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1. Disinterested definition is - not having the mind or feelings engaged : not interested

Disinterested, Definition

2. How to use Disinterested in a sentence


3. Uninterested Synonym Discussion of Disinterested.

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4. Disinterested was originally used to mean “not interested, indifferent”; uninterested in its earliest use meant “impartial.” By various developmental twists, Disinterested is now used in both senses

Disinterested, Developmental

5. 'Disinterested' You use Disinterested to describe someone who is not involved in a situation and can therefore make fair decisions or judgements about it. I'm a Disinterested observer

Disinterested, Describe, Decisions

6. Some people also use Disinterested to say that someone is not interested in something or someone.


7. Disinterested in the extreme with regard to pecuniary affairs, he is insatiably covetous of fame. THE MIRROR OF LITERATURE, AMUSEMENT, AND INSTRUCTION, NO


8. 366 VARIOUS The eastern boundary question was referred to the New York Council as being Disinterested and near the spot


9. Someone who is Disinterested will receive no personal advantage from a situation, so their advice or a decision relating to it will probably be fair: Determination must be made by Disinterested

Disinterested, Decision, Determination

10. In today's usage, Disinterested most often means "not biased," whereas uninterested simply means "not interested." Interestingly, when these words were first introduced their meanings were the reverse, with Disinterested originally meaning "lacking …


11. Disinterested means “without a vested interest.” Uninterested means “not showing interest.” The words Disinterested and uninterested are sometimes used as if they have the same meaning


12. Disinterested traditionally means having no stake in the matter. For example, when you are arguing with someone, you might bring in a Disinterested third person to help settle the issue fairly


13. The Crossword Solver found 111 answers to the Disinterested crossword clue


14. On this page you will find the solution to Disinterested crossword clue crossword clue


15. According to traditional guidelines, Disinterested should never be used to mean ‘not interested’ (i.e., it is not a synonym for uninterested) but only to mean ‘impartial,’ as in the judgments of Disinterested outsiders are likely to be more useful


16. A most noble and Disinterested achievement, and worthy of all commendation


17. But more and more she became Disinterested, totally inaccessible, resistive, had to be tube-fed


18. It is more vividly brought home to us from the nonprofessional, the Disinterested and involuntary testimony of secular writing.


19. Do know the difference between Disinterested and uninterested? Disinterested has two meanings

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20. The first and most widely accepted one is “impartial; unbiased by personal interest or advantage” as in “A Disinterested observer is the best judge of behavior.”


21. Examples of Disinterested in a sentence The teacher saw me nodding off and chastised me for being Disinterested in class


22. 🔊 Because Sarah is a Disinterested football fan, she never attends games with her husband


23. 🔊 The bowl is full because the dog is Disinterested in his new food

Dog, Disinterested

24. The constant misuse of Disinterested for uninterested is breaking down a very useful distinction of meaning.

Disinterested, Down, Distinction

25. To be Disinterested is to lack bias: Let the company call in a Disinterested mediator to settle the dispute

Disinterested, Dispute

26. Adjective Someone who is Disinterested is not involved in a particular situation or not likely to benefit from it and is therefore able to act in a fair and unselfish way


27. The current sole superpower is far from being a Disinterested observer


28. Scientists, of course, can be expected to be impartial and Disinterested.


29. The adjective Disinterested means impartial and without bias


30. Disinterested (comparative more Disinterested, superlative most Disinterested) Having no stake or interest in the outcome ; free of bias , impartial


31. We found 9 answers for “Disinterested


32. This page shows answers to the clue Disinterested, followed by 2 definitions like “Not interested; indifferent”, “Unaffected by self-interest” and “Unaffected by concern for one's own welfare

Disinterested, Definitions

33. Disinterested is a rough synonym for impartial, but it also describes the condition of not standing to gain from taking a side

Disinterested, Describes

34. In other words, a Disinterested person can be unbiased because no judgment he could make in a given situation would benefit him.


35. See 4 authoritative translations of Disinterested in Spanish with example sentences and audio pronunciations.


36. Disinterested means that you can be fair in judging a situation because you do not feel personally involved in it: A solicitor can give you Disinterested advice

Disinterested, Do

37. Disinterested (adj.) 1610s, "unconcerned" (the sense that now would go with uninterested), from dis-"opposite of" + interested.The sense of "impartial" originally was in disinteressed (c

Disinterested, Dis, Disinteressed

38. 1600), from Old French desinteresse, and subsequently passed to uninterested.The modern sense of Disinterested, "impartial, free from self-interest or personal bias, acting from unselfish motives, " is

Desinteresse, Disinterested

39. • The peculiarly Disinterested institution of science develops only in special circumstances and remains constantly vulnerable

Disinterested, Develops

40. • As an outside observer drawn into the Statementing process by the professionals involved, I had a neutral but not Disinterested role

Drawn, Disinterested

41. • I for one am making a Disinterested


42. The difference between Disinterested and uninterested is often controversial.According to traditional guidelines, Disinterested should never be used to mean ‘not interested’ (i.e

Difference, Disinterested

43. It is not a synonym for uninterested) but only to mean ‘impartial’, as in 'the judgements of Disinterested outsiders are likely to be more useful'


