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1. Dialogue definition is - a written composition in which two or more characters are represented as conversing

Dialogue, Definition

2. How to use Dialogue in a sentence


3. B2 conversation that is written for a book, play, or film: The play contained some very snappy / witty Dialogue. Act Two begins with a short Dialogue between father and son.


4. 26 synonyms of Dialogue from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 47 related words, definitions, and antonyms

Dialogue, Definitions

5. Dialogue: an exchange of views for the purpose of exploring a subject or deciding an issue

Dialogue, Deciding

6. What is Dialogue? For some, Dialogue is a focused and intentional conversation, a space of civility and equality in which those who differ may listen and speak together

Dialogue, Differ

7. How Dialogue Works We combine Canada's largest virtual care team with our proprietary technology to deliver real health outcomes for patients and business leaders.

Dialogue, Deliver

8. Dialogue should be natural for the characters speaking (be sure to keep in mind your characters’ personality traits)


9. Without effective Dialogue, even the best plot or book ideas will fall flat…rendering your efforts for successfully publishing a book all but useless


10. Because if the Dialogue is bad…readers will put the book down (because Dialogue is often what readers pay the most attention to).

Dialogue, Down

11. A Dialogue is a conversation between two or more characters in a book, play or movie or a conversation between two or more people in real life, especially when they …


12. Dialogue is the preferred spelling in American and British English for all contexts related to conversation and the exchange of ideas


13. Dialogue definition: Dialogue is a conversation between two or more characters in a literary work

Dialogue, Definition

14. What is Dialogue? Meaning of Dialogue: The term Dialogue means “two” (di-) “speak” (log)

Dialogue, Di

15. In this sense, two people are speaking to create Dialogue


16. Dialogue is a spoken conversation that …


17. Dialogue (sometimes spelled dialog in American English) is a written or spoken conversational exchange between two or more people, and a literary and theatrical form that depicts such an exchange.

Dialogue, Dialog, Depicts

18. Dialogue playscript , script , book - a written version of a play or other dramatic composition; used in preparing for a performance duologue - a part of the script in …

Dialogue, Dramatic, Duologue

19. The Inter-American Dialogue engages our network of global leaders to foster democratic governance, prosperity, and social equity in Latin America and the Caribbean

Dialogue, Democratic

20. The Dialogue leadership team features deep expertise in both healthcare and technology, with a range of experience within growth organizations and established F500 leaders

Dialogue, Deep

21. Find 30 ways to say Dialogue, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


22. When writing Dialogue in a story, the conversation is only half the battle.The other half has to do with the tone, volume, and context of people's words

Dialogue, Do

23. Yes, most of the time you can just use "he said" and "she said" to indicate Dialogue — but sometimes you need some other words for said to help you make a stronger statement!


24. NOTE: This essay from Dialogue Institute founder and president Leonard Swidler was originally produced in 1991 for a lecture in China, and later printed as part of the opening chapter, "Understanding Dialogue," in Interfaith Dialogue at the Grass Roots (Philadelphia: Ecumenical Press, 2008).Coming at the end of the Cold War, it marked the launching of a global paradigm shift so massive as to


25. What does Dialogue mean? A talking together; conversation

Does, Dialogue

26. Http:// morning+More Kids Dialogues Learn English for Kids Collection of Easy Dialogue ★ Subscribe us on YouTube

Dialogues, Dialogue

27. Not only does it describe define Dialogue but also the relationship to chaos theory

Does, Describe, Define, Dialogue

28. Dialogue definition: Dialogue is communication or discussion between people or groups of people such as Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Dialogue, Definition, Discussion

29. Use 'Dialogue' for a conversation and 'dialog' for a digital text-entry box

Dialogue, Dialog, Digital

30. Dialogue, depending on the style of the play, may contain poetry and metaphor

Dialogue, Depending

31. The poetic component of Dialogue often reflects the play’s themes and, because of this, gives the Dialogue great dimension and power

Dialogue, Dimension

32. Even very realistic Dialogue, in its thematic context, can have poetic qualities because it relates to a greater whole.


33. Would enter into a direct Dialogue with Vietnam’

Direct, Dialogue

34. If the Dialogue is the beginning of a sentence, capitalize the first letter


35. End the Dialogue with the appropriate punctuation (period, exclamation point, or question mark), but keep it INSIDE the quotation marks


36. When Dialogue tags are used after the Dialogue it looks like this: “Are you coming to my party?” Meghan


37. Definition of Dialogue in the dictionary

Definition, Dialogue, Definitions, Dictionary

38. What does Dialogue mean? Information and translations of Dialogue in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on …

Does, Dialogue, Dictionary, Definitions

39. So the public can't really get into this Dialogue because they don't understand the complexity of stem cells, not the faith-based approach, not the ideological or political, but the science behind stem cells

Dialogue, Don

40. Dialogue is the essence of parliamentary politics.


41. Writing dynamic, believable, and lively Dialogue is an important skill for any storyteller

Dynamic, Dialogue

42. But what is great Dialogue? Great Dialogue rings true and is appropriate to the speaker, and is what that person would say in those circumstances, while also furthering either the plot or your knowledge of the characters, or both; while at the same time not being tedious.


43. China Dialogue - chinaDialogue is an independent organisation dedicated to promoting a common understanding of China’s urgent environmental challenges

Dialogue, Dedicated

44. Dialogue Dictionary and Thesaurus Diffusion Digestive System Digital Animation Digital Etiquette Dinosaurs Distance Learning Distance, Rate, and Time Distributive Property Dividing Decimals Division Diwali Dogs Dolly the Sheep Dolphins Drama Drawing Dreams Droughts

Dialogue, Dictionary, Diffusion, Digestive, Digital, Dinosaurs, Distance, Distributive, Dividing, Decimals, Division, Diwali, Dogs, Dolly, Dolphins, Drama, Drawing, Dreams, Droughts

45. A Dialogue tag looks like “Sarah said” or “he whispered”


46. It “tags” the Dialogue to a particular character


47. Guidelines for using Dialogue tags


48. When you use Dialogue tags, try to: 1


49. Dialogue in-game is the act of someone (or something) talking


50. In Subnautica, there are many times where Dialogue will occur


51. Below are two lists: one containing all Dialogue that is currently used and in-game, with the other containing all cut and unused Dialogue


52. 1 In-Game Dialogue 1.1 Intro 1.2 Standard Dialogue 1.3 PDA Notifications 1.3.1 Introduction 1.3.2 Extra 1.3.3 Habitat Compartments


53. • The Dialogue tends toward the insipid


54. • The Dialogue was very constructive, co-operative and helpful


55. Dialogue between/with • The Parents' Action Committee was continually frustrated in its attempts to seek a Dialogue with the Council


56. • You, the climber, are not important, was what the mocking Dialogue with your peers stressed.


57. Dialogue is a useful tool for developing your characters and moving your plot forward

Dialogue, Developing

58. Dialogue can help you establish the backstory, and it can reveal important plot details that the reader may not know about yet

Dialogue, Details

59. Dialogue is great for ratcheting up the tension between characters


60. If you land a role in a local play, you will probably have to memorize several lines of Dialogue


61. If you disagree with how that play is being produced, you may want to open up a Dialogue with the director.

Disagree, Dialogue, Director

62. ‘The Dialogue in this film is as sharp as anything you will find on screen.’ ‘The great thing about the Dialogue in comic books is that you don't have to hear it spoken aloud.’ ‘In particular, it is a film full of talk, and most especially a film of Dialogues: two characters isolated, whether in …

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