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1. Recent Examples on the Web: Verb In summary, first look to see if the stems have been Debarked by squirrels


2. 2020 At the top of the hill, where hayride passengers Debarked, sits a stone and huge fir tree commemorating the spot where according to Windsor Locks legend, America’s


3. The new troops, part a 3,300 deployment, Debarked from a Royal Air Force Trident aircraft in the Afghan capital, Kabul, and walked to waiting Hercules C-130 transport planes which flew them south.

Deployment, Debarked

4. Definition of Debarked in the dictionary

Definition, Debarked, Definitions, Dictionary

5. What does Debarked mean? Information and translations of Debarked in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

Does, Debarked, Dictionary, Definitions

6. After a journey: We boarded a train, and an hour later we Debarked on the outskirts of the city.


7. The sound from a Debarked dog is a mutated, constricted, hoarse bark.

Debarked, Dog

8. The next step after you debark is to use vinegar water, in a 1 to 5 ratio, (one part vinegar to five parts water.) Spray on the vinegar solution once the tree has been Debarked

Debark, Debarked

9. Debarked Designs is happy to announce a custom manufacturing of furniture

Debarked, Designs

10. 38 examples: Regardless of the source, all wood must be Debarked before construction begins…


11. Molly's original owners Debarked her, and as a result she had to gasp for breath every time she barked


12. The official definition of Debarked wood: “Irrespective of the type of treatment applied, wood packaging material must be made of Debarked wood.

Definition, Debarked

13. ‘The world's largest redwood lumber mill offers free self-guided tours, where you can watch trees being Debarked, head-rigged, trimmed, graded, and end-glued.’ ‘When the trees are first Debarked the mulch is fairly fresh, and needs to decompose before we dare use it around our plants.’

Debarked, Decompose, Dare

14. These animals were Debarked because it was a nuisance, and the inhumane manner in which the act was carried out can carry a felony charge.” “We will continue our investigation and press charges to the fullest extent allowed by the law in an effort to ensure this never happens again.”


15. Debark (third-person singular simple present debarks, present participle debarking, simple past and past participle Debarked) (transitive) To unload goods …

Debark, Debarks, Debarking, Debarked

16. Synonyms for Debarked include disembarked, landed, alighted, arrived, got off, gotten off, went ashore, gone ashore, come ashore and anchored

Debarked, Disembarked

17. We found one answer for the crossword clue Debarked


18. If you haven't solved the crossword clue Debarked yet try to search our Crossword Dictionary by entering the letters you already know! (Enter a dot for each missing letters, e.g

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19. Debarked Meaning in Arabic: Searching meanings in Arabic can be beneficial for understanding the context in an efficient manner


20. You have searched the English word "Debarked" which meaning "نازل" in Arabic


21. Debarked meaning in Arabic has been searched 999 times till 10 Mar, 2021.


22. Logs in Group C (Debarked and with a cut) had the shortest drying time; it seems reasonable that moisture would move out of logs without bark more easily and that the longitudinal cut would also assist in moisture movement

Debarked, Drying

23. Debarked wood is also more resistant and much more durable than milled wood

Debarked, Durable

24. If we get a dog into rescue who we feel is an abuse risk because of excessive barking, we will have the dog surgically Debarked

Dog, Debarked

25. Drum debarkers are popular in the paper and panel industries because they have high throughputs of up to 350m³/hr of Debarked logs

Drum, Debarkers, Debarked

26. 24” Debarked Cypress Knee CCSupply813 $ 50.00


27. Actually, Debarked dogs end up in the shelter and are not adopted because of the muffled noise they make, which sounds worse than any bark

Debarked, Dogs

28. A court in Oregon ruled for two Tibetan mastiff dogs to be Debarked because of nuisance barking

Dogs, Debarked

29. A method for separating loose bark from a flow of Debarked wood logs wherein the logs are conveyed substantially in the direction of their longitudinal axis along a substantially horizontal conveyor track characterized in that the logs are forced during their travel into unidirectional rotation that simultaneously moves the logs laterally, wherein at least for a given time the rotary motion of

Debarked, Direction, During

30. 12” Mostly Debarked Cypress Knee CCSupply813


31. Felling Debarked the dogs by shoving a rod-like object into the dogs’ vocal chambers

Debarked, Dogs

32. Definition of Debarked in the D dictionary

Definition, Debarked, Dictionary

33. What does Debarked mean? Information and translations of Debarked in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web

Does, Debarked, Dictionary, Definitions

34. After a journey: We boarded a train, and an hour later we Debarked on the outskirts of the city


35. Even if reduced sound comes out of their mouths, they don’t seem to notice at all! Debarked dogs that are not being constantly disciplined for barking, in fact, tend to be much happier dogs! Q: Is it true that only criminals and drug dealers debark dogs? A: This is the biggest myth about debarking! The majority of

Don, Debarked, Dogs, Disciplined, Drug, Dealers, Debark, Debarking

36. Months after the PSPCA’s Humane Law Enforcement team discovered illegally ‘Debarked’ dogs in Lancaster County, they say the person responsible is in police custody on charges of animal cruelty

Discovered, Debarked, Dogs

37. All logs are Debarked (to avoid the risk on worm), after sawing we condition and dry in our own company in Maasmechelen (Hout Service NV)

Debarked, Dry

38. Both have noun forms of debarkation and disembarkation, which refer to the location the person Debarked at.

Debarkation, Disembarkation, Debarked

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DEBARKED [dēˈbärk]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does debarked mean?

debark verb (GET OFF) › [ I ] to leave a ship, aircraft, etc. after a journey: We boarded a train, and an hour later we debarked on the outskirts of the city.

Can giraffes debark trees?

Second, all of the common mammal species, except rhinos and giraffes, occur on both sides of the fence, and giraffes are not known to debark trees, especially near ground level. These chips typically come from logs that have mostly been debarked by ring debarkers. Debarking enhancement of frozen logs.

What does debarqued mean?

[French débarquer : dé-, from (from Old French de-; see de-) + barque, ship (from Old French; see bark 3).] de′bar·ka′tion (dē′bär-kā′shən) n. de·bark 2. To surgically alter the vocal cords of (a dog) so as to reduce its ability to bark.

What is the definition of embark?

English Language Learners Definition of embark. Kids Definition of embark. 1 : to go on or put on board a ship or an airplane The last of the passengers embarked. 2 : to begin a project or task She embarked on a new career.

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