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See also: Disconnection Disconnecting Discern Discrepancy Discord Discretion Discrete Discrimination Discourse Discipline Discharge Disclose Discreet Discerning Discernment Disciple Disconcerting Discussing Discernir Discrepancia Discriminación

1. 18 synonyms and near synonyms of Disconnections from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 31 antonyms and near antonyms


2. Find another word for Disconnections.


3. 52 rows · > Electricity Disconnections for nonpayment by small commercial and …


4. Disclaimer: The Gas Disconnections report from CenterPoint Energy has been made available to you via your written request, and in compliance with amended Minnesota Statutes, section 216B.0976

Disclaimer, Disconnections

5. As outlined in the Minnesota Statute, Utility data on Disconnections provided to cities under section 216B.0976 shall be treated as private data on

Data, Disconnections

6. Service Disconnections Resumed


7. Nonresidential Service Disconnections resumed on September 15, 2020


8. The final part was an order clarifying that Disconnections sent out cannot indicate a date for Disconnections prior to May 5 or Aug

Disconnections, Date

9. Power Disconnections in the village to begin as lengthy moratorium ends In Muscoda MUSCODA - Disconnection notices, future plans and finished projects were all topics of discussion at the monthly meeting for the Muscoda Village Board, last Tuesday March 9.

Disconnections, Disconnection, Discussion

10. Disconnections come at a cost to the utility, for example, the staff time required to disconnect a customer

Disconnections, Disconnect

11. MILWAUKEE - Home utility Disconnections have been on pause in Wisconsin since last fall


12. Now, there won’t be any residential Disconnections until spring 2021, at …


13. Disconnections If my property is disconnected does the meter need removing as well? Yes, we’ll arrange this once you’ve contacted us

Disconnections, Disconnected, Does

14. Connections & Disconnections is not the 12th Funkadelic studio album, but is the first studio album recorded by original Parliaments members Fuzzy Haskins, Calvin Simon, and Grady Thomas, after the trio left Parliament-Funkadelic.With the history of financial disputes with Clinton behind them, and backing from Westbound Records founder Armen Boladian, this album (co-produced by former Sly and

Disconnections, Disputes

15. 1 day ago · The Guam Waterworks Authority has proposed resuming Disconnections by May 15, but that date might change based on discussions at a Consolidated Commission on Utilities meeting today.

Day, Disconnections, Date, Discussions

16. The Disconnections and functional group transforms presented at the end of several preceding chapters illustrate individual processes within a synthesis


17. Utilities and state and local government officials recognize the value of access to clean and safe water during the pandemic, and utilities are motivated to avoid Disconnections for public health and customer service reasons, as well as to minimize the cost of operations associated with Disconnections and reconnections.

During, Disconnections

18. Disconnections: Many of the larger water and sewer POUs are suspending service Disconnections due to non-payment for both residential and commercial customers until further notice

Disconnections, Due

19. WINCHESTER — The growing number of customers who are delinquent on their water/sewer bills may result in Frederick Water resuming Disconnections

Delinquent, Disconnections

20. 54 minutes ago · Power and water Disconnections may resume June 1, after the island's utility agencies granted a hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Disconnections, Due

21. State moratorium on utility Disconnections to end April 15, 2021 WSAW Staff 3 days ago

Disconnections, Days

22. Power Outages, Disconnections, and Reconnections You Are Viewing FAQs Categories for Power Outages, Disconnections, and Reconnections


23. (AP) — Tens of thousands of households in Wisconsin could lose utility service after state regulators voted against extending a moratorium on Disconnections


24. Temporary Disconnections; Start or Stop Service; Rates; Meter Reading; Data Viewer; Dispute Billing; Energy Efficiency; Interconnecting; Report Street Light Issues; New Lines & Extensions; Electric Safety Tips; Tampering & Diversions; Critical Care: Residential; Critical Load: Electric Generation; Beware of Scams; Opt-Out Requests; Request ESI ID

