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1. Decorticated meaning Having had the outer covering removed.


2. Definition of Decorticated in the dictionary

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3. What does Decorticated mean? Information and translations of Decorticated in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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4. Decorticated hemp fiber can be used for textile or non-textile applications


5. The Decorticated process for hemp removes the tough woody interior (the hurd material) from the softer, fibrous exterior of the stalk


6. Synonyms for Decorticated include skinned, peeled, pared, removed skin, cut, cut off, trimmed, cropped, sheared and snipped


7. Decorticated cardamom is the seeds of toasted whole cardamom with the husk removed


8. Decorticated cardamom is the seeds from within the actual cardamom pod


9. A multicellular cortex is found immediately internal to the unicellular epidermis; as with other stem fiber crops, removal of the cortex in "decortication" is a key initial step in fiber extraction (a partly Decorticated hemp stem is shown in Fig

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10. About this item HAND SELECTED: Decorticated cardamom are the seeds contained inside the cardamom pods


11. One quintal (100 kilograms) of Decorticated hazelnuts was traded approximately at 630 USD from September 1, 2009 to February 28, 2010


12. (ECO) TURKEY EARNS 825.9 MLN USD FROM HAZELNUT EXPORTS australe was collected on Decorticated wood of Erythrina crista-galli L.


13. Having had the outer covering removed An ingredient of animal feed is Decorticated soybean


14. Frontier Co-op Organic Decorticated Cardamom Seed is an all-natural spice that intensifies both savory and sweet dishes

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15. Decorticated Cardamom simply save you the time and effort of extracting the seeds from the green pods


16. Decorticated ascarid eggs are commonly found in equine fecal samples, but this study is the first to systematically report the proportion of Decorticated eggs over the course of infection


17. Decorticated eggs occurred throughout the study in relatively low numbers which appeared to follow the total ascarid egg count at a relatively constant rate.


18. ‘An area 13 mm wide by 25 mm long was gently Decorticated.’ More example sentences ‘And when they put a Decorticated cat in a cage with other cats, it was as though the healthy cats thought of it as dead.’

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19. Enjoy several forms including whole Decorticated, cardamom seeds ground, or cardamom pods green


20. In some cases, the outer layer is absent (known as Decorticated eggs)


21. Organic, Decorticated cardamom seeds



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 · Decorticated cardamom is the seeds from within the actual cardamom pod

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23. Eight new genotypes of brown sorghum grain were Decorticated and assessed for their antioxidant, antidiabetic and antiobesity activities in vitro


24. Decorticated How many syllables? 5 Syllables How it's divided? de-cor-ti-cat-ed

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25. Decorticated Cardamom refers to the process by which the seeds of the green cardamom pod (also called “true cardamom”) are removed and kept intact, allowing access to the pure, robust flavor of the whole seed in less time


26. The seeds of cardamom, which are sometimes referred to as Decorticated


27. Decorticated ascarid eggs appeared at low rates during the first 300 days of age

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DECORTICATED [dēˈkôrdəˌkāt]


  • remove the bark, rind, or husk from.
Synonyms: peel . remove . take off . flake . scrape . scratch . shave . abrade . rub . clear . clean . pare . skin . flay . excoriate .
  • subject to surgical decortication.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of 'decorticated'?

Definition of decortication. 1 : the act or process of removing the outer coverings (such as bark or husks) from something (such as fiber or seed)

What does decorticate mean?

tr.v. decorti·cated, decorti·cating, decorti·cates 1. To remove the bark, husk, or outer layer from; peel. 2. To remove the surface layer, membrane, or fibrous cover of (an organ or structure).

What is the difference between decorticated cardamom?

Decorticated cardamom has less of the woody notes, and is sharper in flavor. The greatest differences in composition are observed among communities on hardwood bark, decorticated hardwood logs, and pine wood and bark. The idea, the sensation, the moment of intuition are decorticated and communicated with intimacy and lucidity. Medical browser ?

What does decortication mean?

medical Definition of decortication. : the surgical removal of the cortex of an organ, an enveloping membrane, or a constrictive fibrinous covering. the decortication of a lung.