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1. See synonyms for Depreciate on verb (used with object), de·pre·ci·at·ed, de·pre·ci·at·ing

Depreciate, De

2. To (cause something to) lose value, especially over time: Our car Depreciated (by) $1,500 in the first year we owned it


3. In the last year our house has Depreciated in value.


4. Find 128 ways to say Depreciate, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


5. Some common synonyms of Depreciate are belittle, decry, and disparage

Depreciate, Decry, Disparage

6. While all these words mean "to express a low opinion of," Depreciate implies a representing as being of less value than commonly believed


7. Critics Depreciate his plays for being unabashedly sentimental When is belittle a more appropriate choice than Depreciate?


8. There are two basic methods to Depreciate a vehicle: the straight-line method which gives you equal deductions each year except for the first and last year; and accelerated depreciation, which provides you with larger deductions the first few years you own your car

Depreciate, Deductions, Depreciation

9. In year one, the asset will Depreciate by 20 percent (or will be 20 percent less valuable), resulting in a $260 deduction

Depreciate, Deduction

10. In two years, the asset will Depreciate by 32 percent resulting in a $416 deduction

Depreciate, Deduction

11. By year six, the IRS will deem the asset to have only Depreciated by 5.76 percent resulting in just a 74$ deduction.

Deem, Depreciated, Deduction

12. Depreciate Property •Section 179 Deduction •Special Depreciation Allowance •MACRS •Listed Property For use in preparing 2019 Returns Get forms and other information faster and easier at: • (English) • (Español) • (中文) • (한국어) • (Pусский)

Depreciate, Deduction, Depreciation

13. Depreciate refers to reducing an amount reported on the balance sheet


14. To lessen the price or value of: An increase in the supply of money Depreciated the currency


15. To Depreciate is (1) to lessen in value, or (2) to lower the value of something, especially by falsely undervaluing, disparaging, or belittling it. The word is most common in financial contexts.

Depreciate, Disparaging

16. If farmers decide to Depreciate their livestock, depreciation will begin when the livestock is mature (i.e., can be worked, milked, or bred)

Decide, Depreciate, Depreciation

17. Most farm business assets are Depreciated using the Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS) which consists of two depreciation systems: the General Depreciation System (GDS) and the Alternative Depreciation System (ADS).

Depreciated, Depreciation

18. Though usually used like this as a financial term, Depreciate can also be used as the similar-sounding but unrelated word deprecate meaning "to belittle, lower in esteem." Your teachers should not Depreciate you just because you don't always know the answers to their questions!

Depreciate, Deprecate, Don

19. What assets can I Depreciate? When a company purchases an asset, management must decide how to calculate depreciation

Depreciate, Decide, Depreciation

20. Tangible (physical) assets Depreciate, while you expense intangible assets using amortization


21. Businesses can Depreciate long-term assets for both tax and accounting purposes


22. How to Depreciate rental property


23. You are allowed to Depreciate the value of a building you’ve purchased–but the value of the land it’s on can’t be written off.


24. To lessen the price or value of: An increase in the supply of money Depreciated the currency


25. Buildings wear down, and you can Depreciate the buildings

Down, Depreciate

26. You also can't Depreciate assets that are purchased and disposed of in the same year, otherwise known as "current assets." Current assets include certain supplies, prepaid insurance, and accounts receivable (amounts owed to your business).

Depreciate, Disposed

27. Late Middle English (in Depreciate (sense 2)): from late Latin depreciat- ‘lowered in price, undervalued’, from the verb depreciare, from Latin de- ‘down’ + pretium ‘price’.

