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1. Definition of Decomposer : any of various organisms (such as many bacteria and fungi) that return constituents of organic substances to ecological cycles by feeding on and breaking down dead protoplasm — compare consumer, producer sense 4 Examples of Decomposer in a Sentence

Definition, Decomposer, Down, Dead

2. Most Decomposers are microscopic organisms, including protozoa and bacteria


3. Other Decomposers are big enough to see without a microscope


4. Fungi are important Decomposers, especially in forests.


5. Decomposers and scavengers break down dead plants and animals

Decomposers, Down, Dead

6. They also break down the waste (poop) of other organisms. Decomposers are very important for any ecosystem

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7. A Decomposer in science is “an organism that feeds on and breaks down dead animal or plant matter” and breaks down the waste of other organisms

Decomposer, Down, Dead

8. Decomposers are organisms that degrade, decay, or breakdown dead organisms, carrying out the process of decomposition. Decomposers are heterotrophic organisms, meaning that they derive their energy from organic substances, in contrast to autotrophic organisms which can generate energy from inorganic sources like sunlight.

Decomposers, Degrade, Decay, Dead, Decomposition, Derive

9. Bacteria can break down most types of organic matter and is a significant Decomposer

Down, Decomposer

10. Fungi are primary Decomposers in forests where they break down fallen trees and other woody organisms

Decomposers, Down

11. Microorganisms are natural Decomposers as they possess an enormous ability to utilize diverse types of organic substances as a source of energy and convert toxic ones into harmless by-products

Decomposers, Diverse

12. Decomposer synonyms, Decomposer pronunciation, Decomposer translation, English dictionary definition of Decomposer

Decomposer, Dictionary, Definition

13. Give Example of A producer, a consumer, and a Decomposer in the food chain of an ecosystem


14. Definition of Decomposer in the dictionary

Definition, Decomposer, Definitions, Dictionary

15. What does Decomposer mean? Information and translations of Decomposer in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

Does, Decomposer, Dictionary, Definitions

16. Decomposers have the job of 'recycling' dead organisms and waste into non-living elements

Decomposers, Dead

17. Examples of Decomposers include bacteria, fungi, …


18. The definition of a Decomposer is an organism that causes organic material to break down or decompose

Definition, Decomposer, Down, Decompose

19. A worm that causes compost to break down is an example of a Decomposer.

Down, Decomposer

20. The Decomposer is an integral part of nature's food chain


21. An organism such as some types of bacteria or fungi that feeds on dead plant and animal material and causes it to decay (Definition of Decomposer from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © …

Dead, Decay, Definition, Decomposer, Dictionary

22. Tropical oceans like the Pacific have more Decomposer organisms than the Atlantic or Arctic oceans because of the warmer temperatures


23. Overall, the main Decomposer organisms in marine ecosystems are bacteria.Other important Decomposers are fungi, marine worms, echinoderms, crustaceans and mollusks.In the colder ocean waters, only bacteria and fungi do the decomposing …

Decomposer, Decomposers, Do, Decomposing

24. The endothermic reaction is carried out by passing nickel carbonyl gas, mixed with carbon monoxide, through a reactor which is known as the Decomposer, containing a moving packed bed of hot nickel pellets


25. Decomposers play an important role in the circle of life—without them, waste would just pile up! These activities help students study Decomposers, with particular relevance to waste cycling and sustainability


26. Decomposers are made up of the FBI (fungi, bacteria and invertebrates—worms and insects)


27. Like producer and consumer, Decomposer is also a part of the food chain on our planet


28. Decomposer in a sentence - Use "Decomposer" in a sentence 1


29. :The would depend on the mold ( or other type of bread Decomposer )

Depend, Decomposer

30. Ecologists use simplified one trophic position food chain models ( producer, carnivore, Decomposer )


31. Click for more sentences of Decomposer


32. Compared to other food chains, Decomposer food chains always have a flow of energy


33. The Decomposer food chain has a constant flow of food energy


34. There are some Decomposers in the Decomposer’s food chain that break down the remains of dead plants and animals and return their nutrients to the environment.

Decomposers, Decomposer, Down, Dead

35. Other articles where Decomposer is discussed: carbon cycle: …as CO2 by decay, or Decomposer, organisms (chiefly bacteria and fungi) in a series of microbial transformations.

