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1. "Debunk" itself often suggests that something is not merely untrue, but also a sham; one can simply disprove a myth, but if it is "Debunked," the implication is that it was a grossly exaggerated or foolish claim

Debunk, Disprove, Debunked

2. Debunked investigates the world's biggest myths, the misconceptions that so many people still think are facts, the 'What Ifs', 'What Happens When' as well as


3. Debunked Bus (DeBus) American Tours are unforgettable experiences designed to train believers in real-time evangelism and apologetics

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4. Using our Debunked content, we take our wrapped VW bus into communities and unleash teams to proclaim the Gospel and defend the Biblical worldview.

Debunked, Defend

5. Debunked QAnon conspiracy theories are seeping into mainstream social media


6. Definition of Debunked in the dictionary

Definition, Debunked, Definitions, Dictionary

7. Information and translations of Debunked in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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8. Below is a non-comprehensive list of some QDrops which are easily Debunked The first and second Q posts state that Hillary Clinton will be arrested in 2017 and that her passport has been “flagged” if she tries to flee the country.


9. COVID-19 vaccine myths Debunked


10. Debunked! follows adventurer Paul Harmon and archaeologist Alexei Vranich as they debunk myths surrounding Costa Rico's mysterious stone spheres

Debunked, Debunk

11. Synonyms for Debunked in Free Thesaurus


12. Hosted by Timothy Light, Sandra Sulzer, Nick Porath Debunked is a project of the Tribal and Rural Opioid Initiative, housed in the Office of Health Equity and Community Engagement at the Utah State University College of Education and Human Services, in partnership with Cooperative Extension.�


13. THE Debunked DECK The game, instructions, box, and the satisfaction that you’re supporting reason, logic and rationality (Thales would be proud of you!).

Debunked, Deck

14. Debunked! is a breezy but fact-filled dissection of more than two dozen of the most popular urban legends and conspiracy theories of the 21st century.

Debunked, Dissection, Dozen

15. Debunked, UNBUNK, NO BONK 4Chan /pol/ has started a debunking campaign

Debunked, Debunking

16. This could be categorized as satire, but not if it is Literally Debunked.


17. Viral posts circulating Facebook claimed more people had cast ballots in Wisconsin than there are registered voters, but was Debunked by fact checkers as incorrectly reporting the number of


18. 5 Most Common Investing Myths, Debunked Ignore the noise and maintain your focus.


19. Four Myths About Trans Athletes, Debunked Upholding trans athletes' rights requires rooting out the inaccurate beliefs underlying harmful policies sweeping through state legislatures


20. Debunked is a highly strategic card game of logic, reason and nonsense! There are two decks, one full of fallacious arguments, and the other full of everything else - which includes logic to debunk the arguments, ways to improve your hand (such as resurrecting a card from the discard pile), and, most importantly, ways to mess with your opponent (such as making them skip their go).

Debunked, Decks, Debunk, Discard

21. Cicero Debunked divination in his philosophical treatise De Divinatione in 44 BCE

Debunked, Divination, De, Divinatione

22. Sextus Empiricus Debunked the claims of astrologers and dogmatic philosophers (c

Debunked, Dogmatic

23. The claims rely on circumstantial and Debunked assertions


24. Debunked: Claim that the Electoral College Count On Jan 6 will Change the Election Dec 15, 2020 Debunked: Einstein wrote "blind belief in authority is the greatest enemy of truth"

Debunked, Dec

25. COVID-19 vaccine myths Debunked


26. 25 common mental health myths Debunked While mental health is becoming less stigmatized and more people are opening up and talking about it, there are still many misconceptions surrounding the issue.


27. The Sub Commander and the Cactus Myth, Debunked If you haven't already, you might want to talk to Willy of Willy's Barbershop on Figueroa


28. Originally meaning something thought to be true now proven false, it is now used as another way to say uncool or lame, but when self-proclaimed Debunked, it is understood that you are the cool kind of loser


29. When someone is sexually Debunked, they are very inexperienced and expected to remain that way for a long period of time.


30. A Famous Argument Against Free Will Has Been Debunked


31. The following are a list of relatively popular but clearly Debunked theories, listed along with the sources of the debunking

Debunked, Debunking

32. The report released Monday also included a slew of other Debunked claims about Dominion, which Dominion CEO John Poulos addressed at length on Tuesday in prepared statements to a Republican-led Michigan Senate committee investigating the election

Debunked, Dominion

33. Although the test has been thoroughly Debunked by researchers since its introduction, it has remained a fixture of progressive activism.


34. Marijuana Debunked: A handbook for parents, pundits and politicians who want to know the case against legalization [Gogek, Ed] on


35. Marijuana Debunked: A handbook for parents, pundits and politicians who want to know the case against legalization


36. Firstly there's the idea that the explosion happened across the road from the RV, an idea that took hold because of video showing a the central fireball being obscured by a dust cloud - discussed and Debunked in another thread.

Dust, Discussed, Debunked

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does debunked means?

Wiktionary(0.00 / 0 votes)Rate this definition: debunk(Verb) To discredit, or expose to ridicule the falsehood or the exaggerated claims of something. Sailing round the world debunked the theory that the earth was flat.

What are examples of debunking?

Sentence Examples

  • Instead, they listen to the claims of paranormal activity and do their best to debunk them.
  • Myth Busters: This popular television show uses physics, chemistry and experimentation to bust myths and debunk many urban legends.
  • Truth or Fiction: Truth or Fiction is a website like Snopes that aims to help debunk urban legends.
  • In 1975, debunker Larry Kusche published The Bermuda Triangle Mystery - Solved, where he tried to explain as many cases as possible and debunk many of [Urban Legends Hoaxes and ...
  • More items...

    What is the noun for debunk?

    The noun DEBUNKING has 1 sense: 1. the exposure of falseness or pretensions. Familiarity information: DEBUNKING used as a noun is very rare.

    What does debunk mean t?

    Debunk definition, to expose or excoriate (a claim, assertion, sentiment, etc.) as being pretentious, false, or exaggerated: to debunk advertising slogans. See more.