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1. A Daughterboard is type of circuit board that plugs in or is attached to the motherboard or similar expansion card to extend its features and services


2. A Daughterboard complements the existing functionality of a motherboard or an expansion card


3. A Daughterboard is also known as daughter card, piggyback board, riser card or mezzanine board.

Daughterboard, Daughter

4. A Daughterboard (or daughter board, daughter card, or daughtercard) is a circuit board that plugs into and extends the circuitry of another circuit board

Daughterboard, Daughter, Daughtercard

5. Alternatively referred to as a piggyback board and daughter card, a Daughterboard is an expansion board that connects directly to the motherboard and gives added functionality (e.g., modem)

Daughter, Daughterboard, Directly

6. A Daughterboard, sometimes also called a daughtercard or mezzanine board, is a part of a computer’s internal circuitry that is usually intended to improve or enhance the machine’s overall functioning, perhaps most significantly when it comes to available memory and operating speed.

Daughterboard, Daughtercard

7.Daughterboard is amazing! I worked with Elaine on an album and received super stellar communication, really efficient production, beautifully mastered tracks, and lots of social media promotion as the icing on top! Daughterboard is the place I recommend to everyone I know, and the place I’ll always go back to! ” — Busy Bee Project


8. This is a Daughterboard specifically designed for the Duet range of controller boards and allows two PT100 temperature sensors to be attached

Daughterboard, Designed, Duet

9. This is a Daughterboard and Daughterboard cable (JST cable) for the Mode Eighty keyboard


10. Quote shows LTE upgrade, flat fee of $500 plus $120 parts only for Tegra: "Concern: Customer requests proactive replacement of the Daughterboard


11. The Unified Daughterboard Project is an attempt by leading designers in the mechanical keyboard community to standardize the USB Daughterboards used for their custom mechanical keyboard projects

Daughterboard, Designers, Daughterboards

12. A Daughterboard, daughtercard, mezzanine board or piggyback board is an expansion card that attaches to a system directly. Daughterboards often have plugs, sockets, pins or …

Daughterboard, Daughtercard, Directly, Daughterboards

13. Thermocouple Daughter Board This is a Daughterboard specifically designed for the Duet 2 and Duet control boards that allows two Thermocouples to be attached

Daughter, Daughterboard, Designed, Duet

14. In late spring of 2020 fourteen foreign local clubs started applying pressure to get a Daughterboard program started


15. Daughterboard is an expansions board that connects with the motherboard directly to enhance the functionalities of motherboard

Daughterboard, Directly

16. For example Daughterboard can add a functionality of modem in the Motherboard


17. Daughterboard sometimes referred to …


18. USB Type C-equipped Daughterboard, designed to fit the spec of ai03's Unified Daughterboard project

Daughterboard, Designed

19. The Pro Daughterboard implements the same reset-preventing solution as the classic Daughterboard but also includes additional circuitry to monitor your Power Driver Board.The 2016 edition monitors the driver board's 5v and 12v supplies!Simply inspect the LEDs to quickly determine PDB power supply functionality

Daughterboard, Driver, Determine

20. Today they are telling me the Daughterboard won't work and I really need a new MCU


21. While my P85 is still at the SC - they want to install a new MCU AND charge me for the Daughterboard that they can't seem to get to


22. A Daughterboard is a circuit board that plugs into and extends the circuitry of the main board called motherboard


23. A Daughterboard is connected directly to the motherboard

Daughterboard, Directly

24. Unlike expansion cards, which connect with the motherboard using the bus and other serial interfaces, Daughterboards are usually directly embedded through soldering.

Daughterboards, Directly

25. Founded in 2019, Daughterboard Audio is a queer-owned and operated studio specializing in high-quality digital audio mastering.

Daughterboard, Digital

26. Dialog Semiconductor SmartBond™ DA14585 Range Extender Daughterboard is used to boost range for Bluetooth® low energy (BLE) applications without compromising power consumption and data rate

Dialog, Daughterboard, Data

27. See authoritative translations of Daughterboard in Spanish with example sentences and audio pronunciations.


28. Daughterboard definition is - a secondary circuit board in a computer that is attached to the motherboard.

Daughterboard, Definition

29. Daughterboard definitions A printed circuit board that plugs into another printed circuit board, which plugs into the main board (motherboard)

Daughterboard, Definitions

30. Daughterboards, also called "mezzanine cards," augment the capabilities of the card they plug into.


31. ‘The HES hardware includes a Daughterboard that …


32. SBX USRP Daughterboard (400 MHz - 4.4 GHz) The SBX is a wide bandwidth transceiver that provides up to 100 mW of output power, and a typical noise figure of 5 dB

Daughterboard, Db

33. What does Daughterboard actually mean? Find out inside PCMag's comprehensive tech and computer-related encyclopedia.

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34. TwinRX USRP Daughterboard (10 MHz - 6 GHz, 80 MHz BW, 2 RX) The TwinRX Daughterboard for the USRP™ X Series software-defined radios is a dual-channel superheterodyne receiver that offers wide dynamic range and accurate phase synchronization with LO sharing for spectrum monitoring and direction-finding applications.

