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1. Examples of Determinable in a Sentence The cause of the accident is not Determinable at this time


2. Recent Examples on the Web The idea that there is a Determinable origin point where a sonic idea was born is a romantic one.


3. The idea that these are Determinable by the tariff is the corner stone of protection in the States


4. 481, MARCH 21, 1885 VARIOUS If so, the months given must be months of certain Determinable years, and the days denoted must be days of particular months

Determinable, Days, Denoted

5. Determinable Liable to come to an end upon the happening of a certain contingency


6. Determinable Liable to come to an end upon the happening of a certain contingency


7. Fixed, Determinable, Annual, or Periodical (FDAP) income is all income, except: Gains derived from the sale of real or personal property (including market discount and option premiums, but not including original issue discount) Items of income excluded from gross income, without regard to the U.S

Determinable, Derived, Discount

8. Need synonyms for Determinable? Here's a list of similar words from our thesaurus that you can use instead


9. ‘The statutory meaning of notice to quit covers a notice exercising a break clause and clearly contemplates that a fixed term tenancy Determinable by such a notice is still a ‘term of years certain’.’


10. Determinable definition: capable of being determined or limited or fixed synonyms: calculable, ascertainable, judicable, discoverable, definable antonyms

Determinable, Definition, Determined, Discoverable, Definable

11. Noun fee simple Determinable (plural fee simples Determinable) (law) A defeasible fee created with clear durational language expressing a condition (e.g

Determinable, Defeasible, Durational

12. In the Meno (74ff), Plato develops the notion of Determinable and determinate.

Develops, Determinable, Determinate

13. The language of the grant was conditional, but not durational, so what we have is a fee simple subject to condition subsequent, and not a fee simple Determinable.

Durational, Determinable

14. What does Determinable mean? That can be determined

Does, Determinable, Determined

15. Determinable 'Determinable' is a 12 letter word starting with D and ending with E Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for Determinable We hope that the following list of synonyms for the word Determinable will help you to finish your crossword today.


16. There are two types of defeasible estates: fee simple Determinable and the fee simple subject to a condition subsequent.

Defeasible, Determinable

17. Determinable fee is an estate limited to a person and his heirs, with a qualification annexed by which it is provided that the estate must determine whenever that qualification is at an end

Determinable, Determine

18. When a grantor conveys a Determinable fee, and limits after it a fee absolute, he parts with all his estate and there is no reversion or possibility of


19. UnDeterminable definition is - incapable of being definitely decided, settled or fixed : not Determinable : inDeterminable

Definition, Definitely, Decided, Determinable

20. How to use unDeterminable in a sentence.

21. Definition of Determinable in the dictionary

Definition, Determinable, Definitions, Dictionary

22. What does Determinable mean? Information and translations of Determinable in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

Does, Determinable, Dictionary, Definitions

23. Another word for Determinable: ascertainable, answerable, definable, assessable, describable Collins English Thesaurus

Determinable, Definable, Describable

24. Fee Simple Determinable: The estate will be automatically terminated if the stated condition occurs


25. Established by durational language, fee simple Determinable estates are followed by the future estates of a possibility of reverter

Durational, Determinable

26. Fixed or Determinable income means income which is fixed as to when it is paid, and the amounts are definite and preDeterminable

Determinable, Definite

27. Income is Determinable whenever there is a basis of calculation by which the payment amount may be ascertained and need not be paid annually or at regular intervals.


28. 1400, "definite;" mid-15c., in law, "capable of being decided or settled;" from Old French Determinable, from Late Latin determinabilis "that has an end," from stem of Latin determinare "to enclose, bound, set limits to," from de "off" (see de-) + terminare "to mark the end or boundary," from terminus "end, limit" (see terminus)

Definite, Decided, Determinable, Determinabilis, Determinare, De

29. Income is Determinable whenever there is a basis for figuring the amount to be paid


30. Income can be Determinable or periodic, even if the length of time during which the payments are made is increased or decreased.”

