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1. Debase is often used to talk about someone's lowered status or character


2. People are constantly blustering about the Debased tastes of the ordinary American, and especially the Debased music of America's youth


3. Debase definition, to reduce in quality or value; adulterate: They Debased the value of the dollar

Debase, Definition, Debased, Dollar

4. To Debase the Constitution, which stands for the 'fundamental laws and principles' that govern us and is 'the highest law of the land,' is tantamount to its desecration

Debase, Desecration

5. Our Constitution should not be Debased (6) I shall only add that of the two it is the case that a king cannot Debase the coinage arbitrarily and without the consent of the people.

Debased, Debase

6. / dɪˈbeɪs / to reduce the quality or value of something: Some argue that money has Debased football


7. Our world view has become Debased.


8. Some common synonyms of Debase are corrupt, debauch, deprave, pervert, and vitiate

Debase, Debauch, Deprave

9. While all these words mean "to cause deterioration or lowering in quality or character," Debase implies a loss of position, worth, value, or dignity

Deterioration, Debase, Dignity

10. Commercialism has Debased the holiday In what contexts can corrupt take the place of Debase?

Debased, Debase

11. This opportunism Debase s the information ecology by destroying our capacity to trust sources of knowledge or share beliefs about what is true, which in turn …

Debase, Destroying

12. The live Debase price today is $0.504128 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $56,745.79 USD.


13. Debase is down 6.93% in the last 24 hours

Debase, Down

14. Debase is a decentralized meta algorithmic stable coin protocol that uses a modular architecture to combine multiple stabilization strategies (both internal and external) to stabilize the monetary token $Debase to peg.

Debase, Decentralized

15. Examples of Debase in a sentence The politician tried to Debase his rival’s good reputation by spreading false rumors about him


16. 🔊 As part of his stock manipulation, the company owner tried to Debase the stock so people would quickly sell it


17. Definition of Debase in the dictionary

Definition, Debase, Definitions, Dictionary

18. What does Debase mean? Information and translations of Debase in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions

Does, Debase, Dictionary, Definitions

19. Debase to USD rate for today is $0.373029


20. Nouns for Debase include Debasement, Debasements, Debaser and Debasers

Debase, Debasement, Debasements, Debaser, Debasers

21. Synonyms: Debase, degrade, abase, demean2 These verbs mean to lower in character or quality

Debase, Degrade

22. Debase implies reduction in quality or value: "debasing the moral currency" (George Eliot

Debase, Debasing

23. While Debase is the first book in the Elite Bratva Brotherhood series, all of our favorites from the EE series are in this book as well


24. To Debase something is to make it corrupt or impure


25. If your lemonade stand sells “pure lemonade,” you’d insist on using real lemons instead of a mix; using a mix would Debase your product


26. Debase is often used in the context of two things: coins and people.


27. One reason a government will Debase its currency is financial gain for the sovereign at the expense of citizens


28. That brutality will Debase him, and only love and respect and forgiveness can ennoble him." -Morris West


29. Antonyms for Debase include advance, promote, further, boost, strengthen, cultivate, elevate, foster, improve and upgrade


30. ‘Not content to Debase himself, he insisted that his wife drink as well.’ Synonyms immoral , debauched, dissolute, abandoned, perverted, degenerate, profligate, degraded, wicked, sinful, vile, base, iniquitous, corrupt, corrupted, criminal, vicious, brutal, lewd, licentious, lascivious, lecherous, prurient, obscene, indecent, libertine

Debase, Drink, Debauched, Dissolute, Degenerate, Degraded

31. ‘the love episodes Debase the dignity of the drama’ Synonyms degrade , devalue, demean, lower the status of, reduce the status of, cheapen, prostitute, discredit, …

Debase, Dignity, Drama, Degrade, Devalue, Demean, Discredit

32. Debase definition: To Debase something means to reduce its value or quality

Debase, Definition

33. Debase and abase are pretty interchangeable, though I see 'Debase' used more often with objects and 'abase' more with people or titles


34. In contexttransitivelang=en terms the difference between Debase and abase is that Debase is {{contexttransitivelang=en}} to lower the value of (a currency) by reducing the amount of valuable metal in the coins while abase is {{contexttransitivelang=en}} to lower, as in rank, office, condition in life, so as to hurt feelings or cause pain; to depress; to

Difference, Debase, Depress

35. Mediagrey commented on the word Debase


36. Me, an ego centric person made possible only through the comfort of a late Modern Industrialism, looks on helplessly at the Debase direction that is driving man into the abyss and eventual collapse of society as I know it.

Debase, Direction, Driving

37. Desperate situations can Debase even the most virtuous people

Desperate, Debase

38. (12) They could not simultaneously Debase the currency and back it with gold at a fixed rate


39. (13) It's Debased and stupefied, really, but that's daily politics." (14) The progress in prenatal diagnosis and the possibility of replacing risk with security is about to Debase the rationale of genetic counseling.

Debased, Daily, Diagnosis, Debase

40. Debase is technically the final book in the Eagle Elite series while at the same time being Book 1 in the Elite Bratva series


41. The plan, which sets the goal of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions within the next 10 years, would Debase U.S


42. Debase Meaning: "lower in position, rank, or dignity, impair morally," from de- "down" + base (adj.) "low," on analogy… See definitions of Debase.

Debase, Dignity, De, Down, Definitions

43. (v.) To reduce to a lower state of worth, dignity, purity, station, etc.; to degrade; to lower; to deteriorate; to abase; as, to Debase the character by crime; to Debase the mind by frivolity; to Debase

Dignity, Degrade, Deteriorate, Debase

44. Debase somebody/something to make somebody/something less valuable or respected synonym devalue

Debase, Devalue

45. Sport is being Debased by commercial sponsorship


46. Debase is a fast implementation of the standard debugger debug.rb for Ruby 2.0.0

Debase, Debugger, Debug

47. Definition of Debase, DebaseD, DebaseMENT, DebaseR, and DEBASING from the King James Bible Dictionary Thou hast magnified thy word above all thy name

Definition, Debase, Debased, Debasement, Debaser, Debasing, Dictionary

48. SYNONYMY NOTE: Debase implies generally a lowering in quality, value, dignity, etc

Debase, Dignity

49. [greed had Debased his character]; deprave suggests gross degeneration, esp

Debased, Deprave, Degeneration

50. Debase is a fast implementation of the standard Ruby debugger debug.rb for Ruby 2.0

Debase, Debugger, Debug

51. Definition of Debase written for English Language Learners from the Merriam-Webster Learner's Dictionary with audio pronunciations, usage examples, and count/noncount noun labels.

Definition, Debase, Dictionary

52. Working in Brisbane and Melbourne; touring nationally and internationally, Debase has been producing new shows since 1998 for a wide range of audiences.


53. Although Debase is designed to overcome some of Ampleforth’s core limitations, it is indebted to Ampleforth for the idea of an elastic supply change mechanism

Debase, Designed

54. This mechanism allows Debase’s supply to be changed according to the current market demands.

Debase, Demands

55. To Debase is defined as to cheapen, or make lower in value or quality

Debase, Defined

56. An example of Debase is to lower the value of a building by spray painting it with graffiti


57. How to use Debase in a sentence is shown in this page


58. Debase is a fast implementation of the standard debugger for Ruby 2.0.0

Debase, Debugger

59. Synonyms for Debase in Free Thesaurus


60. 59 synonyms for Debase: corrupt, contaminate, devalue, pollute, impair, taint, depreciate, defile

Debase, Devalue, Depreciate, Defile

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