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1. 87 synonyms and near synonyms of Delusionary from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 37 antonyms and near antonyms


2. Find another word for Delusionary.


3. Delusionary definition: a mistaken or misleading opinion , idea, belief, etc Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Delusionary, Definition

4. What does Delusionary mean? (psychology) Delusional

Does, Delusionary, Delusional

5. (adjective) Words near Delusionary in the Dictionary

Delusionary, Dictionary

6. Definition of Delusionary in the dictionary

Definition, Delusionary, Definitions, Dictionary

7. What does Delusionary mean? Information and translations of Delusionary in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

Does, Delusionary, Dictionary, Definitions

8. Addicts is a new series from Delusionary Media surrounding 3 typical friends dealing with a crippling drug problem, that is plaguing their beautiful city

Delusionary, Dealing, Drug

9. Carville's claim that IN could be the "tie breaker" is just plain Delusionary.


10. On two consecutive nights of Hardball, Chris Matthews brought up this same trio as examples of Gore's "Delusionary" thinking.Going After Gore


11. Synonyms for Delusionary in Free Thesaurus


12. 23 synonyms for delusion: misconception, mistaken idea, misapprehension, fancy, illusion : 9.In political life it is closely associated with egoistical right-wing populist leaders who use Delusionary narratives to attract the public and build a larger-than-life image of

Delusion, Delusionary

13. 2009 January 27, Bob Herbert, “The Same Old Song”, in New York Times‎[1]: Are they so divorced from reality that in their Delusionary state they honestly believe we need more of their tax cuts for the rich and their other forms of plutocratic irresponsibility, the very things that got us to this deplorable state?

Divorced, Delusionary, Deplorable

14. Even though you value someone's opinion, rather than your own, seeing as you're Delusionary


15. Delusionary is the story that will lead you into this maze through the years and unfold the journey both families undertake


16. Delusionary - find the meaning, anagrams and hook words with Delusionary and much more


17. The word Delusionary uses 11 letters: a, d, e, i, l, n, o, r, s, u, y


18. Delusionary is playable in: Words With Friends 17


19. Delusionary State (Mr. Bellamy Part II) Lyrics: This lifetime only seems long / I probably have to live it twice to get my team on / About to hit my mid-life crisis / And I just asked the Lord if


20. Delusionary even-order filter tank for lifting boats young pretender ohoblovat bring welfare to club subterfugio to go out and come in, entrance and exit, expenditure and income, discrepancy, inconsistent unsolicited agent fluency confluence; junction educar at choice aparatoare Toelage partior masline u ulju placed after head of phrase

Delusionary, Discrepancy

21. Delusionary is the story that will lead you into this maze through the years and unfold the journey both families undertake


22. Delusionary, dictatorial Donald Trump is drunk on power

Delusionary, Dictatorial, Donald, Drunk

23. Provided to YouTube by TuneCore Delusionary · Blackwater Drowning Delusionary ℗ 2015 Blackwater Drowning Released on: 2015-10-03 Auto-generated by YouTube.

Delusionary, Drowning

24. Delusionary, dictatorial Donald Trump is drunk on power

Delusionary, Dictatorial, Donald, Drunk

25. Delusionary, dictatorial Donald Trump is drunk on power

Delusionary, Dictatorial, Donald, Drunk

26. Delusionary9, Washington Township, Gloucester County, New Jersey

27. Delusionary9, Washington Township, Gloucester County, New Jersey

28. Delusionary Total Number of words made out of Delusionary = 1334 Delusionary is an acceptable word in Scrabble with 15 points.Delusionary is an accepted word in Word with Friends having 17 points


29. Delusionary is a 11 letter long Word starting with D and ending with Y


30. Antonyms for Delusionary include normal, sane, lucid, rational, balanced, sound, sensible, together, clearheaded and coherent


31. The premise for Me, Myself, and Irene is simple: Jim Carrey plays a small-town Rhode Island cop who exhibits, ahem, "advanced Delusionary schizophrenia with involuntary narcissistic rage


32. But it appears to me that our masters are in the grip of the Delusionary nightmare of completeness: the complete annihilation of every rogue bacillus


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Frequently Asked Questions

What does delusionary mean?

Define delusionary. delusionary synonyms, delusionary pronunciation, delusionary translation, English dictionary definition of delusionary. a persistent false belief: A paranoiac has delusions of persecution.

Is 'delusionment' a word?

Choose the Right Synonym for delusion. delusion, illusion, hallucination, mirage mean something that is believed to be true or real but that is actually false or unreal. delusion implies an inability to distinguish between what is real and what only seems to be real, often as the result of a disordered state of mind.

What does delusion mean?

Delusion definition is - something that is falsely or delusively believed or propagated. How to use delusion in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of delusion.

What is delusion for kids?

Kids Definition of delusion : a false belief that continues in spite of the facts “You might be laboring under the delusion that the entire … world is impressed with you …”

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