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1. Medical Definition of Deprivation : the act or process of removing or the condition resulting from removal of something normally present and usually essential for mental or physical well-being his nervous system may have been affected by early oxygen Deprivation — Jack Fincher sleep Deprivation

Definition, Deprivation

2. The state of being deprived: social Deprivation; a cycle of Deprivation and violence

Deprived, Deprivation

3. / ˌdep.rəˈveɪ.ʃ ə n / C2 a situation in which you do not have things or conditions that are usually considered necessary for a pleasant life: They used sleep Deprivation as a form of torture.

Dep, Do, Deprivation

4. Synonyms & Antonyms of Deprivation the state of being robbed of something normally enjoyed the concern of some that there has been a Deprivation of rights since the passing of laws to combat the threat of terrorism


5. ‘Nutrition Deprivation also works wonders on making people more open to suggestion.’ ‘A fast is food Deprivation for a set amount of time, and no one is supposed to die.’ ‘Because they're designed for automobiles, today's cities are leading to a life-threatening level of exercise Deprivation.’

Deprivation, Die, Designed

6. Deprivation is defined as the state of having something withheld from the enjoyment or possession of someone

Deprivation, Defined

7. An example of Deprivation is a prisoner of war being denied enough food to live.

Deprivation, Denied

8. Deprivation means the absence of the basic necessities of life, the state of living without a necessity


9. The word Deprivation is related to the word deprive, which is derived from the Latin word deprivare which means wholly released from.

Deprivation, Deprive, Derived, Deprivare

10. Key Takeaways Relative Deprivation is the lack of resources (e.g


11. Relative Deprivation often contributes to the rise of social change movements, such as the U.S


12. Deprivation: [ dep-rĭ-va´shun ] loss or absence of parts, organs, powers, or things that are needed

Deprivation, Dep

13. Emotional Deprivation Deprivation of adequate and appropriate interpersonal or environmental experience, usually in the early developmental years

Deprivation, Developmental

14. Maternal Deprivation the result of premature loss or absence of the mother or of lack of proper


15. Deprivation 11. Deprivation 11.1 Deprivation of Parental Support or Care [41-400] Deprivation of parental support or care is a separate and specific eligibility factor for CalWORKs


16. A child's Deprivation is based on the status of their parents


17. The basis for Deprivation shall be determined: • At the time of application,

Deprivation, Determined

18. Find 30 ways to say Deprivation, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


19. Deprivation or deprive may refer to:

Deprivation, Deprive

20. Poverty, pronounced Deprivation in well-being


21. Objective Deprivation or poverty threshold, the minimum level of income deemed adequate in a particular country; Relative Deprivation, the lack of resources to sustain the lifestyle that one is accustomed to or that a society approves; Deprivation (child development), inadequate meeting of child's needs

Deprivation, Deemed, Development

22. Acute sleep Deprivation refers to a short period, usually a few days or less, when a person has a significant reduction in their sleep time

Deprivation, Days

23. Chronic sleep Deprivation, also known as insufficient sleep syndrome, is defined by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine 4 as curtailed sleep that persists for three months or longer.

Deprivation, Defined

24. Deprivation is the consequence of a lack of income and other resources, which cumulatively can be seen as living in poverty


25. The relative Deprivation approach to poverty examines the indicators of Deprivation, which are then related back to income levels and resources.


26. Definition of Deprivation in the dictionary

Definition, Deprivation, Definitions, Dictionary

27. What does Deprivation mean? Information and translations of Deprivation in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

Does, Deprivation, Dictionary, Definitions

28. "Sleep Deprivation can affect speed and higher-level cognitive processing," Baron says


29. The first stage of sleep Deprivation occurs within 24 hours of missed sleep


30. But as sleep Deprivation continues, it becomes increasingly


31. "Set in a sleep-starved beach town, Deprivation is a stark psycho-thriller told in prose that’s at once elegant, lucid, and more than a little hypnotic


32. Deprivation: 1 n the disadvantage that results from losing something “losing him is no great Deprivation ” Synonyms: loss Type of: disadvantage the quality of having an inferior or less favorable position n act of depriving someone of food or money or rights “ Deprivation of civil rights” Synonyms: privation Types: impoverishment ,

Deprivation, Disadvantage, Depriving

33. Deprivation theory Deprivation is distinguishable into relative and absolute Deprivation

Deprivation, Distinguishable

34. Physical abuse, starvation, and poverty are seen as forms of absolute Deprivation, whereas relative Deprivation can be defined as the discrepancy between what one expects in life and what one gets.

