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1. Disjoin definition is - to end the joining of

Disjoin, Definition

2. How to use Disjoin in a sentence.


3. Disjoin synonyms, Disjoin pronunciation, Disjoin translation, English dictionary definition of Disjoin

Disjoin, Dictionary, Definition

4. Disjoin definition, to undo or prevent the junction or union of; disunite; separate

Disjoin, Definition, Disunite

5. 20 synonyms of Disjoin from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 41 related words, definitions, and antonyms

Disjoin, Definitions

6. Disjoin: to set or force apart.


7. Middle English Disjoinen from Old French desjoindre from Latin disiungere dis- dis- iungere to join join From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition From Middle English …

Disjoinen, Desjoindre, Disiungere, Dis, Dictionary

8. But in Edinburgh all manner of loud bells join, or rather Disjoin, in one swelling, brutal babblement of noise. THE WORKS OF ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON - SWANSTON EDITION ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON The sea shall Disjoin the people from others and knit them by a fierce nationality.


9. Definition of Disjoin in the dictionary

Definition, Disjoin, Definitions, Dictionary

10. Information and translations of Disjoin in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

Disjoin, Dictionary, Definitions

11. Welcome to the page with the answer to the clue Disjoin, as oxen


12. One admin states that "deleting doesn't remove all AD objects", and that you need to run a Disjoin on the machine first to properly remove the Computer Object

Deleting, Doesn, Disjoin

13. Just do the Reset, Disjoin, no reboot, rejoin, reboot that I mentioned in my earlier post

Do, Disjoin

14. Synonyms for Disjoin include separate, divide, disconnect, sever, part, split, disunite, uncouple, divorce and decouple

Disjoin, Divide, Disconnect, Disunite, Divorce, Decouple

15. Disjoin definition: to disconnect or become disconnected; separate Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Disjoin, Definition, Disconnect, Disconnected

16. Antonyms for Disjoin include join, link, unify, unite, connect, combine, attach, couple, associate and marry


17. Raz-luchit of two Disjoin (lit.To (


18. See authoritative translations of Disjoin in Spanish with example sentences and audio pronunciations.


19. 'to Disjoin' conjugation - English verbs conjugated in all tenses with the verb conjugator


20. PowerShell Disjoin workstation from Azure Active Directory

Disjoin, Directory

21. See synonyms for: Disjoint / Disjointed on verb (used with object) to separate or disconnect the joints or joinings of

Disjoint, Disjointed, Disconnect

22. Disjoin - make Disjoint, separated, or disconnected; undo the joining of Disjoint disunite , separate , part , divide - force, take, or pull apart; "He separated the fighting children"; "Moses parted the Red Sea"

Disjoin, Disjoint, Disconnected, Disunite, Divide

23. Disjoin starts with and ends in a consonant with the starting letters d, di, dis, disj, disjo, and the ending characters are n, in, oin, join, sjoin, ..: 8

Disjoin, Di, Dis, Disj, Disjo

24. Disjoin definition, to undo or prevent the junction or union of; disunite; separate.

Disjoin, Definition, Disunite

25. Disjoint is a related term of Disjoin

Disjoint, Disjoin

26. Disjoin is a see also of Disjoint

Disjoin, Disjoint

27. As verbs the difference between Disjoin and Disjoint is that Disjoin is to separate; to disunite while Disjoint is to render ; to remove a connection, linkage, or intersection

Difference, Disjoin, Disjoint, Disunite

28. As a adjective Disjoint is not smooth or continuous; Disjointed.

Disjoint, Disjointed

29. Disjoin (third-person singular simple present Disjoins, present participle Disjoining, simple past and past participle Disjoined) ( transitive ) To separate ; to disunite

Disjoin, Disjoins, Disjoining, Disjoined, Disunite

30. See definition of Disjoin EXAMPLE SENTENCES FROM THE WEB Only one course, therefore, was left: and that was to Disjoin the regal title from the regal prerogatives

Definition, Disjoin

31. The repulsion causes hydrostatic pressure inside the film and this pressure is often called the " Disjoining " pressure because it is the pressure that holds two adjacent gas bubbles apart in the foam.


