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DIFECTIVE [dəˈrektiv]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the word defective mean?

wanting in something; incomplete; lacking a part; deficient; imperfect; faulty; -- applied either to natural or moral qualities; as, a defective limb; defective timber; a defective copy or account; a defective character; defective rules Etymology: [L. defectivus: cf. F. dfectif. See Defect.]

What is another word for defective?

defective. Contexts . . Imperfect or faulty. Lacking or deficient. Mistaken, faulty, or in error. Having less than fully functional limbs. Not having all the necessary or appropriate parts. Rickety in structure and easily damaged.

What is the definition of defective?

Defective Product Law and Legal Definition. Defective Product is an imperfection in a product that has a manufacturing or design defect, or is faulty because of inadequate instructions or warnings. A product is in a defective condition if it is unreasonably dangerous to the user or to consumer who purchases the product and causes physical harm.

What is the legal definition of defective?

With regard to the issue of 'legal cause,' a defective condition is a legal cause of injury if it directly and in natural and continuous sequence produces or contributes substantially to producing such injury, so that it can reasonably be said that, except for the defective condition, the injury complained of would not have occurred.

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