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1. Demonize definition is - to portray (someone or something) as evil or as worthy of contempt or blame : vilify

Demonize, Definition

2. How to use Demonize in a sentence.


3. To try to make someone or a group of people seem completely evil: The mayor Demonizes anyone who disagrees with him

Demonizes, Disagrees

4. (Definition of Demonize from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © …

Definition, Demonize, Dictionary

5. The tendency to sentimentalize nature has, in our time, largely taken the place of the old tendency to Demonize and spiritize it


6. Demonize is defined as to make someone come across as a demon or to portray someone as bad or evil

Demonize, Defined, Demon

7. When you tell everyone that your new teacher is as mean and evil as the Devil himself, this is an example of a time when you Demonize

Devil, Demonize

8. Synonyms for Demonize include disparage, criticise, criticize, demean, deprecate, diminish, vilify, slander, slight and discredit

Demonize, Disparage, Demean, Deprecate, Diminish, Discredit

9. Virginia Teachers and Public Officials Colluded to Demonize—and Even Hack and DOX—Parents Who Question Critical Race Theory By Stacey Lennox Mar 17, 2021 9:50 AM ET Share Tweet

Demonize, Dox

10. Definition of Demonize in the dictionary

Definition, Demonize, Definitions, Dictionary

11. What does Demonize mean? Information and translations of Demonize in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

Does, Demonize, Dictionary, Definitions

12. Steward said the homeowners are trying to Demonize Nix in an effort to be made whole in a declining real-estate market

Demonize, Declining

13. To Demonize someone is to characterize them as evil or wicked, whether or not they actually are


14. It's distressingly common in politics for one party to Demonize members of the opposing party

Distressingly, Demonize

15. This verb literally means "to make into a demon.” Demon means "evil spirit," so when you Demonize someone, you portray them that way.

Demon, Demonize

16. See authoritative translations of Demonize in Spanish with example sentences, conjugations and audio pronunciations.


17. Demonize somebody/something to describe somebody/something in a way that is intended to make other people think of them or it as evil or dangerous He was Demonized by the right-wing press

Demonize, Describe, Dangerous, Demonized

18. See Demonize in the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary

Demonize, Dictionary

19. Big food is the nouveau public health epidemic that has been targeted with phasers set on Demonize


20. He is a long time anti-nuclear activist who will seek any opportunity to Demonize anything connected with radiation.


21. But Seattle cops see it as trying to buy the loyalty of officers they routinely mistreat and Demonize.


22. Everyone knows that people sometimes Demonize other people


23. Sometimes it seems to me that nearly every group in human history has at one time or another been victims of attempts to Demonize them


24. If people Demonize someone, they convince themselves that that person is evil


25. Each side began to Demonize the other.


26. ‘And of course you expect the other side to try to Demonize him.’ ‘That was before the rise of shout TV and the hardening of partisanship and the growing attempts by each side to Demonize the other.’ ‘He is a long time anti-nuclear activist who will seek any opportunity to Demonize


27. To describe someone or something as very bad or dangerous although they are not a community that feels it has been Demonized by mainstream society Synonyms and related words Definition and synonyms of Demonize from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.

Describe, Dangerous, Demonized, Definition, Demonize, Dictionary

28. Davis discounted the effectiveness of Democrats trying to "Demonize" their opponents by using the "choice" argument in a broad spectrum of races

Davis, Discounted, Democrats, Demonize

29. Chamber of Commerce President Thomas Donohue fumed that the attack was an attempt to "Demonize" the 100-year-old trade association.

Donohue, Demonize

30. Propagandists often Demonize people they don't like, from Native Americans to Communists

Demonize, Don

31. Can anyone suggest a good antonym of Demonize or demonization, other than deify? I'm not crazy about it, because it sounds a little overboard.

Demonize, Demonization, Deify

32. On efforts to "Demonize" police officers and defund their work.

Demonize, Defund

33. All the stats, form and information about race horse - Demonize available at RACING.COM – The first destination for Australian Horse Racing.

