Use deepenings in a sentence






grow, increase, intensify, strengthen, escalate, mushroom, snowball, heighten, reinforce, enhance,

"Deepenings" in Example Sentences

1. Use deepenings in a sentence, deepenings meaning?, deepenings definition, how to use deepenings in a sentence, use deepenings in a sentence with examples. UseEnglishW. Top 1000 Words flow of high salinity water from the Suez Canal which increased considerably during the past due to its deepenings and widenings for navigation : 4. 7.
2. deepenings definition: Noun 1. plural form of deepening
3. Deepening definition: Verb 1. Present participle of deepen.Noun (plural deepenings) 2. The act of becoming deeper.
4. And deepenings. Between paragraphs, the reader, taking Nelson’s lead, crosses vast temporal, semantic, logical, and spatial distances. Sometimes the distances are short, from a moment today to the week prior, from an artist’s piece to one of their interviews, yet other times they cross centuries, disciplines, artistic mediums, and distinct emo-
5. To use and then. Laatste Update It is necessary to fill such deepenings with a cement mortal later. Laatste Update: (Tagalog>Engels) finally we met each other (Engels>Hindi) check it out (Engels>Maleis) italicized in a sentence in tagalog (Engels>Tagalog) pra que vc quer saber?
6. Multi-Use Lease Space 10704 101 Ave Fort St John BC BAHA’I fAITH BAHA’I fAITH National Baha’i Information 1-800-433-3284 Regular Firesides Mondays @ 8:00 p.m. deepenings continued
7. I swear, I'm not a shy individual at all but around him, my knees go weak and I just can't put two words in a sentence correctly. He does something to me I can't explain." Cat chuckled. "I've seen Ladybug as my real self once. I couldn't talk. I just wanted to stare at her. He stood unmoving for two deepenings of their kids but then he was

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