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DESERTIFICATION [dəˌzərdəfəˈkāSH(ə)n]

desertification (noun)

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1. Desertification, the process by which natural or human causes reduce the biological productivity of drylands

2. The United Nations’ official definition says Desertification is land degradation in typically dry areas resulting

3. Desertification definition, the processes by which an area becomes a desert

4. What is Desertification? Desertification is defined as a process of land degradation in arid, semi-arid and sub-humid areas due to various factors including climatic variations and human activities.Or, to put it in another way, Desertification results in persistent degradation of dryland and fragile ecosystems due to man-made activities and variations in climate.

5. Desertification is a big global problem, which will become even worse due to the effects of global warming

6. In this article, the causes, effects and solutions for Desertification are examined.

7. Arid lands in parts of North America are among those severely affected by Desertification; almost 90% of such habitats are considered to be moderately to severely desertified

8. "We know that Desertification is a process with multiple triggers, so it is necessary to address it from a very broad point of view,” explained the responsible for …

9. Desertification may intensify a general climatic trend toward greater aridity, or it may initiate a change in local climate

10. Desertification – Degradation of Fertile Land

11. Desertification is the degradation process by which a fertile land changes itself into a desert by losing its flora and fauna, this can be caused by drought, deforestation, climate change, human activities or improper agriculture.

12. Desertification, the broad-scale conversion of perennial grasslands to dominance by annuals or xerophytic shrubs, has affected drylands globally over the past several centuries

13. Desertification is a cumulative threat that includes both climatic (e.g., drought) and land-use drivers (e.g., livestock overgrazing, fire).

14. Desertification definition is - the process of becoming desert (as from land mismanagement or climate change)

15. How to use Desertification in a sentence.

16. Desertification is caused by a combination of factors that change over time and vary by location

17. Desertification is taking place due to indirect factors driving unsustainable use

18. Desertification, as defined in Chapter 12 of Agenda 21 and in the International Convention on Desertification, is the degradation of the land in arid, semi-arid and dry sub- humid areas resulting from various factors, including climatic variations and human activities.

19. Desertification is a type of land degradation whereby previously fertile soil is transformed into arid land

20. The loss of fertile land to Desertification has brought an end to many majestic civilizations throughout the human history

21. Desertification is the persistent degradation of dry land ecosystems by human activities and by climate change

22. From Millennium Ecosystem Assessment report on Ecosystems and Human Well-Being Desertification Synthesis

23. Desertification In The Sahel EXCERPT What is the Sahel? The Sahel is the semi-arid transition region between the Sahara desert to the north and wetter…

24. Desertification affects as much as one-sixth of the world's population, seventy percent of all drylands, and one-quarter of the total land area of the world

25. What is Desertification? By definition, Desertification is “the process by which fertile land becomes desert, typically as a result of drought, deforestation, or inappropriate agriculture”

26. (Oxford Dictionary) Areas that are predisposed to Desertification are usually those located in …

27. Desertification extends beyond the expansion of existing deserts to include land degradation due to human activity in drylands

28. Desertification is the permanent decrease in biological productivity of dryland ar-eas

29. Desertification, then, we can infer, is the process by which a space becomes a desert

30. Desertification can mean two things

31. Please read "Criticisms & Updates" below for more details.) "Desertification is a fancy word for land that is turning to desert," begins Allan Savory in this quietly powerful talk

32. Desertification includes land degradation in arid, semi-arid and dry sub humid areas resulting from various factors, including climatic variations and human activities

33. Desertification affects as much as one-sixth of the world's population, seventy percent of all drylands, and one-quarter of the total land area of the world.

34. Desertification is a form of land degradation by which fertile land becomes desert

35. Desertification - Desertification - Rain-fed croplands: Drylands also support rain-fed crops

36. ‘One root cause of Desertification and deforestation is the use of wood as the basic source of energy, with the consequent loss of trees and degradation of the soil.’ ‘The UN in 2000 reported that half of all land in South Asia has lost agricultural potential because of Desertification.’

37. Stretching from Dakar to Djibouti, a United Nations-backed programme dubbed the ‘Great Green Wall’ brings together 11 countries to plant trees across Africa to literally hold back the Sahara desert with a swathe of greenery, lessen the effects of Desertification

38. Desertification is one of the most important environmental challenges facing the world today, however it is arguably the most under-reported

39. Desertification is the gradual transformation of arable and habitable land into desert, usually caused by climate change and/or the improper use of land.

40. In conclusion, there is a wide array of factors that can cause the process of Desertification

41. Our influence on natural causes such as erosion or rainfall patterns is slim, however human-caused Desertification is perhaps the leading threat to fertile lands

42. A new book asserts that Desertification is a meaningless concept and the policies to reverse it are doing more harm than good Published: 14 Jul 2016

43. Desertification as a physical process brought by chemical, biological and physical factors that create desert like conditions • 2

44. Desertification as a social process which focuses on humans as the cause of decreasing agricultural productivity • 3

45. Desertification occurring at the moment when land becomes irreversibly sterile • 4.

46. Desertification, Land Degradation and Sustainability offers a comprehensive overview of the subject and provides the reader with the concepts and principles necessary to understand the issues involved and develop appropriate responses.

47. This book tackles the issues surrounding Desertification in a number of ways from differing scales (local to global), processes (physical to human), the

48. Desertification is a form of land degradation where soil in dry areas becomes more vulnerable to erosion, such as by deforestation or overgrazing, and subsequently loses its moisture and vegetation.

49. Desertification is the process whereby land in semi-arid regions become desert, the grasslands becomes semi-desert and so on

50. Desertification is widely debated in the scientific community with respect to its definition, causes, consequences, measurement indicators, monitoring mechanisms, and prevention

51. Lavauden was the first to use the term “Desertification” to describe the low productivity of rangelands in Tunisia

52. Desertification is a fundamental cause of famine and food insecurity

53. It has been estimated that $40 billion dollars in income is lost each year due to Desertification

54. Desertification can exacerbate ethnic and …

55. Deforestation and Desertification in developing countries

56. This paper takes a fresh look at two of the major environmental hazards affecting the planet, namely deforestation and Desertification, in terms of the nature and magnitude of the problem as faced by the developing world, and their causes and effects.

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What exactly is desertification?

The UN's official definition of desertification is as follows: "Land degradation in arid, semi-arid and dry sub-humid areas resulting from various factors, including climatic variations and human activities". So to summarise, desertification is when previously fertile land turns into infertile desert.

What Si difference between doforestation and desertification?

As nouns the difference between desertification and deforestation is that desertification is process by which a geographic region becomes a desert the change may result from natural changes in climate or by human activity while deforestation is the process of destroying a forest and replacing it with something else, especially by an agricultural system.

What is desertification and its control?

Desertification: Causes, Effects and Control! Desertification is taking place much faster worldwide than historically and usually arises from the demands of increased populations that settle on the land in order to grow crops and graze animals. It is land degradation occurring in arid, semiarid and dry sub-humid areas of the world.

What is cause desertification?

"Desertification is caused by a combination of factors that change over time and vary by location. These include indirect factors such as population pressure, socioeconomic and policy factors, and international trade as well as direct factors such as land use patterns and practices and climate-related processes.".

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