platform is needed because whenever and wherever dissension is suppressed, so too is the hope of human flourishing—and the good, the true, and the beautiful that it seeks to manifest, whether in matters of health, science, education, technology, ethics, government, or other areas of tremendous consequence.

Dissenting, Dissension

46. Today alone, Tay has blocked all Dissenting parents from his social media accounts, which he can be sued for via prior case law, as in the Lauren Boebert case


47. Power of a Dissenting Opinion: Dred Scott Assignment Investigate the infamous 1857 Supreme Court Case Dred Scott v

Dissenting, Dred

48. Sandford.It is important to not only read the majority opinion of court cases, but sometimes the Dissenting opinion is worth reading as well


49. A consideration of the Dissenting opinion can provide insight to the constitutionality of future issues and conflicts.


50. The Dissenting Heretic, Columbus, OH


51. The Dissenting Heretic is officially wrapping up after several years


52. Thank you everyone! Buy “The Quotable Dissenting


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