Use disagreement in a sentence




disagreements (plural noun)

  - lack of consensus or approval.


dissent, dispute, variance, controversy, disaccord, discord, contention, argument, debate, quarrel,

"Disagreement" in Example Sentences

1. There was disagreement from the first, however, with regard to the measure of loyalty to the king, and in 1643, when Massachusetts had asserted her claim to this region and the other three New Hampshire towns had submitted to her jurisdiction, the majority of the inhabitants of Exeter also yielded, while the minority, including the founder
2. disagreement in a sentence - Use "disagreement" in a sentence 1. They registered their disagreement and therefore did not join the consensus. 2. But he said any disagreement he and Davis had is over. click for more sentences of disagreement: 8. disagreement definition is - the act of disagreeing. How to use disagreement in a sentence. 9.
3. disagreement definition is - the act of disagreeing. How to use disagreement in a sentence. 7. The word discord means inharmonious, or disagreeing. The followingsentence used the word discord. There are a lot of ways to put "use" in a sentence, because "use" can mean so many different : 8. 2.
4. Sentences for disagreement. ESL students, professors, and people looking to increase their vocabulary may enjoy the contents of this post. The lines of text below use disagreement in a sentence, and provide visitors a sentence for disagreement.
5. 236+18 sentence examples: 1. There is wide disagreement on this issue. 2. There is disagreement within the government over the exact timing of the referendum. 3. I hope this disagreement does not divide us. 4. In spite of my son's disagreement,I sent
6. The group use the hand waves to signal their agreement or disagreement, and a minute-taker speaks only to clarify points raised.: The chief aim of this inquiry has been to shed light on the nature and essence of the disagreement between the two.: Ehrenfest was unhappy at the disagreement between Bohr and Einstein over quantum theory.: Mr Babbage and Mr Clement had a big disagreement and
7. disagreement definition is - the act of disagreeing. How to use disagreement in a sentence.
8. Examples of political disagreement in a sentence, how to use it. 20 examples: On this issue we find strong practical political disagreement, and not on the question about whether we should adopt a separable or non-separable perspective. - As a general rule, a space programme flourishes when there is political agreement about goals, and fails to flourish…
9. Examples of profound disagreement in a sentence, how to use it. 12 examples: There is profound disagreement among scholars on this issue. - Of course, there is also disagreement, at times profound disagreement and controversy within theology itself surrounding what constitutes ' fruitful, authentic lines of theological enquiry' or orthodox beliefs.
10. How to use in disagreement in a sentence Looking for sentences with "in disagreement"? Here are some examples. Sentence Examples. I happened to like it, but I'm in disagreement
11. To use the word strife in a sentence you might say "There was a strife within the community in Chicago. " Strife is defined as a disagreement.
12. disagreement definition: 1. refusal to agree or comply 2. failure to agree; difference; incongruity; discrepancy: a disagreement between accounts 3. difference of opinion 4. a quarrel or dispute
13. The south's disagreement [against North Korea's proposal for confederation] is in part due to the fact that they believe that the nation and state must be one, that a confederation is not unification, and that North Korea must be totally absorbed into the south, its state destroyed, and its people assimilated.
14. You can’t. (Well, I guess you can if you want to, but you would not be correct.) Disagreeance is not a word in English. The correct word would be disagreement.
15. This caused a disagreement between Alabama and the United States authorities; although it was amicably settled, it engendered a feeling that the pulicy of the national government might not be in harmony wD.h the interests of the state – a feeling which, intensified by the slavery agitation, did much to cause secession in 1861.
16. The Statue of Liberty is just the beginning: From Wall Street to the Met, there is almost no disagreement about Manhattan's worthiest sights. Tenino was named for the number “1090,” but there is disagreement on its significance. This ongoing disagreement over how aDNA studies should be judged does, however, stem from a common concern.
17. Moral disagreement in a sentence - Use "moral disagreement" in a sentence 1. All these arguments by opponents, Coombs-Lee said, are attempts to disguise a fundamental moral disagreement. 2. In his books he writes mostly about the life, assimilation, moral disagreement and generation gap of Central European Jews, tortured by Communist dictatorships. click for more sentences of moral disagreement
18. Что значит will the disagreement blow me over ? When someone says something will “blow over” they mean it will go away or resolve soon. so in this situation, this means that the argument will go away soon and everything will be fine. View more answers.
19. Definition of disagreement in the D dictionary. Meaning of disagreement. What does disagreement mean? Information and translations of disagreement in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.
20. Define disagreement. disagreement synonyms, disagreement pronunciation, disagreement translation, English dictionary definition of disagreement. n. 1. A failure or refusal to agree. 2. A disparity; an inconsistency. 3. a. A conflict or difference of opinion. b. A quarrel. n 1. refusal or failure to
21. disagreement Definition of disagreement by AptitudeT, disagreement noun dis·agree·ment ˌdis-ə-ˈgrē-mənt Definition of disagreement : the act of disagreeing : the state of being at variance : disparity : quarrel
22. In spoken English, just saying “I disagree” is often too direct. Most English speakers use phrases that are modified to be more polite, or indirect methods to express disagreement. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to disagree without offending anyone!
23. Dissent definition is - to withhold assent or approval. How to use dissent in a sentence. to withhold assent or approval; to differ in opinion… See the full definition. SINCE 1828. Menu. JOIN MWU a judge's disagreement with the decision of the majority. 2: dissenting opinion at opinion. 3: the judge or group of judges that dissent
24. Synonyms for disagreement at T with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for disagreement.
25. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "smooth" We were worried that there would be a lot of disagreement at the meeting, but everything went quite smoothlyThe skin of a snake is not rough or slimy; in fact, it is quite dry and smooth. We were worried that there would be a lot of disagreement at the meeting, but everything went quite smoothly.
26. Can you use the word 'strife' meaning like a disagreement in a sentence? ⌂Home Use the word "strife" in a sentence!? can you use the word 'strife' meaning like a disagreement in a sentence? 1 following . 23 answers 23. Report Abuse. Are you sure you want to delete this answer?
27. English words and Examples of Usage use "break up" in a sentence A simple disagreement deteriorated into a serious argument, and ended up with Cheryl and her boyfriend deciding to break up.
28. We were in strong disagreement over continuing. Brown, who described experiments which were in disagreement with Pasteur's dictum. It is true that there is much disagreement over how to achieve these ideals, but the fact remains we want a just society for all.

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