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1. To move or shift from the usual place or position, especially to force to leave a homeland or other place of residence: millions of refugees who were Displaced by the war


2. Persons who lack a home, as through political exile, destruction of their previous shelter, or lack of financial resources: After the earthquake, the Displaced were temporarily housed in …

Destruction, Displaced

3. To displace often means to shift something solid and comparatively immovable, more or less permanently from its place: The flood Displaced

Displace, Displaced

4. Past tense of displace Synonyms & Antonyms of Displaced (Entry 2 of 2) 1 to change the place or position of the slight tremor Displaced the dishes on the shelves, but didn't do any real damage

Displace, Displaced, Dishes, Didn, Do, Damage

5. To move or shift from the usual place or position, especially to force to leave a homeland or other place of residence: millions of refugees who were Displaced by the war


6. But the balanced forces once Displaced would be seen constantly to come to an equilibrium at a new point


7. THE UNSOLVED RIDDLE OF SOCIAL JUSTICE STEPHEN LEACOCK There was no confusion, and already the hired men were busy with two great machines until Winston Displaced two of them


8. / dɪˈspleɪst / having been forced to leave your home, for example by a war or dangerous event: They distribute food and other aid to Displaced civilians

Dangerous, Distribute, Displaced

9. A page-turner with a compelling story, Displaced is a captivating narrative centered around a search for a missing person in the aftermath of World War II


10. Displaced anger and aggression may reflect the most destructive forms of displacement, as it often causes a ripple effect of negative energy

Displaced, Destructive, Displacement

11. Thus, the major value of Displaced books is in the fact that they previously were and virtually remain the constituent parts of collections


12. The role of Displaced book collections in culture Since their creation in 1993, approximately 8 million HDRs have been delivered to assist with the feeding of millions of Displaced people worldwide.

Displaced, Delivered

13. The Displaced is also a commitment: ABRAMS will donate 10 percent of the cover price of this book, a minimum of $25,000 annually, to the International Rescue Committee, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing humanitarian aid, relief, and resettlement to refugees and other victims of oppression or violent conflict.

Displaced, Donate, Dedicated

14. Built between 1949 and 1961 at a cost of $183 million, the Eisenhower Expressway Displaced an estimated 13,000 people and forced out more than …


15. The Displaced people have taken refuge in the two camps since 1998, the officials said, adding most of them are Karens who fled fighting in Myanmar


16. Blankets almost completely Displaced hides or karosses by the end of the nineteenth century and were in some communities giving way to Western-style clothes.


17. Nearly 60 million people are currently Displaced from their homes by war and persecution.


18. Displaced fracture is a type of fracture, in which a bone breaks into two or more parts and the bones get Displaced from their original position


19. 1 The alignment of the bone is disturbed due to a Displaced fracture and the broken parts of bone no longer remain in a straight line

Disturbed, Due, Displaced

20. While there can be various causes of Displaced fracture, it is important to know the symptoms and diagnose a

Displaced, Diagnose

21. Displace: 1 v cause to move, usually with force or pressure “the refugees were Displaced by the war” Types: show 7 types hide 7 types dislocate put out of its usual place, position, or relationship bump , dislodge remove or force from a position of dwelling previously occupied transfer , transplant lift and reset in another soil or

Displace, Displaced, Dislocate, Dislodge, Dwelling

22. The Displaced moving average is a regular simple moving average, Displaced by a certain amount of periods


23. This "shift" will move the average to either the right or left of We are going to go through three suggestions of how the Displaced moving average can be combined with other trading indicators for profitable trades.


24. Displaced Pets Rescue ~2016-2020 Expansion Project~ You can email me for donation options, or donate through paypal friends and family to [email protected]

Displaced, Donation, Donate, Displacedpetsrescue

25. 13 hours ago · Seventeen residents of a Gaithersburg, Maryland, apartment building were Displaced Monday evening in a fire blamed on a malfunctioning electrical …


26. Displaced Comedians has 6,251 members


27. Displaced Moving Average: A moving average that has been adjusted forward or back in time in order to forecast trends


28. Displaced definition: (of a worker ) removed from office or employment Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Displaced, Definition

29. Displaced: Contemporary Artists Confront the Global Refugee Crisis is an exhibition focusing on human migrations and displacements of the past, present, and future

Displaced, Displacements

30. A nonDisplaced fracture is a common injury in which a force causes the bone to crack or break but maintain its alignment

31. A nonDisplaced fracture treatment plan is similar to that of a severe break that repositions the bone, or a Displaced bone fracture.


32.Displaced is an intriguing narrative based survival game in which you attempt to help a group of survivors escape a country that has turned into a war zone.” Alpha Beta Gamer About This Game


33. "Displaced" is the seventh episode of the second season of 9-1-1: Lone Star and the seventeenth episode overall


34. Receiving hospital is paid for the Displaced resident using its own direct GME and IME factors, that is, the same rates as those used for residents in its own programs (66 FR 39901 August 1, 2001)

Displaced, Direct

35. 1 day ago · Triggs says the Displaced in Cabo Delgado need everything — shelter, food, clothing, medical care and protection from violence

Day, Displaced, Delgado

36. The normal PMI represents the apical impulse of the left ventricle.A Displaced PMI sheds light on abnormalities of the heart, and therefore allows for a correct diagnosis

Displaced, Diagnosis

37. Were Displaced from a housekeeping unit)


38. Among the Displaced persons were Allied prisoners of war, Jewish survivors of concentration camps and forced laborers from conquered lands who had been brought in by the Nazis to fuel the German


39. The Displaced is a moving and timely collection of essays that explores these ideas through the experiences of 20 authors, spanning decades and the globe

Displaced, Decades

40. Aid group: Syrians could be Displaced for years to come


41. A Displaced homemaker describes someone who has been out of the paid workforce for years, usually raising a family and managing a household and its chores, without pay, during those years

Displaced, Describes, During

42. The homemaker becomes Displaced when for some reason – most often divorce, a spouse’s death or a reduction in household income – she must find other means of support, likely including re-entering the

Displaced, Divorce, Death

43. Displaced reveals that Katrina took a particularly heavy toll on households headed by low-income African American women who lost the support provided by local networks of family and friends


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DISPLACED [disˈplās]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does displaced mean in science?

Displacement is a vector quantity that refers to how far out of place an object is — the object's overall change in position. A change in shape can be described by the displacements of points on the structure. The displacement caused by deformation displacement reactions may cause corrosion.

What is the definition of the word displace?

Definition of displace. transitive verb. 1a : to remove from the usual or proper place specifically : to expel or force to flee from home or homeland displaced persons.

What is the noun for displaced?

noun (used with a plural verb) Usually the displaced . persons who lack a home, as through political exile, destruction of their previous shelter, or lack of financial resources: After the earthquake, the displaced were temporarily housed in armories.

What is the scientific definition of displacement?

Definition of displacement. 1 : the act or process of displacing : the state of being displaced a storm that caused the displacement of thousands of people. 2a physics : the volume or weight of a fluid (such as water) displaced (see displace sense 2a) by a floating body (such as a ship) of equal weight.

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