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1. Dirtying synonyms, Dirtying pronunciation, Dirtying translation, English dictionary definition of Dirtying

Dirtying, Dictionary, Definition

2. Find 49 ways to say Dirtying, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


3. 18 synonyms of Dirtying from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 16 related words, definitions, and antonyms

Dirtying, Definitions

4. Definition of Dirtying in the dictionary

Definition, Dirtying, Definitions, Dictionary

5. Information and translations of Dirtying in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

Dirtying, Dictionary, Definitions

6. Dirtying looks like it is a form of the word dirty

Dirtying, Dirty

7. Dirtying the Waters Jim Murphy


8. Hypernyms ("Dirtying" is a kind of): change of state (the act of changing something into something different in essential characteristics)

Dirtying, Different

9. Hyponyms (each of the following is a kind of "Dirtying"): maculation; spotting; staining (the act of spotting or staining something)


10. In case of a Dirtying of the premises on average, we allow to charge for additional fee for the final cleaning


11. Synonyms for Dirtying include pollution, contamination, adulteration, foulness, dirtiness, fouling, impurity, tainting, adulterating and befouling

Dirtying, Dirtiness

12. That’s right, fishing line is the clever life hack to keep birds from Dirtying your deck

Dirtying, Deck

13. Another way to say Dirtying? Synonyms for Dirtying (other words and phrases for Dirtying).


14. What does Dirtying mean? Present participle of dirty

Does, Dirtying, Dirty

15. Tucker Carlson falsely claims immigrants are Dirtying the Potomac River Fox News host Tucker Carlson ripped into immigrants in the nation’s capital, accusing them without evidence of


16. It saves you from Dirtying lots of measuring cups—and then you can mix it together right in that Pyrex


17. Synonyms for Dirtying in Free Thesaurus


18. 2 synonyms for Dirtying: soiling, soilure


19. What are synonyms for Dirtying?


20. Dirtying the Waters: Texas Ranks First in Violating Water Pollution Rules


21. Antonyms for Dirtying include purity, cleanliness, cleanup, conservation, decontamination, purification, remediation, sterility, cleaning and cure

Dirtying, Decontamination

22. Dirtying: 1 n the act of soiling something Synonyms: soiling , soilure Types: maculation , spotting , staining the act of spotting or staining something contamination , pollution the act of contaminating or polluting; including (either intentionally or accidentally) unwanted substances or factors dust contamination the act of contaminating

Dirtying, Dust

23. Dirtying the waters County faces potential $240 million fine for alleged discharge of contaminated stormwater

Dirtying, Discharge

24. How Wood Smoke is Dirtying Alaska's Air In Fairbanks, Alaska, residents are using wood stoves to heat their homes during the frigid winter months

Dirtying, During

25. Madhya Pradesh: FIR to be filed against those Dirtying Indore’s roads, walls Under the Cleanliness Survey 2021 launched in Indore, colouring, painting and promoting beautiful art works is being undertaken by the corporation at various places for the beautification of the city


26. In the Jinas state, the human body can fly, traverse a wall from side to side without breaking it or Dirtying it, take up the shape of plants, of rocks, animals, become smaller or …


27. Recipes That Require Dirtying 5 Dishes or Less ARTICLES

Dirtying, Dishes

28. This was the dirty composition exercise where you're supposed to be Dirtying up the front of the frame with something that normally you would think to leave out

Dirty, Dirtying

29. Burn off the Dirtying karma that weighs down the soul c

Dirtying, Down

30. The Frywall will prevent oil from Dirtying up your kitchen (buy it: Food52, $40-$50 for a set of two, depending on the size)

Dirtying, Depending

31. Dirtying It Up follows Jasmine, part owner of 'With a Twist', as she struggles with a gypsy's fortune along with her friends


32. ShyWay has a great explanation on Dirtying weapons


33. So it seems even running a script is Dirtying the drawing

Dirtying, Drawing

34. I also did a sanity check by disabling the after open trigger and the document is not dirty after opening and it is the script that is Dirtying it

Did, Disabling, Document, Dirty, Dirtying

35. Dirty dirty 2 adverb informal 1 → play dirty 2 → talk dirty 3 → dirty great/dirty big dirty dirty 3 verb (dirtied, Dirtying, dirties) [intransitive, transitive] 1 DIRTY to make something dirty 2 …

Dirty, Dirtied, Dirtying, Dirties

36. “Pure Language” and the Dirtying of Technology in Egan’s Novel March 19, 2019 by Essay Writer In the digital era, children are exposed to digital devices and the internet practically at birth through iPods, iPads, and iMacs–an element of modern childhood completely foreign to the parents raising these children.

Dirtying, Digital, Devices

37. He would have preferred to dirty his hands in the manner required by case (b) rather than Dirtying his hands in the manner required by case (a)

Dirty, Dirtying

38. To save you from Dirtying an extra dish, go ahead and melt the butter in the bowl you’ll use for the topping, then add the ingredients directly to the butter as you prep them

Dirtying, Dish, Directly

39. MASTERS: Rory McIlroy Apologizes For Dirtying Augusta Member’s Green Jacket - November 13, 2020; WOW: Monster Alligator Spotted On Florida Golf Course - November 13, 2020; SWITCH-UP: Phil Mickelson Using New Clubs For The Masters - November 9, 2020; BOUNCE-BACK: Darren Clarke Wins First Event In Nearly A Decade - November 2, 2020

Dirtying, Darren, Decade

40. Students protest sex abuse, UoM suspends five for ‘Dirtying’ lawns The University of Madras has suspended five students who were staging a protest alleging that a senior faculty sexually


41. During the year 2014, 22,862 people were penalized and the penalty realized was Rs 24,41,300/- for littering/Dirtying of station premises all over Delhi Division

During, Dirtying, Delhi, Division

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DIRTYING [ˈdərdē]


  • make dirty.
Synonyms: soil . stain . muddy . blacken . mess up . spoil . tarnish . taint . mark . spatter . bespatter . smudge . smear . daub . spot . splash . splatter . sully . pollute . foul . defile . befoul . besmirch . begrime . clean .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does dirtying mean?

Define dirtying. dirtying synonyms, dirtying pronunciation, dirtying translation, English dictionary definition of dirtying. adj. dirt·i·er , dirt·i·est 1. a. Covered or marked with dirt or an unwanted substance; unclean.

What does dirty means?

1. Dirty, filthy, foul, squalid refer to that which is not clean. Dirty is applied to that which is filled or covered with dirt so that it is unclean or defiled: dirty clothes.

What does dirtyness mean?

dirt′i·ness n. These adjectives apply to what is unclean, impure, or unkempt: dirty clothes; filthy rags; grimy hands; an old grubby stove; a squalid apartment. American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition. Copyright © 2016 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company.

What is the difference between dirty and filthy?

Dirty, filthy, foul, squalid refer to that which is not clean. Dirty is applied to that which is filled or covered with dirt so that it is unclean or defiled: dirty clothes. Filthy is an emphatic word suggesting something that is excessively soiled or dirty: filthy streets. Both dirty and filthy can refer to obscenity: a dirty mind, a filthy novel.