44. Ironically, the earliest recorded sense of Disinterested is


45. Disinterested Board Member means a Trustee of the Trust or a Director of the Company who is not an “interested person” within the meaning of Section 2 (a) (19) of the 1940 Act

Disinterested, Director

46. Disinterested - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums

Disinterested, Dictionary, Discussion

47. Definition of Disinterested in the dictionary

Definition, Disinterested, Definitions, Dictionary

48. What does Disinterested mean? Information and translations of Disinterested in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

Does, Disinterested, Dictionary, Definitions

49. The auditor has given a Disinterested opinion in his report, about the company


50. I think you should ask a Disinterested person about the two ideas, that are going on in your mind


51. The teacher offered a piece of Disinterested advice to the students


52. Disinterested Shareholder means a shareholder of the Corporation who is not an Interested Shareholder (or an Affiliate or an Associate of an Interested Shareholder) who is involved, directly or indirectly, in the proposed Business Combination in question, except that as used in Section 6 of this Article Eighth, the term "Disinterested Shareholder" shall mean a shareholder of the Company who is not an Interested …

Disinterested, Directly

53. Kant and the Problem of Disinterestedness


54. Disinterested service is a virtue ordinary human intelligence cannot grasp


55. Will had given a Disinterested attention to an intended settlement on a new plan in the Far West, and the need for funds in order to carry out a good design had set him on debating with himself whether it would not be a laudable use to make of his claim on Bulstrode, to urge the application of that money which had been offered to himself as a means of carrying out a scheme likely to be largely

Disinterested, Design, Debating

56. A Disinterested person takes part in or concerns himself about the affairs of others without regard to sell-interest, or to any personal benefit to be gained by his action; an uninterested one takes no interest in or is indifferent to the matter under consideration: as, a Disinterested witness; an uninterested spectator.


57. Synonyms for Disinterested in Free Thesaurus


58. 39 synonyms for Disinterested: impartial, objective, neutral, detached, equitable

Disinterested, Detached

59. What does Disinterested mean? Free of bias and self-interest; impartial

Does, Disinterested

60. He's Disinterested in his children.


61. He acts Disinterested in the job he has.


62. You are merely Disinterested in the spirit.


63. The plod they send to pick you up are totally Disinterested in the case matter.


64. One is left to conclude that HP is totally Disinterested in those who visit it.


65. It's because I'd joyously happy and completely Disinterested in their opinions.


66. Disinterested as adjective: The word Disinterested is used as an adjective in English language where it describes a person who is not influenced by considerations of personal advantage

Disinterested, Describes

67. With synonyms like unbiased, unprejudiced, impartial, neutral, and non-partisan, Disinterested is a person who is having no stake in the matter.


68. If you come across someone using the word Disinterested to mean not interested, don’t let it bother you too much

Disinterested, Don

69. Over time the usage flipped, but the original meaning of the word Disinterested is still not uncommon.


70. Spanish Translation of “Disinterested” The official Collins English-Spanish Dictionary online

Disinterested, Dictionary

71. Disinterested - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions

Disinterested, Discussions

72. Principal Translations: Inglés: Español: Disinterested adj adjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house." (unbiased, esp

Disinterested, Describes

73. The Disinterested Third-Party form can be signed by anyone except immediate family members


74. Disinterested: 1 adj unaffected by self-interest Synonyms: impartial showing lack of favoritism


75. Examples of Disinterested in a sentence The teacher saw me nodding off and chastised me for being Disinterested in class


76. 🔊 Because Sarah is a Disinterested football fan, she never attends games with her husband


77. Disinterested means “without a vested interest.” Uninterested means “not


78. Disinterested displays ethics while uninterested displays emotions

Disinterested, Displays

79. The important information is Disinterested and uninterested are not synonyms


80. And Disinterested is a non-synch synonym for the words


81. The Catechism of the Catholic Church uses the term "Disinterested" in five different places

Disinterested, Different

82. By the virtues of self-mastery that teach them inner freedom, at times by the support of Disinterested friendship, by prayer and sacramental grace,…


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DISINTERESTED [disˈintrəstəd, disˈin(t)əˌrestəd]

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the actual meaning of the word "disinterested"?

dis·in·ter·est·ed. (dĭs-ĭn'trĭ-stĭd, -ĭn'tə-rĕs'tĭd) adj. 1. Free of bias and self-interest; impartial: "disinterested scientific opinion on fluorides in the water supply" (Ellen R. Shell). 2. a. Not interested; indifferent: "supremely disinterested in all efforts to find a peaceful solution" (C.L. Sulzberger). b.

What does disinterest mean?

disinterest(Noun) A lack of interest; indifference; apathy. disinterest(Noun) The absence of selfish bias or self-interest; impartiality or detachment. disinterest(Verb) To cause to lose interest; to bore.

What does it mean that an altruistic person is disinterested?

The concept of altruism is defined as "the belief in or practice of disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others." Often, an altruistic act puts the needs and desires of others before the needs and desires of the self. There is a lot of discussion about whether or not this exists.

What does disinterested contemplation mean?

Define: Disinterested contemplation. is the ability to look at an object and contemplate it's physical design or beauty without thinking about what the object is, or what it means to you. Define: Representational. Paintings that refer clearly to the visible world are considered representational.

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