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1. Digambara, (Sanskrit: “Sky-clad,” i.e., naked) one of the two principal sects of the Indian religion Jainism, whose male ascetics shun all property and wear no clothes


2. Digambara (“sky-clad”) is one of the two major schools of Jainism, the other being Śvētāmbara (white-clad)


3. The Sanskrit word Digambara means “sky-clad”, referring to their traditional monastic practice of neither possessing nor wearing any clothes.


4. Definition of Digambara : a member of a major Jain sect formed in the 3d century b.c

Definition, Digambara

5. Digambara (Skt., ‘clothed in air’)


6. - Digambara (or Digambar) – the “sky clad” – they go naked – they declared the Shvetambaras apostate and declined to accept any of their texts or traditions The 2 sects have drifted away from each other and are active in different parts of India.

Digambara, Di, Declared, Declined, Drifted, Different

7. Marathi to English Dictionary: Digambara

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8. Meaning and definitions of Digambara, Digambara meaning, translation of Digambara in English language with similar and opposite words.Spoken pronunciation of Digambara in Marathi and in English

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10. Presenting Shree Datta Dattatreya song "Digambara Digambara Shripad Vallabh Digambara (Non Stop)" by Suresh Wadkar.Credits:Prabhat Bhakti - प्रभात भक्तीArti

Datta, Dattatreya, Digambara

11. Example sentences from the Web for Digambara The name Digambara signifies sky-clad, and Swetambara white-clad


12. Russell The Jains are divided into the above two principal sects, the Digambara

Divided, Digambara

13. The swastika and open palm carved on the walls of the Digambara jain temple


14. - jainist Digambara stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images


15. There are two main sects in Jainism – Svetambara and Digambara. Both agree on the fundamental Jain principles and the five vows in Jainism


16. The Digambara jain temple reflected on still waters


17. - Digambara stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images the swastika and open palm carved on the walls of the Digambara jain temple


18. The Digambara sub-sects The division of the Jaina religion into two sects was only the beginning of splitting the religious order into various sub-sects.

Digambara, Division

19. The word 'Digambara' has two words in it


20. Basically, digamabara is a sect of Jainism and is named so because the monks of 'Digambara Jain' do not wear clothes and

Digamabara, Digambara, Do

21. Jains are divided into two major sects; the Digambara (meaning sky clad) sect and the Svetambara (meaning white clad) sect

Divided, Digambara

22. Find Digambara stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection


23. Indeed, the names of the two primary sects of Jainism, the Svetambara (literally, white-clad), whose monastics wear simple white cloth, and the Digambara (literally, sky-clad), whose monks are nude, reflect this difference of opinion about what constitutes tolerable violence.

Digambara, Difference

24. Digambara monks do not wear any clothes as it is considered to be parigraha (possession), which ultimately leads to attachment

Digambara, Do

25. = Manikacandra Digambara Jaina Granthamâlâ


26. OCEANIA Digambara is a duly registered CHARITABLE ORGANIZATION with the US Attorney’s Office of the State of Connecticut DEPARTMENT OF CONSUMER PROTECTION

Digambara, Duly, Department

27. The Digambara Jains are found mostly in the south, especially in the erstwhile Mysore state, the place where the group led by Bhadrabahu went some two thousand and three hundred years ago


28. Jainism - Jainism - Early medieval developments (500–1100): There is archaeological evidence of the presence of Jain monks in southern India from before the Common Era, and the Digambara sect has had a significant presence in what is now the state of Karnataka for almost 2,000 years

Developments, Digambara

29. The early medieval period was the time of Digambara Jainism’s greatest flowering.


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31. The name Digambara consists of 9 Letters and 1 Word that includes it in a short name however Digambara name meaning is quite snazzy


32. People living in the UK, America (USA), Canada, India, and Saudi Arabia can search the details of Digambara name online without any hassle.

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33. ‘The Svetambaras mainly remained in Gujarat, Kathiavar and parts of Rajasthan and the Digambaras were dominant in the Southern states of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.’

Digambaras, Dominant

34. The name Digambara has Water element


35. Moon is the Ruling Planet for the name Digambara


36. The name Digambara having moon sign as Cancer is represented by The Crab and considered as Cardinal


37. Normally, people with the name Digambara are usually determined toward their goals

Digambara, Determined

38. Digambara.—(IA 7), a Jain sect


39. Note: Digambara is defined in the “Indian epigraphical glossary” as it can be found on ancient inscriptions commonly written in Sanskrit, Prakrit or Dravidian languages

Digambara, Defined, Dravidian

40. Digambara, Gokarn, Karnataka, India


41. Datta Digambara is a Marathi album released on Dec 2002

Datta, Digambara, Dec

42. Datta Digambara Album has 9 songs sung by Swapnil Bandodkar

Datta, Digambara

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44. Digambara (/ d ɪ ˈ ɡ ʌ m b ə r ə /; "sky-clad") is one of the two major schools of Jainism, the other being Śvētāmbara (white-clad)


45. The word Digambara is a combination of two words: dig (directions) and ambara (clothes), referring to those whose garments are of the element that fills the four quarters of space

Digambara, Dig, Directions

46. Digambara monks do not wear any clothes

Digambara, Do

47. Balbir examines the avasyaka narrative from every possible angle, within the avasyaka corpus, in the broader context of Jaina Svetambara and Digambara literature, and even in non-Jaina sources such as the Suktasaptati, the Pancatanta, [46] and the Kathasaritsagara.