32. In this blog post, I will show you how I Disjoin a Windows 10 machine from Microsoft Intune, Azure AD joined and disconnect it from the tenant

Disjoin, Disconnect

33. Before I start the process, I have reset … Continue reading "How to Disjoin \\ Disconnect Windows 10 Machine from Intune"

Disjoin, Disconnect

34. The failure of the chromosomes to Disjoin and move to opposite poles during mitosis, by which could result in mosaic individual

Disjoin, During

35. (Mitotic Nondisjunction, NCI Thesaurus) The failure of the chromosomes to Disjoin and move to opposite poles, may affect as many as 25% of all ova and 2% of all sperm


36. The policeman Disjoined him from the crowd


37. He Disjoined from her at the door of his room

Disjoined, Door

38. Shadow Disjoin dirty ash into the night

Disjoin, Dirty

39. Answer: Disjoin these two question to ask, that is scientific


40. Disjoin definition: make Disjoint, separated, or disconnected; undo the joining of synonyms: separate, disunite, Disjoint, part, divide antonyms: join, unite

Disjoin, Definition, Disjoint, Disconnected, Disunite, Divide

41. The legislature and the executive are independent and Disjoin.ed


42. How to use Disjoin in a sentence is shown in this page


43. And the only fix (until recently) was to Disjoin and rejoin the device using the new UPN

Disjoin, Device

44. Disjoin: 1 v make Disjoint, separated, or disconnected; undo the joining of Synonyms: Disjoint Antonyms: bring together , join cause to become joined or linked Type of: disunite , divide , part , separate force, take, or pull apart v become separated, disconnected or Disjoint Synonyms: Disjoint Antonyms: conjoin , join make contact or come

Disjoin, Disjoint, Disconnected, Disunite, Divide

45. Disjoin is a verb (used with object) according to parts of speech


46. There are also several similar words to Disjoin in our dictionary, which are Detach, Dislocate and Luxate

Disjoin, Dictionary, Detach, Dislocate

47. After English to Hindi translation of Disjoin, if you have issues in pronunciation, then you can hear the audio of it in the online dictionary.

Disjoin, Dictionary

48. Disjoin Meaning in English to Urdu is الگ کرنا, as written in Urdu and Alag Karna, as written in Roman Urdu


49. There are many synonyms of Disjoin


50. Tags: Disjoin windows 10 from domain remove computer from domain powershell remove windows 10 from domain

Disjoin, Domain

51. Question: Assume That During Meiosis I, None Of The C Chromosomes Disjoin At Metaphase, But They Separate Into Dyads (instead Of Monads) During Meiosis II

During, Disjoin, Dyads

52. Many companies use this method to overcome Disjointed forecasting between internal departments

Disjointed, Departments

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DISJOIN [disˈjoint]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does disjoin mean?

dis-join′, or diz-, v.t. to separate what has been joined.—v.t. Disjoint′, to put out of joint: to separate united parts: to break the natural order or relations of things: to make incoherent.—p.adj. Disjoint′ed, incoherent, esp. of discourse: badly assorted.—adv.

What does disjoining mean?

• DISJOIN (verb) The verb DISJOIN has 2 senses: 1. make disjoint, separated, or disconnected; undo the joining of. 2. become separated, disconnected or disjoint. Familiarity information: DISJOIN used as a verb is rare.

What does disjointedness mean?

Definition of disjointed. 1a : being thrown out of orderly function a disjointed society. b : lacking coherence or orderly sequence an incomplete and disjointed history. 2 : separated at or as if at the joint.

What is the adjective for disjoint?

Adjective. disjoint ( comparative more disjoint, superlative most disjoint ) Not smooth or continuous; disjointed. ( set theory, not comparable) Of two or more sets, having no members in common; having an intersection equal to the empty set.

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