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1. Delineate definition is - to describe, portray, or set forth with accuracy or in detail

Delineate, Definition, Describe, Detail

2. How to use Delineate in a sentence.


3. Delineate definition, to trace the outline of; sketch or trace in outline; represent pictorially: He Delineated the state of Texas on the map with a red pencil

Delineate, Definition, Delineated

4. To mark, form, or show the outline or border of: The police Delineated the crime scene with yellow tape


5. A hedge Delineates one plot of land from the other.


6. 16 synonyms of Delineate from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 52 related words, definitions, and antonyms

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7. Find another word for Delineate


8. Delineate: to draw or make apparent the outline of.

Delineate, Draw

9. You Delineate the sections, or mark the heading lines, and when you write the details, you Delineate the subject of each heading

Delineate, Details

10. So, to Delineate is both to mark lines and to fill in the lines


11. Using a fence to divide properties or a carpet to claim your side of the bedroom also is a way to Delineate, or mark, physical boundaries.

Divide, Delineate

12. Vide Owen's Geological Report, for the first attempt to Delineate the order of the various local and general formations




14. To mark, form, or show the outline or border of: The police Delineated the crime scene with yellow tape


15. A hedge Delineates one plot of land from the other.


16. Definition of Delineate to clearly describe or portray something Examples of Delineate in a sentence Before I began to plant my seeds, I will Delineate the rows of my garden to make sure every vegetable grows in a precise line

Definition, Delineate, Describe

17. Nouns for Delineate include delineament, delineaments, delineation, delineations, delineator, delineators and delineature

Delineate, Delineament, Delineaments, Delineation, Delineations, Delineator, Delineators, Delineature

18. Theories of social cognition Delineate how people process information in interpersonal interactions. But most of the houses opened straight on to the road with only a single step to Delineate their territory


19. More work is necessary to Delineate whether this could be …


20. Definition of Delineate in the dictionary

Definition, Delineate, Definitions, Dictionary

21. What does Delineate mean? Information and translations of Delineate in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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22. Actually, I wouldn't use Delineate here because it doesn't add anything to the sentence at all -- and worse, it's essentially redundant

Delineate, Doesn

23. Delineate means to describe precisely; right now, what's been written is effectively the following:

Delineate, Describe

24. Delineate - Indicate the exact position of (a border or boundary)


25. Delineate is defined as to trace an outline, to sketch something or to describe with great specificity. An example of Delineate is to draw the outline of the United States

Delineate, Defined, Describe, Draw

26. An example of Delineate is to explain a specific drawing down to the last detail.

Delineate, Drawing, Down, Detail

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28. Verb If you Delineate something such as an idea or situation, you describe it or define it, often in a lot of detail.

Delineate, Describe, Define, Detail

29. Delineate something to describe, draw or explain something in detail Our objectives need to be precisely Delineated

Delineate, Describe, Draw, Detail, Delineated

30. The ship's route is clearly Delineated on the map.


31. Delineate has one simple mission


32. That’s why we created Delineate


33. Delineate the type of data being described by the data name: 10

Delineate, Data, Described

34. Objective To Delineate the m orp hology and ecology of a new human schistosome species: 11


35. CS & Delineate is a software development company with offices in Beijing China and Zurich Switzerland: 12.

Delineate, Development

36. Nicosia has signed an agreement to Delineate the EEZ with Egypt and Israel and embarked on exploration and exploitation activities for any possible natural gas and oil reserves.


37. Definition of Delineate verb in Oxford Advanced American Dictionary

Definition, Delineate, Dictionary

38. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Delineate de‧lin‧e‧ate / dɪˈlɪnieɪt / verb [transitive] formal 1 DESCRIBE DRAW to describe or draw something carefully so that people can understand it The document Delineates your rights and your obligations

Dictionary, Delineate, De, Describe, Draw, Document, Delineates

39. ‘The beltlines crisply Delineate the upper and lower body sections, and combine with the panel curvature to add tension to the surprisingly plain sides.’ ‘At the initial mapping, a 400 m baseline, delineating the deepest edge of the shoal, was established and marked with permanent metal stakes.’

