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1. Dehydrating food is a good way to preserve it; raisins, which are Dehydrated grapes, are a good example

Dehydrating, Dehydrated

2. See synonyms for: Dehydrate / Dehydrated on verb (used with object), de·hy·drat·ed, de·hy·drat·ing

Dehydrate, Dehydrated, De, Drat

3. Nutrition experts reveal the unexpected things that will Dehydrate you, from gardening to drinking a lot of coffee, and how to stay hydrated

Dehydrate, Drinking

4. The post 10 Things that Will Dehydrate You Fast


5. How to Dehydrate Food with a Dehydrator? Dehydrator recipes, Dehydrated food tips, dehydrator videos, and more! Everything you need to know about food dehydration can be found here, straight from the experts themselves

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6. Spread on tray and Dehydrate at 135 degrees Fahrenheit until the pieces feel a bit like leather

Dehydrate, Degrees

7. The mass will be too dense and will likely never Dehydrate completely unless you keep it in the machine for a long while; in which case you risk compromising your …

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8. What Does it Mean to Dehydrate Food? Dehydrating food is a way to prolong the shelf-life of foods

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9. Dehydrated foods make great snacks for backpacking trips or road trips where refrigeration isn’t a possibility


10. Dehydrating, or drying, is a means of preserving food by removing its water content. Almost any food with water can be Dehydrated

Dehydrating, Drying, Dehydrated

11. Dehydrated food is simple to make, tasty and a great way to make your food go that extra mile


12. To ensure the best results, it’s wise to know the bare essentials before you start using your food dehydrator.Armed with this information and a little bit of practice and experimentation, you will be able to Dehydrate food like a pro in no time.

Dehydrator, Dehydrate

13. 15 synonyms of Dehydrate from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 27 related words, definitions, and antonyms

Dehydrate, Definitions

14. Find another word for Dehydrate


15. Dehydrate: to deprive of emotional or intellectual vitality

Dehydrate, Deprive

16. Most food can be Dehydrated at home, with the general exclusion of dairy products and high-fat items

Dehydrated, Dairy

17. Some whole meals can be prepared and then Dehydrated, like soup and risotto.


18. Dehydrate: ( dē-hī'drāt ), 1

Dehydrate, Dr

19. What does Dehydrate mean? To preserve by removing water from (vegetables, for example)

Does, Dehydrate

20. / ˌdiː.haɪˈdreɪt / to lose water, or to cause water to be lost from something, especially from a person's body: Air travel Dehydrates the body

Di, Dre, Dehydrates

21. You'll Dehydrate very quickly in this heat if you don't drink lots of …

Dehydrate, Don, Drink

22. Soaking and dehydrating nuts and seeds is not only easy… but yields a deliciously crispy, raw, and nutritious snack! Scroll for a helpful soaking chart, plus simple directions so you can learn how to soak and Dehydrate nuts and seeds with only a few minutes of hands-on time!

Dehydrating, Deliciously, Directions, Dehydrate

23. To Dehydrate apples in a dehydrator, skip to step 12

Dehydrate, Dehydrator

24. Learning how to Dehydrate fruit is super simple simple, and is a great strategy if you want some homemade snacks or tips to preserve food


25. To Dehydrate, simply wash, leave the skins on and cut in half, remove the pit, then place skin side down on the dehydrator tray

Dehydrate, Down, Dehydrator

26. This means that you make it safer for consumption when you Dehydrate it


27. Only 3 to 5% of nutrients are lost when food is Dehydrated whereas in freezing and canning, 40% and 80% of nutrients are lost, respectively.


