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1. Reading glass power is measured in units called Diopters. The lowest strength is usually 1.00 Diopters


2. If you are -4.25, that means you have 4 and 1/4 Diopters of nearsightedness


3. This describes, in a measure called Diopters, the refractive power of your new glasses or contacts. You will get a separate diopter value for each eye – often one eye is slightly weaker than the other

Describes, Diopters, Diopter

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5. It simply calculates Diopters (diopter being nothing more than inverse meters). The variance is how you look at the ‘edge of blur’

Diopters, Diopter

6. Because the power of a lens is proportional to unity (one) divided by the focal length (see lens), the power of a lens in Diopters is numerically equal to 1 m divided by the focal length in metres.

Divided, Diopters

7. The typical occluder used in target shooting Diopters is a disc of about 25 mm (0.98 in) in diameter with a small hole in the middle

Diopters, Disc, Diameter

8. 337.50 a number to remember for converting Diopters to Millimeters or vice versa


9. Simply divide 337.50 by either Diopters or Millimeters to convert to the other.

Divide, Diopters

10. Since the diopter d of a lens is usually written as +d, 50mm and 8.9mm lenses have Diopters +20 and +112.4, respectively.

Diopter, Diopters

11. Here is a list of benchtop magnifiers with Diopters:


12. This describes, in a measure called Diopters, the refractive power of your new glasses or contacts

Describes, Diopters

13. The prescription is measured in Diopters, the refractive power of your new glasses or contacts


14. Shop Diopters by Brand, Diopter Correction, Compatibility, Price, Ratings & Reviews & more

Diopters, Diopter

15. [ di-op´ter] a unit of refractive power of lenses: the reciprocal of the focal length in meters is the refractive power in Diopters.

Di, Diopters

16. Convert the readings into Diopters as follows, for example my readings earlier today are; reading 1 = 28 cm 1/0.28 = 3.50 D reading 2 = 50 cm 1/0.50 = 2.00 D


17. How to Convert Diopters to Magnification


18. It is calculated as the reciprocal of the focal length of the optical system and is measured in inverse meters in SI or more often in Diopters (1 diopter = m⁻¹)

Diopters, Diopter

19. Diopters synonyms, Diopters pronunciation, Diopters translation, English dictionary definition of Diopters

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20. I’m just not sure of the purpose of Diopters for a lens adapter


21. Of the 31 eyes, 2 eyes had SE over -18.00 D, in which one eye had cylindrical Diopters that have been undercorrected and the other eye had both the cylindrical and the spherical Diopters that have been undercorrected; three eyes had preoperative cylindrical Diopters from -4.25 D to -5.50 D, and a cylindrical undercorrection of -1.25 D to -1.50


22. Diopters are convenient because if several relatively thin lenses are placed close together, their diopter powers are added together

Diopters, Diopter

23. A plus four (+4.0) Diopters represent a 100% increase in magnification or 1x power magnification


24. Diopters and Blur For glasses prescriptions, the Diopters on your prescription such as -5.00 tells you how far your eyes can focus and therefore how much lens power is needed


25. Convert Diopters to mm by using the calculator provided by SpecialEyes Custom Soft Contact Lenses


26. Diopters on 80 - 210mm macro/zoom lens - set at 210mm macro


27. NOTE that while the Diopters work nicely in any combination on the 50mm lens and about as well at the 80mm setting on the 80-210 macro/zoom, when the 210mm is used, the picture quality degrades quickly as the Diopters increase in strength

Diopters, Degrades

28. All Diopters are considered wet lenses since they can be added and removed underwater


29. Four Diopters (4.0D) represent a 100% increase in magnification or 1x power magnification


30. A rough formula to convert from magnification power to Diopters is to multiply the magnification power by four.


31. Astigmatism is measured in Diopters


32. A perfect eye with no astigmatism has 0 Diopters


33. Most people have between 0.5 to 0.75 Diopters of astigmatism


34. Focal power, expressed in Diopters, is the reciprocal of the principal focal length in meters


35. The focal power of eyeglasses is given in Diopters.


36. Stacking Diopters works best for macro lenses with longer focal lengths (100mm and above), as they have minimum focus distances that are further away from the subject, providing more space for stacking Diopters

Diopters, Distances

37. Lenses with shorter focal lengths (like 60mm) have very close working distances, leaving little space to add any Diopters.

Distances, Diopters

38. Bohemr13 X96 MONTHS Premium Member First Sergeant Rating: 3.6/5 this site 7824 posts this site Setting up a FFP rifle scope - A simple PSA on Diopters 03/02/2015 Last edited 03/03/2015 by bohemr13 (9 votes) I recently had a somewhat disgruntled customer return a scope because he complained of

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39. Synonyms for Diopters in Free Thesaurus


40. What are synonyms for Diopters?


41. Diopters fix near-sightedness and far-sightedness


42. Macro lenses and Diopters are magnifying lenses that can be used externally during a dive

Diopters, During, Dive

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DIOPTERS [dīˈäptər]

Frequently Asked Questions

How do diopters relate to?

Diopter is a measurement of a lens' ability to bend the light of a viewed object and thereby increase its apparent size. Each diopter represents a 25% increase in the size an object is magnified. A four diopter lens (referred to as a 4d lens) would increase the size of an object by 100%.

What is diopter mean?

diopter(Noun) A unit of measure of the power of a lens or mirror, equal to the reciprocal of its focal length in meters. Myopia is diagnosed and measured in diopters.

What is a diopter value?

A dioptre ( British spelling) or diopter ( American spelling) is a unit of measurement of the optical power of a lens or curved mirror, which is equal to the reciprocal of the focal length measured in metres. (1 dioptre = 1 m −1 .) It is thus a unit of reciprocal length.

What is a diopter number?

A diopter is a unit of measurement of the refractive error. It may be a negative number (myopia, nearsightedness), or a positive number (hyperopia, farsightedness). A -1.00 diopter myope is able to see objects at 1 meter clearly.

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