Delineate, Delineating, Deepest

40. Delineate means to explain the outline of something, or describe or depict it with words or visually.

Delineate, Describe, Depict

41. Delineate the mechanisms of transmission and population spread of infection and their impact on disease progression

Delineate, Disease

42. (Biology of HIV Transmission, NCI Thesaurus) Diatrizoate sodium blocks X-rays, thereby allowing body structures containing iodine to be Delineated in contrast to those structures that do not contain iodine and allowing

Diatrizoate, Delineated, Do

43. Delineate Meaning: "to mark out in lines," from Latin delineatus, past participle of delineare "to sketch out," from de-… See definitions of Delineate.

Delineate, Delineatus, Delineare, De, Definitions

44. French Translation of Delineate” The official Collins English-French Dictionary online

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45. Unless otherwise stated, all images on this site are the creative property of Delineate Your Dwelling

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46. Synonyms for Delineate in Free Thesaurus


47. 40 synonyms for Delineate: outline, describe, draw, picture, paint, chart, trace, portray, sketch

Delineate, Describe, Draw

48. Delineated: 1 adj represented accurately or precisely Synonyms: Delineate , represented depicted , pictured , portrayed represented graphically by sketch or design or lines described represented in words especially with sharpness and detail diagrammatic , diagrammatical shown or represented by diagrams Antonyms: unDelineated not represented

Delineated, Delineate, Depicted, Design, Described, Detail, Diagrammatic, Diagrammatical, Diagrams

49. Delineate in a sentence Delineate example sentences The present chapter aims to Delineate the merits and


50. The following charts Delineate the changes in the cost of capital over two subsequent years.


51. Delineate definition: represented accurately or precisely synonyms: portrayed, represented, diagrammatical, Delineated, diagrammatic, described, depicted

Delineate, Definition, Diagrammatical, Delineated, Diagrammatic, Described, Depicted

52. Delimit is a synonym of Delineate

Delimit, Delineate

53. As verbs the difference between delimit and Delineate is that delimit is to mark or fix the limits of while Delineate is to sketch out, draw or trace an outline.

Difference, Delimit, Delineate, Draw

54. Definition and synonyms of Delineate from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.

Definition, Delineate, Dictionary

55. This is the British English definition of Delineate.View American English definition of Delineate.

Definition, Delineate

56. Definition of Delineate written for English Language Learners from the Merriam-Webster Learner's Dictionary with audio pronunciations, usage examples, and count/noncount noun labels.

Definition, Delineate, Dictionary

57. See 6 authoritative translations of Delineate in Spanish with example sentences, conjugations and audio pronunciations.


58. Here’s how you can Delineate a watershed: STEP 1: Use a topographic map(s) to locate the river, lake, stream, wetland, or other waterbodies of interest


59. Learning from the US example, we need to Delineate clearly the areas of responsibility for the oil well owners and operators and those of the supervisory authorities


60. Find 18 ways to say Delineate, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


61. Delineate is a synonym of demarcate

Delineate, Demarcate

62. Demarcate is a synonym of Delineate

Demarcate, Delineate

63. As verbs the difference between demarcate and Delineate is that demarcate is to mark the limits or boundaries of something; to delimit while Delineate is to sketch out, draw or trace an outline.

Difference, Demarcate, Delineate, Delimit, Draw

64. Click “Delineate Subbasin.” 4


65. Note: To Delineate your watershed, you must begin and end the delineation process outside the boundary of the cataloging unit or watershed boundary in which you are working

Delineate, Delineation

66. Biography must to some extent Delineate characters


67. For now, most could not Delineate, with any confidence, what their new role entailed


68. MRI can Delineate normal meniscus and articular cartilage


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delineate (verb) · delineates (third person present) · delineated (past tense) · delineated (past participle) · delineating (present participle)