Daughterboard, Defined, Dual, Dynamic, Direction

35. Components that would warrant replacement of the Daughterboard include a damaged USB-C connector or microphone

Daughterboard, Damaged

36. For upgrading your Megasquirt-I ECU, or replacement of your damaged MegaSquirt-II Daughterboard

Damaged, Daughterboard

37. This is the latest version of the MegaSquirt-II Daughterboard with the C64 processor and is CAN-enabled.


38. Dreamblaster X2 Daughterboard Waveblaster MIDI Yamaha DB50XG NEC XR385 type card Brand: ExcelValley

Dreamblaster, Daughterboard

39. Daughterboard definition: a small circuit board that can be attached to the motherboard of a computer Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Daughterboard, Definition

40. Our 3PDT PCB Daughterboard (P-PC-3PDT-BOARD) is a small board designed to simplify the wiring of 3PDT footswitches in guitar pedals

Daughterboard, Designed

41. But from my understanding, the optical drive has a Daughterboard that has the chip that pairs with the motherboard.

Drive, Daughterboard

42. At first thought one might imagine that an FPGA would be involved, however instead the signals are brought out via a Daughterboard to the expansion header of a Raspberry Pi Zero.


43. Founded in 2019, Daughterboard Audio is a queer-owned and operated studio specializing in high-quality audio mastering for musicians and


44. Assembling the Zeal Engineering Daughterboard The Zeal Engineering Daughterboard makes adding many popular I/O circuits to the MegaSquirt much easier


45. Ken Culver, one of the authors of the MS2/Extra code, originally developed the Zeal Engineering Daughterboard to make it easier to install MegaSquirt on second generation RX-7s.

Developed, Daughterboard

46. The Parallax TSL1401 Linescan Imaging Daughterboard provides one-dimensional sight to almost any microcontroller

Daughterboard, Dimensional

47. Daughterboard (hardware) (Or "daughter board", "daughtercard", "daughter card") A printed circuit board that connects to the motherboard

Daughterboard, Daughter, Daughtercard

48. The Daughterboard is typically smaller than the motherboard


49. The board that we develop will be interfaced to an existing RF Daughterboard, which has a simple RF transceiver for communicating with the wildlife tags

Develop, Daughterboard

50. This is an extra Iron165 PCB, including an extra JST cable and USB-C Daughterboard


51. Buy HP 726738-001 HP Smart Array P440ar Adaptive RAID On Chip(AROC) Daughterboard: Laptop Replacement Parts - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

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52. The GC5016 Daughterboard and GC101 EVM comprise a two-partDaughterboard and motherboard used for demonstrating the digital-up-convert (DDC) and Digi-tal-Down-Convert(DUC) operations of the GC5016

Daughterboard, Demonstrating, Digital, Ddc, Digi, Down, Duc

53. The GC5016 Daughterboard hardware is a plug-inboard to the GC101 EVM


54. The Daughterboard has the A and B input ports of the GC5016 connected to the


55. Definition of Daughterboard noun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

Definition, Daughterboard, Dictionary

56. Daughterboard synonyms, Daughterboard pronunciation, Daughterboard translation, English dictionary definition of Daughterboard

Daughterboard, Dictionary, Definition

57. English term or phrase: Daughterboard "Cental processing unit (CPU) motherboards or Daughterboards" poza tym brak kontekstu, pozycja z jakiej¶ klasyfikacji: Piotr Bienkowski ((Poland: Local time: 00:37: płyta dodatkowa: Explanation: Na pewno nie jest to karta rozszeżeń

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58. Tarjeta secundaria: Explanation: En un glosario de Windows aparece esta cadena: "Boolean indicating that at least one Daughterboard or auxiliary card is required in order to function properly.",,"Un valor de tipo booleano que indica que se requiere al menos una placa base secundaria o una tarjeta auxiliar para funcionar correctamente.",,TXT,,WinNT,Windows 2000,,,,,

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