Decomposer, Discussed, Decay

36. The most advanced and most effective solution for processing different types of waste: Industrial, Domestic, Municipal, Agricultural, Solid, Liquid etc., in the places of their formation, or at a special "waste recycling plant", using a Low-Pressure Decomposer (hereafter - LPD)

Different, Domestic, Decomposer

37. Decomposer Definition A Decomposer is an organism that decomposes, or breaks down, organic material such as the remains of dead organisms

Decomposer, Definition, Decomposes, Down, Dead

38. Decomposers include bacteria and fungi


39. Moss and grasses, snowshoe hares, arctic foxes and lichens are examples of producers, consumers and Decomposers of the arctic.Decomposers break down dead or inorganic material for food

Decomposers, Down, Dead

40. Lichens are an important Decomposer in the arctic


41. Ttructure and function of the Decomposer food webs of forests along a


42. It led her to buy the intellectual property rights to the food waste Decomposer and the company's Singapore units.: Disentangling the mechanisms underlying functional differences among Decomposer communities.: Impacts of elevated temperature on the growth

Decomposer, Disentangling, Differences

43. Types of Decomposers-Middle School ScienceLearn about four types of Decomposers,worms,bacteria,fungi, and some insects


44. Decomposers are important because the


45. Pusa Decomposer is a mix of seven fungi that produce enzymes to digest cellulose, lignin and pectin in paddy straw

Decomposer, Digest

46. A Decomposer uses the sun's energy to produce its own food while scavengers do not use the sun's energy

Decomposer, Do

47. A Decomposer breaks down dead organisms and feces into chemicals while a …

Decomposer, Down, Dead

48. Decomposer An organism that obtains energy from the chemical breakdown of dead organisms or animal or plant wastes

Decomposer, Dead

49. Decomposers, most of which are bacteria and fungi, secrete enzymes onto dead matter and then absorb the breakdown products (see saprotroph).Many Decomposers (e.g

Decomposers, Dead

50. This cycling of materials is dependent on soil-dwelling Decomposer organisms, including earthworms, snails, millipedes, and insects

Dependent, Dwelling, Decomposer

51. Although we can't see them, bacteria and fungi are the microbial Decomposers that outnumber all the other Decomposer organisms combined, with billions of individuals existing in a single handful of soil.

Decomposers, Decomposer

52. Decomposer fungi are central to breaking down dead material across ecosystems, moving carbon from soils to the atmosphere

Decomposer, Down, Dead

53. A Decomposer is defined as an organism that decomposes or breaks down the organic material including the remains of dead organisms

Decomposer, Defined, Decomposes, Down, Dead

54. The Decomposers are included bacteria and fungi


55. Decomposer is a see also of consumer


56. As nouns the difference between Decomposer and consumer is that Decomposer is (ecology) any organism that feeds off decomposing organic material, especially bacterium or fungi while consumer is one who, or that which, consumes.

Difference, Decomposer, Decomposing

57. (Decomposer fauna) play an important role


58. Where is a Decomposer in a food chain? The group of organisms called Decomposers forms the final link in the food chain

Decomposer, Decomposers

59. Some Decomposers , like fungi, can be seen without a microscope, but much of the decomposition process is carried out by microscopic bacteria

Decomposers, Decomposition

60. This time I gave her The Matches' Decomposer


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DECOMPOSER [ˌdēkəmˈpōzər]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name decomposer mean?

Medical Definition of decomposer . : any of various organisms (as many bacteria and fungi) that return constituents of organic substances to ecological cycles by feeding on and breaking down dead protoplasm. More from Merriam-Webster on decomposer .

What are some examples of a decomposer?

Three examples of decomposers are bacteria, fungi, and worms. Decomposers help carry out the process of decomposition by breaking down dead or decaying organisms. They are also known as saprotrophs.

What is the role of decomposer?

The group of organisms called decomposers forms the final link in the food chain. They break down dead animals and plants and return vital nutrients to the soil.

What does a decomposer need to survive?

Decomposers usually need food, air, and a moist environment. The needs are the same as most living things, except the environment. The contents of a composter, should be used as fertilizer or food for decomposers. This is because rot is filled with nutrients, great for plants and decomposers.

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