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1. Denigrates synonyms, Denigrates pronunciation, Denigrates translation, English dictionary definition of Denigrates

Denigrates, Dictionary, Definition

2. The double-digit increases in shootings, robberies, burglaryand thefts arent the product of any single law or policy, they are all the result of failed leadership and a political culture that Denigrates and devalues the work police officers do

Double, Digit, Denigrates, Devalues, Do

3. ‘I think it treats readers like idiots, insults their intelligence and Denigrates the whole point of delivering news in the first place.’ ‘It's just that we as critics have tended to stand apart and denigrate the content.’ ‘These critics claim he Denigrates the ‘real’ moral values of Sri Lankan rural life.’

Denigrates, Delivering, Denigrate

4. The post In One Terrible Tweet, Republican Congressman Paul Gosar Promotes White Nationalism, Denigrates


5. What is the meaning of Denigrates? How popular is the baby name Denigrates? Learn the origin and popularity plus how to pronounce Denigrates


6. The inability of the progressive religious movement to stand solidly for women's moral agency, which includes the right to choose abortion, Denigrates all women and actually reinforces the agenda of the religious right


7. Left churches left out All of which Denigrates the dignity of marriage as a human institution." (LifeSite News, October 22, 2003)

Denigrates, Dignity

8. US Senator Kamala Harris has criticised President Donald Trump's conduct during the first night of the presidential debates as one that "Denigrates the office", as she extended support to …

Donald, During, Debates, Denigrates

9. What does Denigrates mean? Third-person singular simple present indicative form of denigrate

Does, Denigrates, Denigrate

10. See 2 authoritative translations of Denigrates in Spanish with example sentences, conjugations and audio pronunciations.


11. Hate speech, speech or expression that Denigrates a person or persons on the basis of (alleged) membership in a social group identified by attributes such as race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, physical or mental disability, and others

Denigrates, Disability

12. Israel’s Sephardi chief rabbi Denigrates Reform conversions: ‘It isn’t Jewish’ Comments by Yitzhak Yosef published in Israeli media come after landmark Israeli supreme court decision last week

Denigrates, Decision

13. Synonyms for Denigrates include belittles, decries, disparages, bad-mouths, calumniates, defames, deprecates, diminishes, slanders and besmirches

Denigrates, Decries, Disparages, Defames, Deprecates, Diminishes

14. While he Denigrates those who serve, our military remains the best fighting force due, in large part, to our amazing servicewomen

Denigrates, Due

15. The debate about whether nudity in religious art inspires or Denigrates could merely be a question of time and distance

Debate, Denigrates, Distance

16. Should religious art require a fig leaf? It is a joke that Denigrates the value of knowledge


17. Letters: Trump Denigrates fallen US heroes with alleged 'losers', 'suckers' comments My father was a decorated combat veteran

Denigrates, Decorated

18. Ole Miss football booster Denigrates black students and an Ole Miss dean agrees

Denigrates, Dean

19. Fauci Denigrates Trump Admin’s ‘Rather Vague’ Vaccine Rollout Plan


20. Antonyms for Denigrates include extols, lauds, praises, acclaims, approves, compliments, admires, applauds, exalts and extolls


21. Another way to say Denigrates? Synonyms for Denigrates (other words and phrases for Denigrates).


22. Samsung Denigrates Apple by mocking Steve Jobs' thinking


23. Denigrates offshore fund vepar strzec hrast zbres tko bene uxe-bu luchtledig gemaakt Incident accelerator anarchy biyenang babae pseudorandom number generator tobacco prisilno bilangin peg rastavljanje winks duroscope palitan, ipalit, magpalit dabar knuto maoin implied contract MAK catty modalidade rajons serpe hotel carrozzella solemnity (n

Denigrates, Duroscope, Dabar

24. Trump Denigrates US diplomats, pushes conspiracy theories

Denigrates, Diplomats

25. Transgenderism humiliates, offends and Denigrates women


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DENIGRATES [ˈdenəˌɡrāt]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name denigrate mean?

It makes sense, therefore, that "denigrate" can be traced back to the Latin verb denigrare, meaning "to blacken." When "denigrate" was first used in English in the 16th century, it meant to cast aspersions on someone's character or reputation.

What does denigrate mean?

Definition of denigrate. transitive verb. 1 : to attack the reputation of : defame denigrate one's opponents. 2 : to deny the importance or validity of : belittle denigrate their achievements.

What is another word for Denigrate?

minimize, belittle, denigrate, derogate(verb) cause to seem less serious; play down. "Don't belittle his influence". Synonyms: calumniate, smear, asperse, diminish, minimize, besmirch, disparage, slander, pick at, sully, minimise, downplay, smirch, defame, belittle, understate, derogate.

What is the past tense of denigrate?

past tense of denigrate is denigrated.

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