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DEFRUAD [dəˈfrôd]

defraud (verb) · defrauds (third person present) · defrauded (past tense) · defrauded (past participle) · defrauding (present participle)

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What's the difference between defraud and fraud?

Defraud is a related term of fraud. As verbs the difference between defraud and fraud is that defraud is to obtain money or property by fraud; to swindle while fraud is (obsolete) to defraud. As a noun fraud is any act of deception carried out for the purpose of unfair, undeserved and/or unlawful gain.

What is an example of a defraud?

Defraud is defined as to use illegal means or deception to trick someone, usually to obtain money. When you lie and say that you are the tax collector in order to trick people into giving you money, this is an example of when you defraud people. To take something from by fraud; swindle.

What is a sentence for defraud?

Defraud in a sentence. 1. They inflated clients' medical treatment to defraud insurance companies. 2. They contrived a plan to defraud the company. 3. She was charged with intent to defraud. 4. All three men were charged with conspiracy to defraud.

What is the noun for defraud?

Oxford Collocations Dictionary Defraud is used with these nouns as the object: investor; shareholder; stockholder ... See full entry

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