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1. If you trace the etymology of Disavow back through Middle English to Anglo-French, you'll arrive eventually at the prefix des- and the verb avouer, meaning "to avow." The prefix des- in turn derives from the Latin prefix dis-, meaning "apart."

Disavow, Des, Derives, Dis

2. Disavow definition, to disclaim knowledge of, connection with, or responsibility for; disown; repudiate: He Disavowed the remark that had been attributed to him

Disavow, Definition, Disclaim, Disown, Disavowed

3. Disavow synonyms, Disavow pronunciation, Disavow translation, English dictionary definition of Disavow

Disavow, Dictionary, Definition

4. / ˌdɪs.əˈvaʊ / to say that you know nothing about something, or that you have no responsibility for or connection with something: They were quick to Disavow the rumour


5. 17 synonyms of Disavow from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 27 related words, definitions, and antonyms

Disavow, Definitions

6. Disavow: to declare not to be true.

Disavow, Declare

7. We call on leaders from across the political spectrum, including the President of the United States, to Disavow false and dangerous narratives, and encourage their supporters to do so as well

Disavow, Dangerous, Do

8. Examples of Disavow in a sentence When news of the band’s breakup surfaced, the manager had to Disavow any part in the undoing


9. 🔊 Her parents planned to disavow any knowledge that she was calling off the wedding


10. 🔊 When she retired, she had to disavow her former position with the CIA


11. If you can't remove those links yourself, or get them removed, then you should Disavow the URLs of the questionable pages or domains that link to your website

Disavow, Domains

12. The Disavow File Testing Tool will analyze the patterns in your Disavow file, find common mistakes and correct them where possible


13. Upload Your Disavow File Be aware, the Disavow File Testing Tool is still a work in progress, and bugs can happen.


14. Disavow is a Words with Friends word


15. Words with Friends point value for Disavow: 14 points


16. His ritualistic phrase is “I Disavow without providing a clear, simple soundbite about who or what he’s Disavowing. Nor does he ever say anything more in …

Disavow, Disavowing, Does

17. Disavow is defined as to deny any association or responsibility

Disavow, Defined, Deny

18. If you disinherit your child and say that he is no longer your son, this is an example of when you Disavow him.

Disinherit, Disavow

19. Essentially, Disavowing a link is telling Google that the link is a threat to your site


20. So you shouldn’t Disavow links indiscriminately


21. To disclaim knowledge of, responsibility for, or association with: "The American communists promoted Roosevelt's reelection in 1944—although Roosevelt formally Disavowed their support" (Donald A

Disclaim, Disavowed, Donald

22. A Disavow file is a tool that site owners and SEOs use to neutralize the negative effects of link spam


23. In order to Disavow the truth of their message, Camp ridiculed the two evangelists and portrayed them as greedy TV shysters.


24. Disavow is a crossword puzzle clue


25. Disavow is a crossword puzzle clue that we have spotted over 20 times


26. Disavow is the third book in Karina Halle’s Dumonts series, and it’s my favourite of the series

Disavow, Dumonts

27. Each book made for addictive reding but Disavow was the only book that really made me say wow.


28. Disavow (third-person singular simple present Disavows, present participle Disavowing, simple past and past participle Disavowed) To strongly and solemnly refuse to own or acknowledge; to deny responsibility for, approbation of, and the like

Disavow, Disavows, Disavowing, Disavowed, Deny

29. It is the duty of the principal to fulfill the contracts which have been entered into by his authorized agent; and when an agent has exceeded his authority, he ought promptly to Disavow such act, so that the other party ma

Duty, Disavow

30. Disavow meaning, definition, what is Disavow: to say that you are not responsible for : Learn more.

Disavow, Definition

31. A Disavow file allows a website owner to communicate with Google to tell them which of their incoming backlinks they don’t wish to be counted

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32. Before you get to the stage of creating a Disavow


33. Disavow: 1 v refuse to acknowledge; disclaim knowledge of; responsibility for, or association with “Her husband Disavowed her after 30 years of marriage and six children” Antonyms: avouch , avow admit openly and bluntly; make no bones about Types: deny refuse to recognize or acknowledge Type of: deny declare untrue; contradict

Disavow, Disclaim, Disavowed, Deny, Declare

34. If you Disavow something, you say that you are not connected with it or responsible for it.


35. ‘As an artist, he has knowingly signed forged drawings and Disavows responsibility for his sometimes salacious subject matter.’ ‘Many became ill and suffered permanent symptoms, but the government Disavowed responsibility for them because they were civilians.’

