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1. Synonyms for Daydreamed include thought, imagined, pictured, envisaged, envisioned, conceived, dreamed, dreamt, fantasised and figured

Daydreamed, Dreamed, Dreamt

2. The Crossword Solver found 25 answers to the Daydreamed crossword clue


3. Those who Daydreamed about romantic partners that they didn’t currently have (past or potential), strangers, or fictional characters were lonelier, had less social support, and tended to have

Daydreamed, Didn

4. Daydreamed is a crossword puzzle clue


5. Daydreamed is a crossword puzzle clue that we have spotted 6 times


6. By Daydreamed (Commission) Kites on a cloudy day

Daydreamed, Day

7. By Daydreamed (Art Trade) Picnic! by Daydreamed (Commission) Poofypasta! Northern Haste


8. By Daydreamed (Commission) White Shield


9. By Daydreamed (Commission) Thunder Heart


10. Commission sheet 2019 ! by Daydreamed (YCH) Naveen Numbers


11. Daydreamed definitions Simple past tense and past participle of daydream.

Daydreamed, Definitions, Daydream

12. 10 Ford F-150s from Bring a Trailer We've Daydreamed about


13. Synonyms for Daydreamed in Free Thesaurus


14. A 2016 study looking at whether daydreaming could be a substitute when loved ones were unavailable found those who Daydreamed about their significant other had “increased feelings of love

Daydreaming, Daydreamed

15. Another way to say Daydreamed? Synonyms for Daydreamed (other words and phrases for Daydreamed).


16. The participants who more frequently Daydreamed were actually better at remembering the series of letters when distracted by the math problems compared to …

Daydreamed, Distracted

17. Daydreamed Designs Eyeshadow Palette

Daydreamed, Designs

18. Daydreamed - find the meaning, anagrams and hook words with Daydreamed and much more


19. The word Daydreamed uses 10 letters: a, a, d, d, d, e, e, m, r, y


20. Daydreamed is playable in: Words With Friends 18


21. We had Daydreamed about moving to Mexico and searched the websites for information.


22. Most of the time he lay on his back and looked at the sky, the same one that arched over Ricardo Flores, and he Daydreamed of Alba — her bronze skin, her black hair, the shame and joy on her face as she


23. I Daydreamed of building the first true Artificial Intelligence (AI) that would reside in my bedroom closet


24. I Daydreamed about how to build floating cities, great inventions, and new forms of art.”


25. Most people have Daydreamed or had waking fantasies at some point in their lives


26. I Daydreamed about life without my husband, and I desired to pursue a future free from hardship

Daydreamed, Desired

27. I Daydreamed about big holiday dinners with family and neighors

Daydreamed, Dinners

28. Those who Daydreamed about someone special demonstrated significantly increased feelings of connection, love and belonging, compared with the other two groups, indicating that daydreaming serves

Daydreamed, Demonstrated, Daydreaming

29. Daydreamed Designs Liquid Matte Lipstick

Daydreamed, Designs

30. Daydreamed Prompts #12 Protagonist/hero has been trapped in their own body from a young age due to illness

Daydreamed, Due

31. I always Daydreamed about the happy moments we could experience – a wedding, raising a family, traveling to new places together


32. The only one i remebr was a few days ago a Daydreamed for 1 hours about a laundromat

Days, Daydreamed

33. Since she was a little girl, she has Daydreamed about what it would be like to live on another planet


34. Since She Was A Little Girl, She Has Daydreamed About What It Would Be Like To Live On Another Planet


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DAYDREAMED [ˈdāˌdrēm]


Frequently Asked Questions

What does Daydream mean?

Definition of daydream (Entry 1 of 2) : a pleasant visionary usually wishful creation of the imagination

Are there different types of daydreams?

There are many types of daydreams, and there is no consistent definition amongst psychologists. However, the characteristic that is common to all forms of daydreaming meets the criteria for mild dissociation. Also, the impacts of different types of daydreams are not identical.

How to use Daydream in a sentence?

Examples of daydream in a Sentence. Noun I drifted off in a daydream during the class. hoped that one day world peace would be a reality and not just a daydream. Verb Instead of studying, he spent the afternoon daydreaming about his vacation. See More.

Is daydreaming a verb?

Verb Instead of studying, he spent the afternoon daydreaming about his vacation. Recent Examples on the Web: Noun Its approach offers the young Angeleno protagonists a chance to treat scenes like blank canvases on which to stage their daydreams and declarations, however big or small.