Depreciate, Depreciat, Depreciare, De, Down

28. You can also Depreciate certain intangible property such as patents, copyrights and computer software, according to the IRS


29. Essentially, when something Depreciates, it reduces in value


30. Depreciate is defined as to decline in value over a period of time, or to reduce the value of assets in accounting records

Depreciate, Defined, Decline

31. When a piece of machinery becomes old and less valuable, this is an example of when the value Depreciates.


32. De‧pre‧ci‧ate /dɪˈpriːʃieɪt/ verb 1 [ intransitive] to decrease in value or price OPP appreciate New cars Depreciate in value quickly

De, Decrease, Depreciate

33. 2 [ transitive] technical to reduce the value of something over time, especially for tax purposes Company computers are Depreciated at 50% per year


34. The won continues to Depreciate against the dollar and stock prices continue to fall

Depreciate, Dollar

35. A better scenario would be for the dollar to Depreciate against the euro, and for sterling to share part of that weakening

Dollar, Depreciate

36. In the meantime, all currencies will Depreciate against each other, and precious metals and other commodities will rise, and rise.


37. If something such as a currency Depreciates or if something Depreciates it, it loses some of its original value


38. Definition of Depreciate to drop in value or worth over a period of time Examples of Depreciate in a sentence The new car starts to Depreciate in value as soon as it is driven off the lot

Definition, Depreciate, Drop, Driven

39. Research shows that pickup trucks and Jeeps generally Depreciate the least within the first five years of ownership, while luxury sedans and electric vehicles lose the most value during that same time frame

Depreciate, During

40. QuickBooks Online doesn't automatically Depreciate fixed assets

Doesn, Depreciate

41. ‘The won continues to Depreciate against the dollar and stock prices continue to fall.’ ‘Unlike traditional homes, which appreciate in value, mobile homes Depreciate.’ ‘In the meantime, all currencies will Depreciate against each other, and precious metals and other commodities will rise, and rise.’

Depreciate, Dollar

42. Oxford Collocations Dictionary [transitive] Depreciate something (business) to reduce the value, as stated in the company’s accounts, of a particular asset over a particular period of time The bank Depreciates laptops over a period of five years

Dictionary, Depreciate, Depreciates

43. Electric vehicles also Depreciate at a high rate because government tax rebates bring down their MSRPs considerably and the technology is quickly evolving with each passing year

Depreciate, Down

44. On the other hand, pickup trucks and rugged Jeep models, like the Wrangler, Depreciate at a slower rate because of their durability and popularity among consumers.

Depreciate, Durability

45. On the contrary, some luxury cars costing $60,000 or more can Depreciate faster than a $30,000 vehicle


46. Businesses Depreciate long-term assets for both accounting and tax purposes


47. After answering the questions about Building Improvements, you can determine which items you will still Depreciate and which items you choose to expense

Determine, Depreciate

48. Of all the motorized campers, the Class C vehicles Depreciate the slowest


49. See 4 authoritative translations of Depreciate in Spanish with example sentences, conjugations and audio pronunciations.


50. Synonyms for Depreciate include devalue, reduce, cheapen, cut, devaluate, attenuate, break, decrease, depress and downgrade

Depreciate, Devalue, Devaluate, Decrease, Depress, Downgrade

51. You don't just Depreciate the cost of buying rental property

Don, Depreciate

52. Money spent to improve the property is Depreciated as well


53. Depreciate definition: If something such as a currency Depreciates or if something Depreciates it, it loses some Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Depreciate, Definition, Depreciates

54. Depreciate'em is free--for now--but the owners plan to start charging for it, likely by this summer


55. Normally you would Depreciate anything that is expected to last more than 1 year.


56. There are options to take a 179 deduction where you can "Depreciate" the entire cost in the year you purchase items that are under a certain cost

Deduction, Depreciate

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DEPRECIATE [dəˈprēSHēˌāt]

depreciate (verb) · depreciates (third person present) · depreciated (past tense) · depreciated (past participle) · depreciating (present participle)

  • diminish in value over a period of time.
  • reduce the recorded value in a company's books of (an asset) each year over a predetermined period.
Synonyms: cheapen . devalue . appreciate . devalue . cheapen . reduce . mark down . cut . discount . raise .