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Synonyms: 1. Exhaust 2. Consume 3. Expend 4. Spend 5. Drain 6. Empty 7. Sap 8. Milk 9. Evacuate 10. Reduce 11. Decrease 12. Diminish 13. Lessen 14. Lower 15. Attenuate 16. Bleed 17. Slash 18. Augment 19. Increase 20. Legal ...
1. First you help depleete your lanes oppositions hp regen. By jumping on them early, you force them to use whatever healing salve they have. also try to time the jump so your creeps can get some hits in too. very importent on low lvls. for this to be effective, you need hp regen, so tranquil boots is a must. 3.
2. Use rice and pasta, whole grains, baking from scratch, add own seasonings. What can you do with fruits/veg to lower cost? Minimax: stock is allowed to depleete to the safet level of 2units before new order is submitted to increase to 10units. less investment in inventory.
3. 4- Don't Build Industrials. This means don't build quarries or mines. They take 15 people to fully man, and after you depleete its resources it just leaves a whole in the ground, that means wasted space. And that is bad if you are planning for late game.

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