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1. Diagnosees meaning Plural form of diagnosee.

Diagnosees, Diagnosee

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3. Diagnosee (plural Diagnosees) One who is diagnosed.

Diagnosee, Diagnosees, Diagnosed

4. As nouns the difference between diagnoses and Diagnosees is that diagnoses is while Diagnosees is

Difference, Diagnoses, Diagnosees

5. Over 50% of Diagnosees are children less than 10 years old


6. Crush & Coconuts talk about First Descents, the adventure camp for young adult cancer Diagnosees, where they met, and the special bonding that happens between cancer folks when they get out and explore life through adventure.

Descents, Diagnosees

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DIAGNOSEES [ˌdīəɡˈnōsəs]

diagnosis (noun) · diagnoses (plural noun)

  • the identification of the nature of an illness or other problem by examination of the symptoms.
Synonyms: identification . recognition . discovery . detection . pinpointing . reading . determination . confirmation . verification . opinion . prognosis . judgment . verdict . pronouncement . conclusion . interpretation . solution . result .
  • the distinctive characterization in precise terms of a genus, species, or phenomenon.