Disconnections, Data, Dispute, Diversions

25. The commission also prohibits Disconnections for customers on any day a heat advisory and excessive heat warning is in effect by the National Weather Service prior to 8 a.m

Disconnections, Day

26. 1 day ago · The Illinois Commerce Commission and several major utilities have agreed on a plan to help avoid service Disconnections when a voluntary winter …

Day, Disconnections

27. The voluntary winter moratorium on Disconnections is set to expire March 31


28. (AP) — Tens of thousands of households in Wisconsin could lose utility service after state regulators voted against extending a moratorium on Disconnections


29. Energy Disconnections and Reconnections Rulemaking (R.18-07-005) Order Instituting a Commission Rulemaking on Energy Disconnections and Reconnections


30. Consistent with Senate Bill 598, this Proceeding would seek ways to reduce electric and gas utility Disconnections, and to improve reconnection processes.


31. Disconnections What do I need to do if I'm demolishing my property? If you're demolishing your property, please give us a call on 0115 995 5019 and we’ll talk through what you need to do, and when.

Disconnections, Do, Demolishing

32. Utility Disconnections are down compared to last year, and some say extended payment plans are part of the reason why

Disconnections, Down

33. WebRTC session Disconnections are quite common, but you can “fix” many of them just by careful planning and proper development

Disconnections, Development

34. The Commission states that, since the state of emergency was declared, it has received no complaints related to Disconnections involving any one of its regulated utilities

Declared, Disconnections

35. Resuming Disconnections at this time would unnecessarily affect ratepayers who might benefit from these future initiatives and be able to avoid shut-off as a result.”


36. Extending the Suspension of Disconnections


37. ComEd will provide continued relief from service Disconnections by extending its suspension on disconnecting customers until either the state moves to Phase 4 of the Restore Illinois plan or Aug

Disconnections, Disconnecting

38. In the event that you experience frequent WebSocket Disconnections, we recommend implementing one or more of the following: Alternative IP address Cloudflare's security precautions are often applied to specific IP addresses, groups of similar IP addresses (such as a class C block) or certain geographical locations, hence changing your IP


39. Moratorium on Utility Disconnections Ending in Kentucky Kentucky Gov


40. Disconnections entirely until next year


41. Cuomo today announced a proposal to prohibit utility Disconnections in regions that are under a state of emergency as part of the 2021 State of the State


42. Moreover, telecommunications companies that have elected market-based regulation under Tennessee Code Annotated 65-5-109 are also not subject to the Commission’s order prohibiting service Disconnections


43. Public Service Commission: State moratorium on utility Disconnections to end April 15, 2021 March 18, 2021 MADISON – On Thursday, the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSC) voted unanimously to allow utilities to move forward with disconnection of service for nonpayment at the end of the annual winter moratorium after April 15, 2021.

Disconnections, Disconnection

44. 7 hours ago · Iowa’s winter moratorium on utility Disconnections to end April 1 Iowa Utilities Board encourages customers to contact their utility to arrange payment plans or to seek available public assistance funds


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Frequently Asked Questions

What does disconnection mean?

“The term disconnection is defined as a self-determined decision made by an individual that he is not going to be connected to another. It is a severing of a communication line.

What does disconnect mean?

Disconnect. Disconnect is traditionally a verb meaning to sever or interrupt a connection, but in recent years a noun sense has gained prominence. The noun refers to (1) an inability to mentally reconcile two or more things, (2) an inability for two or more parties to agree or to understand each other, or (3), more generally,...

What is the definition of disconnect?

dis·con·nect. to break or undo the connection of; separate, detach, unplug, etc. to become disconnected. a disconnection, as in an electrical system. Informal a lack of communication or compatibility: a disconnect between her beliefs and her behavior.

What is the noun for disconnect?

The noun refers to (1) an inability to mentally reconcile two or more things, (2) an inability for two or more parties to agree or to understand each other, or (3), more generally, a disparity or gap. Also, it's sometimes simply short for disconnection. The noun disconnect is an early 20th-century development, though it was rare until around 1980.

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