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1. Definition of Demented 1 : mad, insane The advertising campaign for the movie version is trying to sell it as a prankish comedy, with the eccentric aunt who appears from nowhere as a Demented

Definition, Demented

2. Demented definition, crazy; insane; mad

Demented, Definition

3. Demented synonyms, Demented pronunciation, Demented translation, English dictionary definition of Demented

Demented, Dictionary, Definition

4. 47 synonyms of Demented from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 49 related words, definitions, and antonyms

Demented, Definitions

5. Demented: having or showing a very abnormal or sick state of mind


6. The definition of Demented is an insane person or someone with a loss of mental function. An example of Demented is the character Dr

Definition, Demented, Dr

7. / dɪˈmen.t̬ɪd / unable to think or act clearly because you are extremely worried, angry, or excited by something: She was nearly Demented with worry when her son didn't come home.

Demented, Didn

8. A more Demented crew never drifted to the rear of broken battalions

Demented, Drifted

9. THE COLLECTED WORKS OF AMBROSE BIERCE AMBROSE BIERCE He was regarded as a lunatic, a Demented man, because he professed to believe in a personal God


10. Demented 1. Entirely irrational: Completely unreasonable or lacking any sense of the consequences of actions taken. 2.


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13. It seems unnecessarily cruel to call her "Demented," to ridicule her use of cosmetics, and, indeed, to characterize the rest of the family as "sluggish," "feebleminded," or "poached."Leaving aside the question as to whether Queen Maria Luisa was a nymphomaniac, I do not see in …

Demented, Do

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16. Nouns for Demented include demency, dement, Dementedness, dementia and dementias

Demented, Demency, Dement, Dementedness, Dementia, Dementias

17. Demented is an adjective describing behavior that is crazy, unhinged, or insane

Demented, Describing

18. Someone is Demented when they have gone off the deep end.

Demented, Deep

19. Demented is a derived term of dementia

Demented, Derived, Dementia

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Demented, Dreads, Desire

21. Demented - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums

Demented, Dictionary, Discussion

22. ‘Whenever Demented patients travel, it is safe to assume their confusion will worsen for the duration of the trip.’ ‘Until a week ago, he was Demented, rigid, incontinent, unable to talk, swallow or blink his eyes.’ ‘Polonius insisted that Hamlet had become Demented, and cautioned Ophelia to keep her distance.’

Demented, Duration, Distance

23. /dɪˈmentɪd/ (especially British English) behaving in a crazy way because you are extremely upset or worried I've been nearly Demented with worry about you


24. The children have driven me Demented today.

Driven, Demented

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27. Examples of Demented in a sentence


28. Kaia was heartbroken when she found out her grandfather was Demented and would soon lose all memory of her.


29. Demented (comparative more Demented, superlative most Demented) Insane or mentally ill


30. The Demented  (91)IMDb 4.01 h 32 min1980R After she is brutally gang-raped, Linda Rodgers is institutionalized in a mental hospital


31. Definition of Demented in the dictionary

Definition, Demented, Definitions, Dictionary

32. What does Demented mean? Information and translations of Demented in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

Does, Demented, Dictionary, Definitions

33. Demented Lyrics: It’s like they bein’ pregnant / Without pickles and ice cream / It’s like when you whisper / What you really want to scream / I crave you, I crave you, I crave you / I crave


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35. Nursing a Demented person is an all-consuming task


36. She was nearly Demented with worry when her son didn't come home

Demented, Didn

37. I've been nearly Demented with worry about you


38. The children have driven me Demented today

Driven, Demented

39. During all this time Harrison lived half Demented, expecting every hour to feel the hand of a Bow Street runner upon his collar, and to be tried for his life

During, Demented

40. (Rodney Stone, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle) An indirect pain assessment scale used by nurses and other professionals to evaluate level of pain/discomfort in Demented or otherwise uncommunicative patients.

Doyle, Discomfort, Demented

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45. Demented Lyrics: Ay YK / Ghosty / Demented / Demented / [Verse 1: Trizzac} / Get him (Ching) / Wet him (Ching) / Kitchen knife when I drenched him (Chinged it) / Its nothing like Seedy Settings

Demented, Drenched

46. Demented is a 1980 American rape and revenge horror film directed by Arthur Jeffreys and starring Sallee Young and Harry Reems.

Demented, Directed

47. [SFM FNaF] Twisted vs Demented (Five Nights at Freddy's Animation)In this FNAF animation, the Demented animatronics are up against the Withered animatronics.


48. Demented was and always will be considered my first girlfriend


49. The Demented plays out like every other generic infection thriller that you've probably already forgotten about, being much more safe and watered-down than insane

Demented, Down

50. Synonyms for Demented in Free Thesaurus


51. 71 synonyms for Demented: mad, crazy, foolish, daft, frenzied, distraught, manic, insane, crazed

Demented, Daft, Distraught

52. Demented definition: Someone who is Demented has a severe mental illness , especially Alzheimer's disease

Demented, Definition, Disease

53. Definition of Demented written for English Language Learners from the Merriam-Webster Learner's Dictionary with audio pronunciations, usage examples, and count/noncount noun labels.

Definition, Demented, Dictionary

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