28. Grill, air crisp, roast, bake and Dehydrate Grill, air crisp, roast, bake and Dehydrate Virtually smoke free Integrated Smart Temperature Probe Nonstick ceramic-coated removable parts Capacity 10" x 10" grill grate, 4-qt crisper basket, 6-qt cooking pot 10" x 10" grill grate, 4 …


29. Grapes are such a fun fruit to Dehydrate


30. The process is easy, you just need to do a little prep work ahead of time! How to Dehydrate Grapes Step 1: Wash grapes Step 2: Break the skin

Do, Dehydrate

31. ‘Coffee can also Dehydrate you, so counter its effects by drinking water.’ ‘My best friend passed out on the dance floor and that was the only way she was able to get a …

Dehydrate, Drinking, Dance

32. Using a food dehydrator to Dehydrate cabbage Drying cabbage in a dehydrator is convenient as it doesn’t involve too much work

Dehydrator, Dehydrate, Drying, Doesn

33. To deplete the bodily fluids of: The hot weather Dehydrated the runners

Deplete, Dehydrated

34. READ ALSO: How to Dehydrate Food Successfully: A Beginner’s Guide


35. How to Dehydrate Food in the Microwave Preparing to Dehydrate foods


36. There are so many varieties of fruits and veggies you can Dehydrate using your microwave at home


37. Dehydrate apples in the oven for between 1.5 hours and 3 hours


38. Dehydrate for 5-12 hours at 115°-135° F (46°-57° C), or until the slices are hard and brittle


39. A vacuum-sealed mason jar is a good option for storing Dehydrated orange slices


40. Your Dehydrated slices should keep for at least a month with proper storage.


41. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Related topics: Illness & disability Dehydrate de‧hy‧drate / ˌdiːhaɪˈdreɪt $ diːˈhaɪdreɪt / verb 1 [transitive] DRY to remove the liquid from a substance such as food or a chemical → rehydrate, hydrate The substance is Dehydrated and stored as powder

Dictionary, Disability, Dehydrate, De, Drate, Di, Dre, Dry, Dehydrated

42. What’s the best temperature to Dehydrate foods? For raw food 116F / 47C is the maximum temperature suggested


43. We tend not to Dehydrate under that temperature either, so it’s really simple, just keep it at 116F and adjust the time as needed


44. Dehydrate definition: When something such as food is Dehydrated , all the water is removed from it, often in Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Dehydrate, Definition, Dehydrated

45. Alcohols like whiskey and brandy have high levels of congeners, including tannins and acetaldehyde, which might Dehydrate you more quickly


46. There are two ways to Dehydrate eggs at home, the wet-dry method, and the cook-dry method

Dehydrate, Dry

47. In the cook-dry egg preservation method, the eggs are scrambled first, without adding any milk or water, and then Dehydrated for about 4 hours on 145F (62 C) heat until they become brittle.

Dry, Dehydrated

48. You can Dehydrate cheese and save it, without refrigeration, for future use


49. Dehydrated cheese is a nice addition to homemade trail mix, cereal snack mix, and fruit and nut mixes


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DEHYDRATE [dēˈhīˌdrāt]

Frequently Asked Questions

What really happens when you're dehydrated?

When dehydration occurs, we experience a range of symptoms from dry mouth, headaches, dizziness, and fatigue to lethargy, cool skin, and the inability to pee (because our kidneys have been told not to excrete scarce fluid). Here's how it works: Water is integral to regulating blood volume, which in turn affects blood pressure and heart rate.

What does dehydrate mean?

dehydrate(v. i.) to lose water or moisture. dehydrate(v. i.) to lose sufficent water to cause physiological distress; -- of living organisms; as, victims trapped in the earthquake rubble may dehydrate if not found quickly.

What happens if your dehydrated?

When you are dehydrated, your systems are strained and your blood circulation is lowered. You may experience muscle cramps, constipation, or dizziness. Your blood pressure drops, which can make you lethargic; simple tasks may become extremely physically tiring.

What you should know about dehydration?

Dehydration is a condition that develops when your body does not have enough fluid. You may become dehydrated if you do not drink enough water or lose too much fluid. Fluid loss may also cause loss of electrolytes (minerals), such as sodium.

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