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1. The Crossword Solver found 82 answers to the Disparages crossword clue


2. Disparages is a crossword puzzle clue


3. Disparages is a crossword puzzle clue that we have spotted 16 times


4. Seahawks player Disparages reporter after she posts story on his domestic abuse case

Disparages, Domestic

5. Definition of Disparages in the dictionary

Definition, Disparages, Definitions, Dictionary

6. What does Disparages mean? Information and translations of Disparages in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

Does, Disparages, Dictionary, Definitions

7. Sephardi chief rabbi Disparages Reform Jews: ‘They have nothing’ Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef attacks Reform Judaism following High Court ruling recognizing conversions; says …


8. Disparages 'Disparages' is a 10 letter word starting with D and ending with S Crossword clues for 'Disparages' Clue Answer; Talks slightingly of (10) Disparages: Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for Disparages


9. Synonyms for Disparages include dismisses, denigrates, minimises, minimizes, discredits, belittles, deprecates, derides, trivialises and trivializes

Disparages, Dismisses, Denigrates, Discredits, Deprecates, Derides

10. Boehner's push, coming amid criticism from Democrats who say he "wrote the book" on the rules he now Disparages, is the latest step by the GOP leader to outline the agenda Republicans would pursue if they secure the House majority by winning at least 39 seats at the Nov

Democrats, Disparages

11. Myerberg said the posts broke SPD social media policies, which explicitly forbid officers from participating in any posting that "ridicules, maligns, Disparages, expresses bias, or disrespect

Disparages, Disrespect

12. With 40 million people infected with HIV worldwide (about two thirds of them in impoverished sub-Saharan Africa), Tobias Disparages generics and sexual transmission education--and supports condoms only as a last resort for "high-risk" populations.


13. Trump Disparages Jon Bon Jovi and Lady Gaga as Pop Star Campaigns for Joe Biden in Pennsylvania this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines.


14. On Tuesday, the Atlantic reported that Trump, hailed regularly by his White evangelical base as “the most pro-religious freedom and pro-life president in modern history,” regularly Disparages


15. Trump Stands by John McCain Insults, Disparages John Kelly, Continues to Deny The Atlantic Report J

Disparages, Deny

16. Disparaging definition, that Disparages; tending to belittle or bring reproach upon: a disparaging remark

Disparaging, Definition, Disparages

17. Trump Stands by John McCain Insults, Disparages John Kelly, Continues to Deny The Atlantic Report By J

Disparages, Deny

18. FACT CHECK: Doctored Photo Disparages Michelle Obama’s Appearance 4:38 PM 10/13/2020 Brad Sylvester Fact Check Reporter

Doctored, Disparages

19. A Nativist New Yorker Disparages Irish Arrivals


20. Lindsay Graham: He is Trump's water carrier in Congress, but periodically calls on Trump to apologize when the President Disparages a dead …

Disparages, Dead

21. Trump isn't required to respect military service, but it's nevertheless weird how often he Disparages those who wear the uniform


22. How LOVECRAFT COUNTRY Disparages Its Queer Characters


23. Governor Pushes Schools to Remain Open, Disparages Masks South Dakota Gov

Disparages, Dakota

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DISPARAGES [dəˈsperij]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name disparage mean?

Disparage derives from the Anglo-French word desparager, meaning "to marry below one's class." Desparager, in turn, combines the negative prefix des- with parage ("equality" or "lineage"), which itself comes from per, meaning "peer."

What is the meaning of disparaging?

Definition of disparage. transitive verb. 1 : to depreciate (see depreciate sense 1) by indirect means (such as invidious comparison) : speak slightingly about religious beliefs disparaged as superstition.

What is another word for disparage?

disparage(v. a.) Synonyms: depreciate, decry, reproach, traduce, vilify, defame, undervalue, underrate, underestimate, run down, detract from, derogate from, speak ill of, inveigh against.

What is the plural of disparage?

disparagede, disparage plural disparagen: disparagede(n), disparage(n) subjunctive present past singular disparage: disparagede, disparage plural disparagen: disparagede(n), disparage(n) imperative present singular disparage: plural disparageþ, disparageth: participle present past; disparagende, disparaginge: disparaged, ydisparaged, disparage

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