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1. Definition of Decadally in the dictionary

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2. What does Decadally mean? Information and translations of Decadally in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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3. What does Decadally mean? In a decadal manner

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4. Found 222 sentences matching phrase "Decadally".Found in 3 ms


5. There are hundreds of written instances of Decadally in Google Books, but to be honest I'd rather just push the envelope a bit and use the common-as-muck adjectival form ten yearly adverbially


6. Decadally 'Decadally' is a 9 letter word starting with D and ending with Y Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for Decadally


7. We hope that the following list of synonyms for the word Decadally will help you to finish your crossword today.


8. We've got 136 anagrams for Decadally » Any good anagrams for Decadally? This page list all the various possible anagrams for the word Decadally.Use it for solving word puzzles, scrambles and for writing poetry, lyrics for your song or coming up with rap verses.


9. Decadally definition: Adverb (comparative more Decadally, superlative most Decadally) 1

Decadally, Definition

10. It is important to understand the Decadally modulating mesoscale eddy signals


11. The adverb for decade is Decadally

Decade, Decadally

12. In this study, we use Decadally resolved radiocarbon, data derived from an absolutely dated and annually resolved master shell growth chronology (from the mollusk Arctica islandica; Griffin, 2012; Wanamaker et al., 2019) from the coastal western GoM to evaluate changes in the radiocarbon history in the region for the years CE 1685–1986.

Decadally, Data, Derived, Dated

13. Moreover, Decadally cycling SOC contributed substantially (35–59%) to the total CO 2 loss during the 360‐day incubation

Decadally, During, Day

14. Overall, these results indicate that the decomposition of Decadally cycling SOC is highly sensitive to temperature change, which will likely make this large SOC stock vulnerable to loss by global warming in the 21st

Decomposition, Decadally

15. Decadally cycling soil carbon is more sensitive to warming than faster-cycling soil carbon


16. The importance of Decadally cycling C for ecosystem C balance, and that a lagged response of the large subsurface C stores to changes in environmental conditions is possible


17. Trumbore (2012), Dynamics of Decadally cycling carbon in subsurface soils, J

Dynamics, Decadally

18. Decadally paced explosive volcanism may produce a greater climate impact because the long response time of ocean surface waters allows for a cumulative decrease in sea-surface temperatures that exceeds that of any single eruption

Decadally, Decrease

19. Here we use a global climate model to evaluate the potential long-term climate impacts from four Decadally paced


20. Overall, we estimate that C fluxes through Decadally cycling pools in the subsurface are equivalent to 1–9% (grassland) to 10–54% (forest) of the surface litterfall at these sites


21. Our results demonstrate the importance of Decadally cycling C for ecosystem C balance, and that a lagged response of the large subsurface C stores to changes in

Demonstrate, Decadally

22. ENSO Modulation: Is It Decadally Predictable? ANDREW T


23. We've got 0 rhyming words for Decadally » What rhymes with Decadally? This page is about the various possible words that rhymes or sounds like Decadally.Use it for writing poetry, composing lyrics for your song or coming up with rap verses.


24. We present a synthesis of Decadally resolved proxy temperature records from poleward of 60 degrees N covering the past 2000 years, which indicates that a pervasive cooling in progress 2000 years ag …

Decadally, Degrees

25. Decadally-smoothed values are shown in blue, with shading to indicate the 95% confidence interval at the decadal timescale

Decadally, Decadal

26. There is a dearth of studies investigating the temperature sensitivity of decomposition for Decadally cycling soil organic carbon (SOC) (the dominant component of total soil carbon stocks and the most relevant to global change) mostly due to methodological constraints, which is a major issue for research on the potential link between global warming and the current global carbon cycle.

Dearth, Decomposition, Decadally, Dominant, Due

27. Decadally Resolved Lateglacial Radiocarbon Evidence from New Zealand Kauri - Volume 58 Issue 4 - Alan Hogg, John Southon, Chris Turney, Jonathan Palmer, Christopher Bronk Ramsey, Pavla Fenwick, Gretel Boswijk, Ulf Büntgen, Michael Friedrich, Gerhard Helle, Konrad Hughen, Richard Jones, Bernd Kromer, Alexandra Noronha, Frederick Reinig, Linda Reynard, Richard Staff, Lukas …


28. Observed Decadally modulating KE system For this study we use the global SSH anomaly dataset compiled by the Collocte Localisation Satellites (CLS) Space Oceanographic Division of Toulouse, France

Decadally, Dataset, Division

29. Previous work had shown that CM2.1 generates strong, reasonably realistic, Decadally predictable high-latitude climate signals, as well as tropical and extratropical decadal signals that interact with ENSO.

Decadally, Decadal

30. CM2.1 also produces multidecadal oscillations of the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation (AMOC) and North Atlantic SSTs, which are Decadally predictable to some extent (Msadek et al


31. First, annually and Decadally averaged delta(18)O and net mass-balance histories for the last 400 and 2,000 yr, respectively, demonstrate that the current warming at high elevations in the mid- to low latitudes is unprecedented for at least the last 2 millennia.

Decadally, Delta, Demonstrate

32. Decadally sequenced tropical volcanic eruptions may pro-duce a climate response that persists much longer than that associated only with aerosol perturbation

Decadally, Duce

33. This research will investigate Indian summer monsoon variability during the Holocene with Decadally resolved sediment records from four alpine lakes on the southeastern Tibetan Plateau

During, Decadally

34. *Decadally smoothed series are filtered to remove variability on time scales of less than a decade

Decadally, Decade

35. The following time series are monthly, annual and Decadally smoothed series for each ensemble member of the


36. A Decadally-resolved paleohurricane record archived in the late Holocene sediments of a Florida sinkhole.


37. We present a synthesis of Decadally resolved proxy temperature records from poleward of 60°N covering the past 2000 years, which indicates that a pervasive cooling in progress 2000 years ago continued through the Middle Ages and into the Little Ice Age.


38. 1993; Horton, 1995), Decadally variable (Nicholls et al., 1995) and geographically patchy (Hansen et al., 1999)


39. (bottom) Decadally-smoothed series and components of uncertainty in the Decadally smoothed series


40. Seasonal mean precipitation and how the sources of predictability change seasonally and Decadally


41. One ensemble member from each model is averaged over the dry season and Decadally in several indicated regions including southwestern North America and Alaska, as shown in the inset plots

Dry, Decadally

42. Our results are based on a Decadally resolved, uranium/thorium-dated, oxygen isotopic record for much of the past 45,000 years, obtained using speleothems from Paraíso Cave in eastern Amazonia; we interpret the record as being broadly related to precipitation

Decadally, Dated

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