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1. / dɪˈfɒltə r/ us someone who does not pay interest or other money that they owe, or who fails to do something that they should do by law: The names of credit card Defaulters are referred to credit …

Does, Do, Defaulters

2. encourages tips, leaks and information from the public, whistleblowers, as well as from victims of financial fraud interested in collaborating with us


3. is not authorised to engage in regulated activities.


4. Synonyms for Defaulters include bilkers, delinquents, levanters, welshers, absentees, cheats, debtors, dodgers, nonpayers and shirkers

Defaulters, Delinquents, Debtors, Dodgers

5. Defaulters are more likely to be older, be Pell Grant recipients, and come from underrepresented backgrounds than those who never default.

Defaulters, Default

6. Wilful Defaulters are entities (legal/natural) which have not repaid the loan amount despite its financial ability to repay it.

Defaulters, Despite

7. r/studentloanDefaulters: This is a place for discussing student loan noncompliance tactics with other debtors

Discussing, Debtors

8. 1 day ago · The Lagos Internal Revenue Service (LIRS) has warned tax Defaulters in the state to comply, saying it was deploying an aggressive approach …

Day, Defaulters, Deploying

9. Defaulters list rbi Latest Breaking News, Pictures, Videos, and Special Reports from The Economic Times


10. Defaulters list rbi Blogs, Comments and Archive News on


11. Government to conduct nationwide survey to identify wilful EPFO, ESIC Defaulters 20 Jan, 2021, 11.33 AM IST There is a growing view within the government that some monitoring is needed in the absence of physical inspections to check wilful defaults.

Defaulters, Defaults

12. According to mepco sources, teams under the supervision of Suprintending Engineer Multan Circle Mohammad Akram Bhatti, Deputy Commercial Manager Irshad Sial, Xens and SDOs launched a crack down against Defaulters in 25 operation sub divisions of the circle during first 11 months of the current fiscal year 2016-17 and recovered Rs 140 million from 10567 Defaulters.

Deputy, Down, Defaulters, Divisions, During

13. The top 50 bank Defaulters in India alone accounted for loans worth Rs 68,607 crore being written off in the banking system until September 2019, the Reserve Bank of …


14. The tax Defaulters can use the free tax relief calculator to find out if they qualify for applying to save themselves from the actions put by the IRS


15. According to MEPCO spokesperson Jamshaid Niazi, an operation is continuing on a fast pace against chronic Defaulters.He said that sub-divisional, divisional and circle teams were conducting raids against Defaulters and had recovered over Rs 267.7 million from 24,125 Defaulters in Multan circle, Rs 136.6 million from 10,227 pilferers in DG Khan, Rs 66.8 million from 4,844 Defaulters in Vehari

Defaulters, Divisional, Dg

16. In the top 33 wilful Defaulters Gitanjali Gems, Kingfisher Airlines, Ruchi Soya, Rotomac, Sterling Oil Resources are figured


17. As per the list released by AIBEA, as on September 30, 2019, the public sector banks are facing 2426 cases with wilful Defaulters of Rs.1,47,350 crore


18. New Delhi: India’s top 30 Defaulters account for a third of the gross non-performing assets (NPAs) in the banking sector, according to data obtained from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) through

Delhi, Defaulters, Data

19. 2 days ago · Education loan NPAs: Nursing, engg students bigger Defaulters than those in MBA, medicine 67.5 lakh flown back to India under Vande Bharat Mission so …

Days, Defaulters

20. The Defaulters have hurt City Hall’s efforts to meet internal revenue targets and free up more funds to fund provision of services like health and construction of roads


21. The Supreme Court has held that a person has no "right" to be represented by a lawyer in "in-house" proceedings initiated by banks or financial institutions to declare him willful Defaulters for non-payment of dues

Declare, Defaulters, Dues

22. They also argue that many of these laws are not as harsh as they seem, only requiring Defaulters to enter into a repayment plan to avoid a license suspension


23. Homeowners, landlords and vehicle owners topped the list of loan Defaulters in the first three months last year after public health authorities eased some of the stringent Covid-19 restrictions


24. The Defaulters of PLFS have provided the amount to the liquidator appointed by the High Court in mid-July of 2019


25. “We received about Tk 30 crore from the Defaulters since July 2019,” PLFS liquidator Md Asaduzzaman Khan said


26. Total funded advances outstanding to 30 wilful Defaulters – along with the amount the banks have written off so far – adds up to over Rs 50,000 crore as on April 30, 2019.


27. Mehul Choksi's company Gitanjali Gems tops the list of these Defaulters with a whopping amount of ₹5,492 crore.Vijay Mallya's Kingfisher Airlines figures in the list at number 9


28. The Bureau of Defaulters Agency – FTC Incorporation is not licensed by DFI

Defaulters, Dfi

29. Indian Banks have written off outstanding loans of top 50 willful Defaulters amounting to Rs 68,607 crores till September 30, 2019


30. The so-called “unintentional Defaulters” desire to settle their claims with banks and wish to return to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to secure their future and work in the country

Defaulters, Desire

31. Officials said the Defaulters, mostly commercial establishments, owed the civic body Rs19,000 crore


32. Of the 36,139 Defaulters who lost their power supply, 19,388 Defaulters seemingly owe the firm Rs 42.17 crore in dues

Defaulters, Dues

33. That apart, some 9,885 Defaulters


34. Cross referencing the names and places in these books against the 1831 Tithe Defaulters may help to identify possible time periods for deaths or emigration to have occurred within, but unless burial registers survive to corroborate the former or some form of emigration documentation at destination for the latter, you might be drawing some

Defaulters, Deaths, Documentation, Destination, Drawing

35. DUBAI – The UAE Cabinet on Sunday (November 17) approved a new law to help loan and credit card Defaulters pay their debts

Dubai, Defaulters, Debts

36. To begin with, let us understand that there is no separate Defaulters list with the banks or credit bodies


37. The Central Information Commission (CIC) has again directed the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to disclose the list of large loan Defaulters to activist Nutan Thakur.

Directed, Disclose, Defaulters

38. Bureau of Defaulters Agency - FTC Incorporation


39. The loans outstanding written off — in technical or prudential terms — on account of exposures to the top 50 wilful Defaulters as on September …


40. Thirty of 76 Defaulters got rooms on recommendation of PM House


41. LAHORE: In a drive against Defaulters, the Punjab government on Saturday …

Drive, Defaulters

42. Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation eyes Defaulters to improve holding tax collection In order to meet its revenue targets, the civic body has decided to go after the 804 big Defaulters, who have

Defaulters, Decided

43. Topping the list of Defaulters is Gitanjali Gems of Mehul Choksi with an outstanding amount of Rs 5,492 crore, followed by REI Agro with Rs 4,314 crore and …


44. Those Defaulters who pay their entire tax at one go before March 31 will get 75 per cent relief on delayed fee, Zagade said

Defaulters, Delayed

45. THE PCMC has decided to intensify its drive against property tax Defaulters, especially those who owe more than Rs 25 lakh dues to the civic body

Decided, Drive, Defaulters, Dues

46. There are 118 such Defaulters, who have not paid their taxes for years, officials said


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