Demonize, Destination

34. What is the opposite of Demonize? Antonyms for Demonize (opposite of Demonize).


35. "The secret in propaganda is that when you Demonize, you dehumanize," said James Forsher, a film historian and documentary filmmaker who has studied propaganda films, and who is an assistant

Demonize, Dehumanize, Documentary

36. Dictionary entry overview: What does Demonize mean? • Demonize (verb) The verb Demonize has 1 sense:

Dictionary, Does, Demonize

37. Make into a demon Familiarity information: Demonize used as a verb is very rare.

Demon, Demonize

38. Definition of Demonize verb in Oxford Advanced American Dictionary

Definition, Demonize, Dictionary

39.Demonize A Dark Trap & Wave Mix Shop Vibes: Spotify Playlists:🌃 Artwork by iraLION http://e-shuushuu

Demonize, Dark

40. Explore 43 Demonize Quotes by authors including Susana Martinez, Steven Pinker, and Ben Shapiro at BrainyQuote.


41. Synonyms for Demonize in Free Thesaurus


42. 1 synonym for Demonize: demonise

Demonize, Demonise

43. What are synonyms for Demonize?


44. Demonize definition: make into a demon synonyms: change, modify, demonise, alter antonyms: stiffen, decrease, tune, dissimilate, detransitivize

Demonize, Definition, Demon, Demonise, Decrease, Dissimilate, Detransitivize

45. The Saudi Gazette published a classic propaganda cartoon to Demonize al-Assad.: The Saudi Gazette publica una caricatura de clásica propaganda para demonizar a Bachar al-Assad.: Ideologues tend to Demonize anyone who opposes them.: Los idealistas tienden a demonizar a cualquiera que se les oponga.: The Trump/Pence regime has already begun to Demonize and target group after group.

Demonize, De, Demonizar

46. Each side began to Demonize the other: 2


47. But nobody Demonized the opposition to greater effect than did Clinton strategist James Carville during the presidential campaign: 3

Demonized, Did, During

48. Examples of Demonize in a sentence


49. In divorce court, the bitter wife tried to Demonize her ex and pain him in a bad light to the judge

Divorce, Demonize

50. 🔊 Although some people Demonize psychic readings as evil, others think it’s …


51. Demonize - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions

Demonize, Discussions

52. Inflections of 'Demonize' (v): (⇒ conjugate) Demonizes v 3rd person singular (US & UK) demonizing v pres p verb, present participle: -ing verb used descriptively or to form progressive verb- …

Demonize, Demonizes, Demonizing, Descriptively

53. Rather than Demonize Germany for succumbing to Hitler’s 20 years of systematic brainwashing… people should wonder why when Germans did not openly hate them before Hitler gained power

Demonize, Did

54. In the US, outrageous stories that Demonize the poor and mythical tales of lavish state handouts to the undeserving are rarely in short supply


55. Definition of Demonize in the Fine Dictionary

Definition, Demonize, Dictionary

56. Meaning of Demonize with illustrations and photos


57. Pronunciation of Demonize and its etymology


58. Related words - Demonize synonyms, antonyms, hypernyms and hyponyms


59. Example sentences containing Demonize


60. DJ-Demonize Debz is on Mixcloud

Dj, Demonize, Debz

61. Democrats are willing to "Demonize" Judge Amy Coney Barrett in an effort to derail President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee out of spite, Sen

Democrats, Demonize, Derail

62. Former Vice President Joe Biden told wealthy donors at a Tuesday evening fundraiser that he does not want to “Demonize” wealth because he finds “rich people are just as patriotic as poor

Donors, Does, Demonize

63. Don Lemon, who constantly bashes Trump supporters, urges CNN viewers to 'treat people as humans,' not Demonize The CNN anchor compared Trump voters to drug addicts and suggested they were 'on the

Don, Demonize, Drug

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DEMONIZE [ˈdēməˌnīz]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to demonize?

de·mon·ize. verb. Demonize is defined as to make someone come across as a demon or to portray someone as bad or evil.

What does demonized mean?

Demonize is defined as to make someone come across as a demon or to portray someone as bad or evil.

What is another word for demonizing?

Synonyms for demonize. criticize. demean. deprecate. diminish. disparage. vilify. TRY demonize IN A SENTENCE BELOW. MOST RELEVANT.

What is another word for demonization?

Synonyms for demonize: Sense 1 (noun) bruise, discredit, disgrace, slander, smear, stain, taint, blacken someone's reputation/name/character, talk trash.

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