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1. Defrayed In English, many past and present participles of verbs can be used as adjectives


2. Much of this expenditure was Defrayed by means of …


3. The expenses in a rural parish are Defrayed by means of a rate raised with, and as part of, Public Libraries Acts


4. ENCYCLOPAEDIA BRITANNICA, 11TH EDITION, VOLUME 9, SLICE 4 VARIOUS The expense entailed by these measures was to be Defrayed


5. Defrayed means, in relation to Eligible Expenditure, incurred and discharged by payment i.e

Defrayed, Discharged

6. Transferred from the account of the Service Provider to the creditor; Sample 1 Based on 1 documents Examples of Defrayed in a sentence

Documents, Defrayed

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8. Defrayed: A Dark Gritty Thriller With A Killer Twist Kindle Edition by MJ Newman (Author) › Visit Amazon's MJ Newman Page

Defrayed, Dark

9. What does Defrayed mean? Simple past tense and past participle of defray

Does, Defrayed, Defray

10. Definition of Defrayed in the dictionary

Definition, Defrayed, Definitions, Dictionary

11. What does Defrayed mean? Information and translations of Defrayed in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

Does, Defrayed, Dictionary, Definitions

12. ‘I would also like to point out that cost effectiveness cannot be an argument against running these polling stations for a general election as the costs are Defrayed by central government.’ ‘And some will also be entitled to a new one-off payment of $312 to help defray the costs of getting back into employment.’

Defrayed, Defray

13. Funding gap will need to be Defrayed over the five‐year period


14. The director-general may adjust any due instalments or separation periods and may delay due payments conditionally all instalments are Defrayed within the period defined by the director-general

Director, Due, Delay, Defrayed, Defined

15. Expenses are being Defrayed by tonight’s benefit concert RReporter


16. Defray (third-person singular simple present defrays, present participle defraying, simple past and past participle Defrayed) To spend (money)To pay or discharge (a debt, expense etc.); to meet (the cost of something).

Defray, Defrays, Defraying, Defrayed, Discharge, Debt

17. 1946, Bertrand Russell, History of Western Philosophy, I.29: The expenses of the war, while in progress, were Defrayed by executing rich men …


18. Defrayed? Soldier ordered to isolate/ quarantine? (I/Q) Start


19. Klopfenstein helped organize fund-raising galas, for which his firm partly Defrayed the costs


20. Defrayed synonyms, Defrayed pronunciation, Defrayed translation, English dictionary definition of Defrayed

Defrayed, Dictionary, Definition

21. "In Venice the State Defrayed all expenses and took all profits


22. Had Defrayed the chief cost of this expedition, shared the island in districts, which they held in fief of the republic.» At a later period

Defrayed, Districts

23. Usage examples of "Defrayed"


24. When parishes march forth by the dozen and devote their day to the service of the public, they must have some compensation in wood, wheat, wine, or money,[68] and the expense of the expedition may be Defrayed by the aristocrats.

Dozen, Devote, Day, Defrayed

25. I have two active codes stored causing Defrayed. 3712 and 3714


26. The u/Defrayed community on Reddit


27. Requirements, are in addition to EHB and must be Defrayed by the state


28. Defrayed Urdu Meaning - Find the correct meaning of Defrayed in Urdu, it is important to understand the word properly when we translate it from English to Urdu


29. There are always several meanings of each word in Urdu, the correct meaning of Defrayed in Urdu is خرچ ادا کرنا, and in roman we write it …


30. Costs of soil friendly farming would be Defrayed under approved bill


31. The costs of these projects will be Defrayed by proceeds of general obligation bonds issued as authorized by this resolution


32. The good news is that some of that vulnerability is Defrayed by states setting their own climate change agendas and more countries outside the U.S


33. How is the cost of modern roadways Defrayed? To transport goods and people across the country or to your destination

Defrayed, Destination

34. And doesn’t need to be Defrayed

Doesn, Defrayed

35. • A benefit required by State action taking place on or after January 1, 2012, other than for purposes of compliance with Federal requirements, is considered in addition to the essential health benefits – and needs to be Defrayed


36. A truly great odd couple, to my mind, can’t simply be a study in contrasts; there has to be some underlying commonality that encourages these two weirdos to stick together beyond mere Defrayed rents


37. Top synonyms for Defrayed (other words for Defrayed) are covered, discharged and paid.

Defrayed, Discharged

38. (1942) Untitled photo, possibly related to: Jesse Younger playing the saxophone in small band for a Saturday night dance.He has Defrayed part of his college expenses this way for four years

Dance, Defrayed

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DEFRAYED [dəˈfrā]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does defrayed mean?

defrayed › past simple and past participle of defray › (especially of an organization) to pay the cost of something:

What does defray mean?

Definition of defray. transitive verb. 1. : to provide for the payment of : pay. sold advertising on his website to help defray the cost of running it.

What does defrayer mean?

To pay or discharge (a debt, expense etc.); to meet (the cost of something). Etymology: From desfrayer, défrayer, from dé- + fraier. defray (Verb) To pay for (something). Etymology: From desfrayer, défrayer, from dé- + fraier.

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