Determinable, During, Decreased

31. A Determinable legal estate in land prior to 1925 was known as a Determinable fee, but under the Law of Property Act 1925 it can now exist only as an equitable interest


32. It is exceptionally difficult to distinguish between a Determinable interest and a …

Difficult, Distinguish, Determinable

33. Definition of Determinable adjective in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

Definition, Determinable, Dictionary

34. Definition of Determinable written for English Language Learners from the Merriam-Webster Learner's Dictionary with audio pronunciations, usage examples, and count/noncount noun labels.

Definition, Determinable, Dictionary

35. Determinable Easement is an easement that will terminate upon the happening of a specific event or contingency


36. Types of fee simple defeasible include fee simple Determinable, fee simple subject to condition subsequent, and fee simple subject to executory limitation

Defeasible, Determinable

37. A fee simple Determinable is an estate that will end automatically when the stated event or condition occurs


38. Normally, a possibility of reverter follows a fee simple Determinable .


39. A fee simple Determinable is an estate that will end automatically when the stated event or condition occurs


40. Normally, a possibility of reverter follows a fee simple Determinable


41. Enter the reasons for regrade actions and Determinable gain or loss transactions


42. Determinable Contracts derive their existence from the termination clause envisaged therein

Determinable, Derive

43. What is a Determinable contract? Contracts usually provide for termination at the option of one or each of the parties, post the occurrence of a specified event/ breach of contract, upon expiry of the term of the contract i.e


44. As adjectives the difference between Determinable and determinate is that Determinable is able to be determined or limited while determinate is distinct, clearly defined

Difference, Determinable, Determinate, Determined, Distinct, Defined

45. As nouns the difference between Determinable and determinate is that Determinable is (label) an attribute of something that is suceptible of determination into various states while determinate is (philosophy) a single state

Difference, Determinable, Determinate, Determination

46. Fee Simple Determinable based on Willhite v.Masters, Missouri


47. This page introduces the property concept of fee simple Determinable; that is, even though an individual is considered the owner of land, the previous owner, at the time the land was transferred to the current owner, may have imposed a limitation on the current owner's use of the land and if that


48. Determinable - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums

Determinable, Dictionary, Discussion

49. Determinable How many syllables? 5 Syllables How it's divided? de-ter-mi-na-ble

Determinable, Divided, De

50. Fee simple defeasible can be broken down into two very similar categories: “fee simple Determinable” and “fee simple subject to condition subsequent.”

Defeasible, Down, Determinable

51. InDeterminable definition, not Determinable; incapable of being ascertained

Definition, Determinable

52. Any non-derivative financial asset with fixed or Determinable payments (including loan assets, trade receivables, investments in debt instruments and deposits held in banks) could potentially meet the definition of loans and receivables.

Derivative, Determinable, Debt, Deposits, Definition

53. Fee Simple Determinable Definition

Determinable, Definition

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DETERMINABLE [dəˈtərmənəb(ə)l]

determinable (adjective)

  • able to be firmly decided or definitely ascertained.
Synonyms: ascertainable . known . definite . clear-cut . precise . exact . specific . indefinable .
  • capable of being brought to an end under given conditions; terminable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does determinability mean?

determinability. Noun. ( countable and uncountable, plural determinabilities) The quality of being determinable. English Wiktionary.

What does determinableness mean?

determinableness definition: Noun (uncountable) 1. Capability of being determined; determinability.Origin determinable +‎ -ness...

What is meant by the term determination?

Determination means a strong intention or a fixed intention to achieve a specific purpose. Determination, as a core value, means to have strong will power in order to achieve a task in life. Determination means a strong sense of self-devotion and self-commitment in order to achieve or perform a given task.

What is the adjective for determined?

The adjective comes from the past tense form of the verb determine. When something has been determined , this often means that it has been decided or settled in some final or permanent way. When someone is determined , it usually means that they have made a decision to do something-they've made up their mind and they can't be talked out of it.