48. Digambara Digambara MP3 Song by Kailash Hare Krishna Das from the Marathi movie 10 Best Lord Ganesha Songs

Digambara, Das

49. Download Digambara Digambara (दिगंबरा दिगंबरा) song on and listen 10 Best Lord Ganesha Songs Digambara Digambara song offline.

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50. Lord Datta should be worshipped by Guru Stav, Dattatreya Sanskrit Stotra, 12 Digambara Namavali and aarti

Datta, Dattatreya, Digambara

51. However, Digambara worship is simpler, with flowers and jewellery rarely being used


52. An example is to be found in a Digambara temple at Mudbridri, South Kanara.


53. Definition of Digambara in the dictionary

Definition, Digambara, Definitions, Dictionary

54. What does Digambara mean? Information and translations of Digambara in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

Does, Digambara, Dictionary, Definitions

55. Oceania Digambara must become an 'Ashram & University Without Walls', as was always intended, where 'experience', dialog & access can be guided by our state-of-the-art knowledge, experience beyond words, & radical welcome for Sincere Seekers

Digambara, Dialog

56. The first anthology of the Digambara Kavulu was released in May 1965 by a rickshaw puller on a pavement in Hyderabad, the second volume in December 1966 by a hotel employee in Vijayawada, and the third in 1968 by a destitute in Visakhapatnam, which was dedicated to Kanchikacherla Koteshu, a Dalit boy who was set afire in a caste-related incident.

Digambara, December, Destitute, Dedicated, Dalit

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58. 'Digambara Yaksha Sarvahna' from Karnataka, India, c


59. The Digambara Jains believe that all of the origi-nal texts of the Jains, the PURVAS and the ANGAS, were completely lost; any text claimed by the Shvetambaras is at best a corruption of the origi-nal knowledge


60. The Digambara sect disagrees with the Śvētāmbara interpretations, and reject the theory of difference in Parshvanatha and Mahāvīra's teachings

Digambara, Disagrees, Difference

61. [18] Digambaras believe that both Parshvanatha and Mahāvīra remained unmarried, whereas Śvētāmbara believe the 23rd and 24th did indeed marry.

Digambaras, Did

62. Digambara monk (also muni, sādhu) is a monk in the Digambara tradition of Jainism, and as such an occupant of the highest limb of the four-fold sangha

Digambara, Dhu

63. For instance, the Civakacintamani written by the Digambara Tiruttakkatevar probably in the ninth century, one of the best-known Tamil epics, tells how King Jivaka (or Jivandhara), after marrying eight wives, finally abandons them all and becomes a Jaina monk in the preaching arena (samavasarana) of …


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DIGAMBARA [dəˈɡämbərə]

Digambara (noun) · Digambaras (plural noun)

  • a member of one of two principal sects of Jainism, which was formed as a result of doctrinal schism in about ad 80 and continues today in parts of southern India. Male ascetic members of the sect traditionally reject property ownership and do not wear clothes.See also Svetambara.
Synonyms: svetambara .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name Digambara mean?

The name Digambara signifies sky-clad, and Swetambara white-clad. His doctrine was closely allied to Jainism, especially the Digambara sect, but was probably more extravagant and anti-social. The Jains are divided into the above two principal sects, the Digambara and the Swetambara. What Is The Difference Between “Quarantine” And “Isolation”?

What is the meaning of Digambara in Jainism?

Digambara ( /dɪˈɡʌmbərə/; "sky-clad") is one of the two major schools of Jainism, the other being Śvētāmbara (white-clad). The word Digambara ( Sanskrit) is a combination of two words: dig (directions) and ambara (sky), referring to those whose garments are of the element that fills the four quarters of space.

What is the Digambara influence?

The Digambara influence in southern India from the 5th to 14th century was considerable, but it diminished as Hindu devotional Shaivism and Vaishnavism grew. The sect continues mainly in southern Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Rajasthan, with about one million adherents, including 120 ascetics.

Why is Sakra referred to as a Digambara?

The Commentator explains this term here by digambara, which is the usual designation of a Buddha mendicant. If this trait is an old one, Sakra is here represented as a digambara, as he in fact is. The name Digambara signifies sky-clad, and Swetambara white-clad.