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Looking for sentences with "Darme"? Here are some examples.

1. See common phrases containing darme in Spanish. SpanishDict is the world's most popular Spanish-English dictionary, translation, and learning website.
2. Definition of darme in the D dictionary. Meaning of darme. What does darme mean? Information and translations of darme in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.
3. See examples of darme in Spanish. Real sentences showing how to use darme correctly.
4. 'Darme' uses the infinitive 'dar', meaning it translates as, "to give to me." It would be used when 'dar' follows another verb and is thus not conjugated: Quiere darme un bolígrafo, pero no lo quiero.
5. Gendarme definition is - a member of a body of soldiers especially in France serving as an armed police force for the maintenance of public order. How to use gendarme in a sentence.
6. Necesitas darme un regalo. Necesitas darme = You need to give me. Te necesito comprar un sombrero. Te necesito comprar = I need to buy you. Necesito comprarte un sombrero. Necesito comprarte = I need to buy you. