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1. : to remove (something, such as a ship or a nuclear power plant) from service Examples of Decommission in a Sentence Several military bases are scheduled to be Decommissioned. The government is Decommissioning the nuclear power plant.

Decommission, Decommissioned, Decommissioning

2. To deactivate; shut down: to Decommission a nuclear power plant.

Deactivate, Down, Decommission

3. The act of officially taking a factory or other industrial building out of use: The Decommission of a nuclear reactor can only take place after the appropriate licence has been granted


4. Decommission definition, to remove or retire (a ship, airplane, etc.) from active service

Decommission, Definition

5. The future of nuclear waste spans thousands of years, but plants are being Decommissioned right now


6. FINDING HOMES FOR THE WASTE THAT WILL (PROBABLY) OUTLIVE HUMANITY KATIE MCLEAN OCTOBER 21, 2020 MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW Some were building robots that could Decommission leaky gas-stations and crater out the toxic soil.


7. 10, announced the names of 48 ships scheduled to be Decommissioned or, in the case of Military Sealift Command Ships, placed out of service, during the fiscal years 2022 through

Decommissioned, During

8. MILESTONE: Decommission of Service Approved - Service Decommission execution may proceed


9. Decommission (third-person singular simple present Decommissions, present participle Decommissioning, simple past and past participle Decommissioned) To take out of service or to render unusable. quotations ▼ They Decommissioned the ship after the accident

Decommission, Decommissions, Decommissioning, Decommissioned

10. The Army Decommissioned the Sherman tank by filling the turret with cement.


11. Synonyms for Decommission include deactivate, neutralise, neutralize, disable, disengage, cut, disconnect, kill, shut down and make inactive

Decommission, Deactivate, Disable, Disengage, Disconnect, Down

12. In general, the Decommissioning process is a great time to audit your mail flow configuration to ensure that all the connectors are properly configured and secured. Maybe it’s time to get rid of any of those Anonymous Relay connectors that may be in use in your environment


13. Decommission Phase Procedures Version 1.1 6/27/2011 Page 3 1.1.2 Entry Criteria/Input Before the Decommission Phase can begin, the operational solution must be selected for retirement.


14.Decommissioning was a lengthy, expensive, and potentially hazardous enterprise’ ‘During the discussion in Brussels Kovachev stressed that all applicant countries, which should Decommission nuclear reactors by set deadlines, also have a time frame for accession to the EU.’

Decommissioning, During, Discussion, Decommission, Deadlines

15. All this demonstrates that Ukraine is preparing to fulfil its commitment to Decommission the Chernobyl nuclear power plant by the year 2000.: Tout cela montre que l'Ukraine est disposée à s'acquitter des engagements qu'elle a pris de déclasser la centrale nucléaire de Tchernobyl d'ici à l'an 2000.: Three months should be enough to Decommission the archive and prepare for succession.

Demonstrates, Decommission, Dispos, Des, De

16. What does Decommission mean? To remove or revoke a commission

Does, Decommission

17. (verb) After his arrest, the officer was Decommissioned from the police force.


18. This step-by-step article describes how to Decommission a Microsoft Windows enterprise CA, and how to remove all related objects from the Active Directory directory service

Describes, Decommission, Directory

19. To Decommission a well is to permanently fill it in and seal it so it cannot be used anymore


20. When a facility such as an oil well is authorized by the government, the license normally includes a legal obligation for the entity to Decommission the facility at the end of its useful life


21. After its useful life, a well will be Decommissioned.


22. With more than 65 certified Decommission engineers, we offer a variety of onsite services specific to your needs, including technical de-installation services at your facilities for all types of IT assets – from data center to desktop equipment

Decommission, De, Data, Desktop

23. As you have moved, as we have cleared your origin space of your old, unwanted furniture, there is still work to be done; Decommissioning your space

Done, Decommissioning

24. Decommissioning your space means that your lease document specifies the physical condition of the space, when …

Decommissioning, Document

25. Underground Storage Tank or UST Decommissioning - As a potential source of heating oil contamination of the soil and groundwater, underground storage tanks should be Decommissioned to prevent on-going or future leaks, to minimize the impact to human health and to avoid costly clean-ups.

Decommissioning, Decommissioned

26. System Decommission The System Decommissioning Phase of the System Development Life Cycle may be initiated by various events

Decommission, Decommissioning, Development

27. In some cases, the Project may lose funding and is terminated, in others, a planned shutdown (Decommission) may be initiated.


28. Decommission - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions

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29. Principal Translations: Inglés: Español: Decommission [sth] ⇒ vtr transitive verb: Verb taking a direct object--for example, "Say something." "She found the cat." (take out of action)

Decommission, Direct

30. The Decommission of a nuclear reactor can only take place after the appropriate licence has been granted pursuant to the relevant legislation


31. Definition of Decommission in the dictionary

Definition, Decommission, Definitions, Dictionary

32. What does Decommission mean? Information and translations of Decommission in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

Does, Decommission, Dictionary, Definitions

33. Definition of Decommission verb in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

Definition, Decommission, Dictionary

34. "When I Decommission a data center, I use a well-known company that does asset removal, asset destruction, chain of custody, provides certifications of destruction for …

Decommission, Data, Does, Destruction

35. When a PC is nearing the end of its useful life, it’s crucial to Decommission it safely and securely or find ways to reuse it, or just sell it as parts or as a whole


36. Septic Tank Decommissioning Common Questions


37. To Decommission a well is to permanently fill it in and seal it so it cannot be used anymore


38. When a facility such as an oil well is authorized by the government, the license normally includes a legal obligation for the entity to Decommission the facility at the end of its useful life


39. After its useful life, a well will be Decommissioned.


40. Nouns for Decommission include Decommissioner and Decommissioners

Decommission, Decommissioner, Decommissioners

41. Looking for online definition of Decommission or what Decommission stands for? Decommission is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms The Free Dictionary

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42. After thorough consideration, the Navy has decided to Decommission USS Bonhomme Richard (LHD 6), a Wasp-class amphibious assault ship, due to …

Decided, Decommission, Due

43. To Decommission a well on your property: Find a licensed well driller* Send us a notice of intent (NOI) to Decommission a well The NOI must be sent at least 72 hours before the work begins

Decommission, Driller

44. Use this NOI online form to Decommission a well; Pay the well Decommission fee When you complete the NOI online form, a link appears so you can pay online


45. Do one of the following: Use the Servers folder to navigate to a server you want to Decommission.; Use the Servers folder to select the group or smart group containing the servers you want to Decommission

Do, Decommission

46. Select the servers you want to Decommission.


47. Decommission meaning, definition, what is Decommission: to stop using a ship, weapon, or nuclear: Learn more.

Decommission, Definition

48. As verbs the difference between commission and Decommission is that commission is to send or officially charge someone or some group to do something while Decommission is to take out of service or to render unusable

Difference, Decommission, Do

49. See 2 authoritative translations of Decommission in Spanish with example sentences, conjugations and audio pronunciations.


50. The plant site, which continues to pollute, will cost an estimated GBP 15 million to Decommission, compared with Dow's yearly sales of GBP 16 billion and India's GDP of GBP 320 billion

Decommission, Dow

51. To Decommission an Exchange server, you need to take these into consideration: 1


52. The Decommission process is started for the mobile device

Decommission, Device

53. The DLP status for the device changes to Decommissioning and the Device Status changes to Disabled

Dlp, Device, Decommissioning, Disabled

54. After converging an external Platform Services Controller node to an embedded Platform Services Controller node, Decommission the original external Platform Services Controller.Decommissioning a Platform Services Controller shuts it down and removes it from the single sign-on domain.

Decommission, Decommissioning, Down, Domain

55. After you complete a successful migration from the on-premises Exchange Server to Office 365, then you have two options – either keep the Exchange Server in a hybrid environment or Decommission it completely.


56. When you have migrated completely, you do not need to retain on-premises servers, and so you can Decommission it.

Do, Decommission

57. Luria: Navy Should Not Decommission Ships Early in Favor of New Construction


58. Decommissioning ships that have viable service life at a faster rate than industry can build new ones is not how the Navy should grow the fleet, the vice chairwoman of the House Armed Services Committee said Monday.


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decommission (verb) · decommissions (third person present) · decommissioned (past tense) · decommissioned (past participle) · decommissioning (present participle)

  • withdraw (something, especially weapons or military equipment) from service.
  • make (a nuclear reactor or weapon) inoperative, and dismantle and decontaminate it to make it safe.
Synonyms: demilitarization . demobilization . de-escalation .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does decommissioning mean?

Decommissioning is an administrative and technical process. It includes clean-up of radioactive materials and progressive demolition of the facility.

What is the past tense of decommission?

Here's the word you're looking for. Answer. The past tense of decommission is decommissioned. The third-person singular simple present indicative form of decommission is decommissions. The present participle of decommission is decommissioning. The past participle of decommission is decommissioned.

What does decommissioned mean?

Jump to navigation Jump to search. Decommissioning is a general term for a formal process to remove something from an active status.

What is decomission project?

Decommission Planning

  • Decommission Project Manager is assigned by Service Manager
  • Because of the importance of a decommission decision, the Project Manager identifies and documents who is responsible for delegated portions of the process
  • Identify and correlate the types of services and the types of users that use the service
  • More items...