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DISAPEARE [ˌdisəˈpir]

disappear (verb) · disappears (third person present) · disappeared (past tense) · disappeared (past participle) · disappearing (present participle)

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What does the name disappear mean?

Definition of disappear. 1 : to pass from view The moon disappeared behind a cloud. 2 : to cease to be : pass out of existence or notice dinosaurs disappeared from the earth My keys seem to have disappeared again.

What is the meaning of disappear?

Use disappear in a sentence. verb. The definition of disappear is to no longer be able to be seen. An example of disappear is when someone hides in a dark room. To disappear is defined as to no longer exist. An example of disappear is what happens to an animal that goes extinct.

What does it mean to disappear or be invisible?

Disappear (verb) to cease to appear or to be perceived; to pass from view, gradually or suddenly; to vanish; to be no longer seen; as, darkness disappears at the approach of light; a ship disappears as she sails from port. Disappear (verb) to cease to be or exist; as, the epidemic has disappeared.

What does another word for disappear?

Princeton's WordNet (5.00 / 1 vote)Rate this definition:

  • disappear, vanish, go away (verb) get lost, as without warning or explanation "He disappeared without a trace"
  • vanish, disappear, go away (verb) become invisible or unnoticeable "The effect vanished when day broke"
  • vanish, disappear (verb) cease to exist "An entire civilization vanished"

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