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1. In chronically Depolarized neurons, increased Na/K pump activity could be seen to reduce intracellular [Na.sup.+] levels to help restore cellular homeostasis, but the increased demand for ATP could be deleterious.

Depolarized, Demand, Deleterious

2. When movement of potassium ions causes a local reversal of this polarization, the fibre is said to be Depolarized.


3. Definition of Depolarized in the dictionary

Definition, Depolarized, Definitions, Dictionary

4. What does Depolarized mean? Information and translations of Depolarized in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

Does, Depolarized, Dictionary, Definitions

5. Depolarization definition is - the process of depolarizing something or the state of being Depolarized

Depolarization, Definition, Depolarizing, Depolarized

6. Depolarized says what I figure a lot of us are thinking, but for whatever reasons fail to really articulate


7. When the dendrite was Depolarized to a critical level below spike threshold, intrasomatic current pulses or excitatory postsynaptic potentials also triggered bursts instead of single spikes

Dendrite, Depolarized

8. For large-scale plating without anode baskets, we have Depolarized® ("decarburized") wrought nickel anodes

Depolarized, Decarburized

9. When dissolved, Depolarized® nickel anodes form a

Dissolved, Depolarized

10. The measurement of the ST-shift (mm) and the ST-shift type (depression, elevation) will give a view on the shock-induced electrical potential difference between the Depolarized and normal tissue in a short-term basis (10s after the shock) and a long-term basis (2-5 min post-cardioversion) to study the transient and sustained effects, respectively.

Depression, Difference, Depolarized

11. GluRd2 is preferentially expressed in cerebellar Purkinje cells, and in the +/Lc mutant, cerebellar Purkinje cells become chronically Depolarized at the end of the first postnatal week when GluRd2 receptors are inserted at Purkinje cell-parallel fiber synapses.


12. When a neuron is Depolarized


13. The ventricles are completely Depolarized during which isoelectric portion of the electrocardiogram (ECG)? Left-to-right ventricular shunt

Depolarized, During

14. When the presynaptic membrane is Depolarized by an action potential, the calcium voltage-gated channels open


15. Thus, TMRM does not label Depolarized mitochondria.

Does, Depolarized

16. Oxygen Depolarized Cathodes The most of the chlorine and caustic is produced through NaCl electrolysis with membrane electrolyzers


17. However, nearby patches of membrane are Depolarized less and they are located on the part of the i–v curve that carries a positive current


18. Repolarization process brings the Depolarized axon membrane into its resting potential by opening potassium channels and sending K + ions out the axon membrane


19. Depolarized GABAergic Signaling in Subicular Microcircuits Mediates Generalized Seizure in Temporal Lobe Epilepsy Secondary generalized seizure (sGS) is a major source of disability in temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE) with unclear cellular/circuit mechanisms.

Depolarized, Disability

20. Depolarized GABAergic signaling in adult TLE has previously been verified in a clinical study and a computational model; Cohen et al


21. Reported that synchronous epileptiform spikes initiated in the subiculum from hippocampal slices of TLE patients are caused by the Depolarized GABAergic signaling (Cohen et al., 2002), and Buchin et al


22. In the dark, the photoreceptor has a membrane potential that is more Depolarized than the “typical” neuron we examined in previous chapters (photoreceptor membrane potential is around -40mV)

Dark, Depolarized

23. Other articles where Air-Depolarized cell is discussed: battery: Air-Depolarized batteries: A very practical way to obtain high energy density in a battery is to employ the oxygen in air for a “liquid” cathode material

Depolarized, Discussed, Density

24. Neurons in the avian cochlear nucleus are Depolarized by GABAergic synaptic input


25. We recorded GABAergic synaptic currents using the gramicidin–perforated-patch method and found their reversal potential (V rev) to be Depolarized relative to spike threshold, which is …


26. Disruption of complex formation by the PINK1 S402A mutation weakened Parkin recruitment onto Depolarized mitochondria

Disruption, Depolarized

27. Consequently, we carried out a study to (1) investigate the hypothesis that polarized arrest during prolonged hypothermic ischemic storage was a more beneficial alternative to Depolarized arrest for long-term preservation and (2) measure the resting E m throughout a hypothermic ischemic storage period and determine whether polarized arrest was

During, Depolarized, Determine

28. More Depolarized membrane potentials, also very slowly inactivate, and deactivate rapidly

Depolarized, Deactivate

29. Consequently, depolarization tends to spread in a wave-like fashion throughout the heart as Depolarized cardiomyocytes initiate depolarization of adjacent cells

Depolarization, Depolarized

30. We show that the statistical analysis of photon counts in Depolarized dynamic light scattering experiments allows for the accurate characterization of the rotational Brownian dynamics of particles

Depolarized, Dynamic, Dynamics

31. After the axon is Depolarized to threshold, voltage-gated sodium channels open in the next segment of the axon


32. Oxygen Depolarized Cathode (ODC) Technology Innovative Chlorine Production for the Chlor-alkali Industry


33. The Depolarized xenon atom is then exchanged for a new, incoming polarized atom and reenters the pool


34. In this way the buildup of nearby Depolarized nuclei quickly outlines the target


35. Depolarized cortical cells show clear enrichment of SP1 binding to sequences −150 to +4 (relative to the transcription start site), which are putative SP1 elements of the Slc6a2 promoter (Fig


36. An apparatus comprised of a Depolarized light source for fiber optic sensors is disclosed

Depolarized, Disclosed

37. In a preferred embodiment, the Depolarized light source of the apparatus comprises: a first laser for generating a first beam at a first frequency with the first beam having a linear polarization state; a second laser for generating a second beam at a second frequency with the second beam having a linear


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Frequently Asked Questions

What does repolarization mean?

Medical Definition of repolarization. : restoration of the difference in charge between the inside and outside of the plasma membrane of a muscle fiber or cell following depolarization.

What does depolarization and repolarization mean?

Difference Between Depolarization and Repolarization. Definition. Depolarization refers to the movement of a cell’s membrane potential to a more positive value while repolarization refers to the change in membrane potential, returning to a negative value.

What causes repolarization of a neuron?

Nerve cells also known as neurons, send electrical signals through the nervous system. Hyperpolarization, depolarization, and repolarization of a neuron are all caused by the flow of ions, or charged molecules, in and out of the cell.

Does depolarization mean contraction?

Muscle contraction follows depolarization. Depolarization and muscle contraction are not the same. Depolarization is an electrical event that results in muscle contraction, a mechanical event. After depolarization, the cardiac cell begins to recover.

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