Drawings, Disavows, Disavowed

36. Disavow - traduction anglais-français


37. Forums pour discuter de Disavow, voir ses formes composées, des exemples et poser vos questions

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38. Disavow is the third book in Dumont trilogy

Disavow, Dumont

39. See 2 authoritative translations of Disavow in Spanish with example sentences, conjugations and audio pronunciations.


40. Disavow is a perfect balance of sultry, suspenseful, heartbreaking and swoonworthy! Pascal Dumont has been portrayed like a bad boy with evil intentions like his father all along but at the end of last book I could feel he has a lot more hiding under this dark aura.

Disavow, Dumont, Dark

41. If the link Disavow is successful, it won’t be counted for or against you when determining ranking in the search results

Disavow, Determining

42. Google is not obligated to honor your request for link Disavowal; they specifically say in their documentation that submitting the Disavow file is a “suggestion”.

Disavowal, Documentation, Disavow

43. Disavow tip: There are many other ways to make a .txt file


44. Disavow something to state publicly that you have no knowledge of something or that you are not responsible for something/somebody


45. They Disavowed claims of a split in the party.


46. Synonyms for Disavow in Free Thesaurus


47. 18 synonyms for Disavow: deny, reject, contradict, retract, repudiate, disown, rebut, disclaim, forswear

Disavow, Deny, Disown, Disclaim

48. They were quick to Disavow the rumour


49. I Disavow all responsibility for you


50. Could he Disavow his father and live? 5


51. We saw too the marked trend to Disavow deviance amongst the women

Disavow, Deviance

52. Now, head over to Google Disavow Tool


53. Select the site you want to work on and click on “Disavow Links”


54. Since you are sure about Disavowing by now, you may ignore the warning


55. To many webmasters, Google’s Disavow Tool seems a lifesaver


56. If you’ve suffered a Google penalty or been plagued by shady link building, simply upload a file of backlinks you want to Disavow, and BOOM - you’re back in good graces


57. To better understand, I used the tool myself to Disavow 1000s of links, and talked with dozens of SEOs who …

Disavow, Dozens

58. Disavow - Traduzione del vocabolo e dei suoi composti, e discussioni del forum.

Disavow, Del, Dei, Discussioni

59. Definition of Disavow verb in Oxford Advanced American Dictionary

Definition, Disavow, Dictionary

60. Donald Trump has changed his tune after initially refusing to Disavow an endorsement from David Duke, saying he doesn't know anything about the former Ku Klux Klan leader.

Donald, Disavow, David, Duke, Doesn

61. ‘the union leaders resisted pressure to Disavow picket-line violence’ More example sentences ‘As an artist, he has knowingly signed forged drawings and Disavows responsibility for …

Disavow, Drawings, Disavows

62. Disavow Meaning: "refuse to avow; disclaim knowledge of, responsibility for, or connection with," late 14c., from Old… See definitions of Disavow.

Disavow, Disclaim, Definitions

63. In order to Disavow your unwanted backlinks, you will need to upload a properly formatted .txt file to the Google Disavow Tool.The Disavow report in the Backlink Audit tool will help you prepare a file with all of the backlinks that you want removed from your site.


64. A Disavow file can be created and maintained inside LRT and the Link Detox components to improve efficiency and avoid mistakes in this very error-prone process

Disavow, Detox

65. To Disavow links with Bing, one needs to add every link or domain to a Disavow user interface in Bing Webmaster Tools (BWT)

Disavow, Domain

66. Disavowing happens on three possible domain scopes

Disavowing, Domain

67. Definition and synonyms of Disavow from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.

Definition, Disavow, Dictionary

68. This is the British English definition of Disavow.View American English definition of Disavow.

Definition, Disavow

69. Just starting to learn about the Disavow tool? If you are new to understanding the Disavow tool we would recommend the following resources: Your Start-to-Finish Guide to using Google’s Disavow tool - This post is almost five years old now, but still quite relevant and helpful.


70. Disavowing in 2019 and beyond - Written in February of 2019, this article describes in great detail our thoughts on

Disavowing, Describes, Detail

71. The Disavow tool is also commonly used for sites that have done some sketchy link building in the past and are looking to change their ways

Disavow, Done

72. Disavowing backlinks is a search engine optimization process that involves the use of an online tool, known as a Disavow tool, to neutralize the influence one or more backlinks have on your website’s search rankings.Google and Bing both offer Disavow tools that you can use to specify the location of backlinks that are either harming or have the potential to harm your website’s search rankings.

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