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1. English Language Learners Definition of Diaspora formal : a group of people who live outside the area in which they had lived for a long time or in which their ancestors lived See the full definition for Diaspora in the English Language Learners Dictionary

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2. Diaspora* pioneered the concept of aspects, which means you can organise your contacts according to their role in your life. This means you can share something just with family members or work colleagues, knowing that no one you don’t want to will be able to see what you post

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3. A Diaspora is a group of people who have been forced from or chosen to leave their homeland to settle in other lands. People of a Diaspora typically preserve and celebrate the culture and traditions of their homeland


4. Diaspora may be created by voluntary emigration or by force, as in the cases of wars, enslavement, or natural disasters.

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5. Diaspora, (Greek: “Dispersion”) Hebrew Galut (Exile), the dispersion of Jews among the Gentiles after the Babylonian Exile or the aggregate of Jews or Jewish communities scattered “in exile” outside Palestine or present-day Israel.

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6. Diaspora* is the online social world where you are in control.


7. Diaspora* is the online social world where you are in control.


8. Diaspora* is a decentralized social network, consisting of many individual servers, called "pods". is only one server out of many and neither affiliated with …

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9. / daɪˈæs.pɚ.ə / a group of people who spread from one original country to other countries, or the act of spreading in this way: Nearly two-fifths of Spain's foreign residents come from the Latin Diaspora - mostly from Ecuador and Colombia

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10. A highlighting technique developed by Diaspora Salon in which color or lightener is painted on various mid- lenghs and ends of hair

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11. A Diaspora is a body of people that have been dispersed outside their homeland.Diaspora may also refer to the action of dispersing a body of people outside their homeland

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12. When capitalized as in Diaspora, the word refers to the dispersion of Jews from their homeland after the Babylonian and Roman conquests or the Jewish people and Jewish communities existing outside of Palestine after the

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13. In modern parlance, the Diaspora refers to the scattering of the Jews throughout Europe who returned to their homeland in 1948 with the creation of the state of Israel by a United Nations resolution


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15. What is the Diaspora? The Diaspora is a transliterated Greek word that means to distribute or scatter abroad

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16. Diaspora, populations, such as members of an ethnic or religious group, that originated from the same place but dispersed to different locations

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17. The word Diaspora comes from the ancient Greek dia speiro, meaning “to sow over.”

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18. Diaspora* is a true network, with no central base


19. Humans could jump-start a Diaspora whereby ever-more complex intelligence spreads through the galaxy, transcending our limitations


20. Diaspora is a hard science fiction novel by the Australian writer Greg Egan which first appeared in print in 1997


21. A Diaspora is a group of people who have migrated into another country by some force or situation but maintain close ties with their homeland


22. Typically, a Diaspora embodies emigrants,


23. For Ukrainian Diaspora, the most important event of the nineties was the Declaration of Independence of Ukraine of 1991 when Ukraine achieved true independence as the result of the dissolution of the Soviet Union

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24. This event has triggered strong emotional reaction within the local Diaspora.


25. A Diaspora is a large group of people with a similar heritage or homeland who have since moved out to places all over the world


26. The term Diaspora comes from …


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28. What does Diaspora mean? The definition of a Diaspora is the dispersion of people from their homeland or a community formed by people who have ex

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30. Diaspora definition, the scattering of the Jews to countries outside of Palestine after the Babylonian captivity

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33. Often Diaspora The body of Jews or Jewish communities outside Palestine or modern Israel


34. The main Diaspora began in the 8th–6th centuries BC, and even before the sack of Jerusalem in AD 70 the number of Jewish people dispersed by the Diaspora was greater than that living in Israel

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37. The word Diaspora, as explained in the Oxford Dictionaries, is most closely associated with the dispersion of the Jews beyond Israel

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38. To learn more about Diasporas around the world, we asked Kevin Kenny, Professor of History at Boston College and author of Diaspora: A Very Short Introduction to

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39. See 2 authoritative translations of Diaspora in Spanish with example sentences and audio pronunciations.


40. One of the greatest freedoms Diaspora offers you is the freedom to choose where your personal data is stored, by choosing a pod

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41. Diaspora definition: People who come from a particular nation, or whose ancestors came from it, but who now Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

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42. A Diaspora bond is a bond issued by a country to its expatriates


43. Diaspora is a term used to describe the mass, often involuntary, dispersal of a population from a center (or homeland) to multiple areas, and the creation of communities and identities based on the histories and consequences of dispersal.

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44. But the Jewish Diaspora ("Diaspora" ="dispersion, scattering") had begun long before the Romans had even dreamed of Judaea.

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45. The word ‘Diaspora’ is closely associated with enslavement, exile and loneliness


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DIASPORA [dīˈaspərə]

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of diaspora?

Diaspora Definition. The term diaspora comes from the Greek verb diaspeirō meaning “to scatter” or “to spread about.” As first used in Ancient Greece, diaspora referred to people of dominant countries who voluntarily emigrated from their homelands to colonize conquered countries. Today, scholars recognize two kinds of diaspora: forced and voluntary.

What is an example of diaspora in a sentence?

Examples of Diaspora in a sentence After fleeing the Middle East, a large Muslim diaspora moved to Europe. 🔊 When war broke out in their home country, a diaspora of refugees settled in a neighboring nation. 🔊 A diaspora of Irish immigrants moved to my city during the potato famine. 🔊

What does the term diaspora means the scattering of what?

In Ancient Greece the term διασπορά (diaspora) hence meant "scattering" and was inter alia used to refer to citizens of a dominant city-state who emigrated to a conquered land with the purpose of colonization, to assimilate the territory into the empire.

What is another word for Diaspora?

Synonyms for Diaspora: n. •attribute (noun) diaspora. Other synonyms: • immigration, immigrant, expatriate, migrant, asylum, refugee, emigrant, emigre, residence. • assemblage, constellation, club, busload, crowd, collection, circle, array, age group, crush.

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