Deprivation, Defined, Discrepancy

35. ‘Nutrition Deprivation also works wonders on making people more open to suggestion.’ ‘A fast is food Deprivation for a set amount of time, and no one is supposed to die.’ ‘Because they're designed for automobiles, today's cities are leading to a life-threatening level of exercise Deprivation.’

Deprivation, Die, Designed

36. A sensory Deprivation tank, also called an isolation tank or flotation tank, is used for restricted environmental stimulation therapy (REST)


37. Deprivation definition: If you suffer Deprivation , you do not have or are prevented from having something that Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Deprivation, Definition, Do

38. Examples of Deprivation in a sentence


39. After a couple of days of sleep Deprivation, I become really grouchy

Days, Deprivation

40. 🔊 Because Kelly’s parents were not affectionate, she grew up suffering from a Deprivation


41. The cumulative Deprivation that would be offset by reparations is the maldistribution of wealth between blacks and whites.: It was also to remember her journey through pain, sorrow, loss and Deprivation.: Phenomena like sleepwalking and dream Deprivation have baffled scientists for years.: For example, barnacles may be more susceptible to short-term food Deprivation than mussels because of

Deprivation, Dream

42. Sensory Deprivation a condition in which an individual receives less than normal sensory input


43. The Deprivation of war (= the suffering caused by not having enough of some things) the Deprivations and hardships resulting from the blockade; Extra Examples

Deprivation, Deprivations

44. Many of the people suffered severe Deprivation


45. An area of acute social and economic Deprivation;


46. Lower-Deprivation areas are concentrated in many urban and suburban parts of northern Utah (e.g., Salt Lake, Davis, and Wasatch counties); higher-Deprivation areas are generally in rural central and southern Utah, western Salt Lake City metropolitan area, and parts of other cities (e.g., Ogden and Logan).

Deprivation, Davis

47. Welsh Index of Multiple Deprivation (WIMD) WIMD is the official measure of relative Deprivation for small areas in Wales


48. It is designed to identify those small areas where there are the highest concentrations of several different types of Deprivation.

Designed, Different, Deprivation

49. Sleep Deprivation won't kill you -- directly, anyway

Deprivation, Directly

50. Sleep Deprivation is common with depression, schizophrenia, chronic pain syndrome, cancer, stroke, and Alzheimer disease

Deprivation, Depression, Disease

51. Many people have occasional sleep Deprivation for other reasons


52. Relative Deprivation is the belief that a person will feel deprived or entitled to something based on the comparison to someone else

Deprivation, Deprived

53. Legal definition for Deprivation: In English ecclesiastical law

Definition, Deprivation

54. • The Deprivation had been the loss of her father, the constant loss of friends and contacts


55. • Racism is a tragedy beyond socioeconomic Deprivation; it speaks of the total Deprivation of the church today


56. Social/economic/emotional etc Deprivation • Given their workload , cuddling or talking to children is a luxury , and emotional


57. Sleep Deprivation prevents you from getting the sleep you need to feel rested and refreshed, but there are a number of techniques for addressing the causes of sleep loss


58. Chronic sleep Deprivation is defined as insufficient sleep or experiencing sleeplessness over an extended period of time

Deprivation, Defined

59. Learn more about chronic sleep Deprivation, including causes and treatments.


60. Sleep Deprivation (DEP-rih-VA-shun) is a condition that occurs if you don't get enough sleep

Deprivation, Dep, Don

61. It occurs if you have one or more of the following: You don't get enough sleep (sleep Deprivation) You sleep at the wrong time of day (that is, you're out of …

Don, Deprivation, Day

62. 8 hours ago · The study has limitations in that it is an observational study, meaning that a causal link between Deprivation and dementia cannot be confirmed, and there is …

Deprivation, Dementia

63. Sleep Deprivation, also known as insufficient sleep or sleeplessness, is the condition of not having enough sleep.It can be either chronic or acute and may vary widely in severity.


64. However, in a subset of cases, sleep Deprivation can, paradoxically, lead to increased energy and alertness and enhanced mood


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