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1. Dilettantism (countable and uncountable, plural Dilettantisms) The act of behaving like a dilettante, of being an amateur or " dabbler ", sometimes in the arts

Dilettantism, Dilettantisms, Dilettante, Dabbler

2. Dilettantisms meaning Plural form of dilettantism.

Dilettantisms, Dilettantism

3. However, in more specific contexts, the plural form can also be Dilettantisms e.g


4. In reference to various types of Dilettantisms or a collection of Dilettantisms.


5. Dilettantisms I love to pursue arts and branches of knowledge sporadically, superficially and frivolously


6. Dilettantisms - find the meaning and all words formed with Dilettantisms, anagrams with Dilettantisms and much more.


7. But even this could still be understood as the reaction of a peasant province, a peasant city against very clumsy Communist Dilettantisms


8. Dilettantisms Total Number of words made out of Dilettantisms = 1257 Dilettantisms is a 13 letter long Word starting with D and ending with S


9. 12 letter Words made out of Dilettantisms


10. His first texts were full of saloon Dilettantisms and imitations


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12. Dilettantisms - find the meaning and all words formed with Dilettantisms, anagrams with Dilettantisms and much more


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14. “Hearsays, egoisms, purblind Dilettantisms” (from Thomas Carlyle’s Past and Present, 1843; the OED says “egoisms” here are acts of selfishness)


15. Susun semula perkataan Bahasa Inggeris: dilettantism; Berdasarkan pada dilettantism, perkataan-perkataan baru yang ditubuhkan dengan menambah satu huruf di permulaan atau di akhir s - Dilettantisms ; Perkataan-perkataan Bahasa Inggeris yang mengandungi dilettantism, dengan huruf yang lebih daripada tujuh : Tidak menyebabkan

Dilettantism, Ditubuhkan, Dengan, Di, Dilettantisms, Daripada

16. Dilettantism ‎(comptable i incomptable, plural Dilettantisms) diletantisme; Obtingut de

Dilettantism, Dilettantisms, Diletantisme, De

17. Dilettantisms dileucine diligence: diligences diligency diligent diligently diligentness dilithium dill dill oil dill pickle; Literary usage of Dilettanti

Dilettantisms, Dileucine, Diligence, Diligences, Diligency, Diligent, Diligently, Diligentness, Dilithium, Dill, Dilettanti

18. Under baleful Atheisms, Mammonisms, Joe-Manton Dilettantisms, with their appropriate Cants and Idolisms, and whatsoever scandalous rubbish obscures and all but extinguishes the soul of man—religion now is; its Laws, written if not on stone tables, yet on the azure of Infinitude, in the inner heart of God's Creation, certain as Life, certain


19. S - Dilettantisms Englanti sanat sisältävät dilettantism yli seitsemän kirjaimet : Ei tulosta; Luetteloi kaikki Englanti sanat Englannin kielen alkaen dilettantism, Englanti sanoja, jotka sisältävät dilettantism tai Englannin kielen päättyen dilettantism

Dilettantisms, Dilettantism

20. It is misleading when it is employed to estimate the value of things which are not exchangeable as, for instance, when people attempt to estimate the loss due to emigration or war.4 All these are Dilettantisms — even when they are undertaken by the most competent economists.

Due, Dilettantisms

21. A Heaven's radiance of justice, prophetic, clearly of Heaven, discernible behind all these confused worldwide entanglements, of Landlord interests, Manufacturing interests, Tory-Whig interests, and who knows what other interests, expediencies, vested interests, established possessions, inveterate Dilettantisms, Midas-eared Mammonism.

Discernible, Dilettantisms

22. Another First Prize winner, the American baritone Robert Currier Christesen was judged ‘capable,’ although his singing revealed a lot of ‘Dilettantisms,’ except in a futile musical trifle of Charles Ives, where his accompanist screamed along to either get the baritone through, or cheer him on: ‘And guess what… the audience went wild!


23. O brother, we must if possible resuscitate some soul and conscience in us, exchange our Dilettantisms for sincerities, our dead hearts of stone for living hearts of flesh

Dilettantisms, Dead

24. Definitions of Dilettantisms in various dictionaries:

Definitions, Dilettantisms, Dictionaries

25. But of our Dilettantisms, and galvanised Dilettantisms; of Puseyism--O Heavens, what shall we say of Puseyism, in comparison to Twelfth-Century Catholicism? Little or nothing; for indeed it is a matter to strike one dumb

Dilettantisms, Dumb

26. His enthusiasms were neither caprices nor Dilettantisms but passions that would involve him for as long as a decade, day and night

Dilettantisms, Decade, Day

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DILETTANTISMS [ˌdiləˈtänˌtizəm]


Synonyms: dilettante .

dilettante (noun) · dilettantes (plural noun) · dilettanti (plural noun)

  • a person who cultivates an area of interest, such as the arts, without real commitment or knowledge.
  • a person with an amateur interest in the arts.
Synonyms: dabbler . putterer . tinkerer . trifler . dallier . amateur . nonprofessional . nonspecialist . layman . layperson . professional .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does dilettantism mean?

dilettantism(Noun) The act of behaving like a dilettante, of being an amateur or "dabbler", sometimes in the arts. Also the act of enjoying the arts, being a connoisseur.

What does dilettante mean?

noun, plural dil·et·tantes, dil·et·tan·ti [dil-i-tahn-tee] /ˈdɪl ɪˈtɑn ti/. a person who takes up an art, activity, or subject merely for amusement, especially in a desultory or superficial way; dabbler. a lover of an art or science, especially of a fine art.

What are the characteristics of dilettantism?

So disinterested and expensive a toy is its own justification; it belongs to the heroics of dilettantism. There is in this theory a ferocious absurdity, a Neronian dilettantism which repels me to the very depths of my being. Conversation fosters criticism and dilettantism alike, and these are Wilde's most noticeable characteristics.

Did Henry Cavendish have dilettantism?

a lack of the level of skill associated with an expert or professional. no charge of dilettantism could ever be leveled at English physicist Henry Cavendish, whose immense wealth allowed him to devote his life to scientific pursuits.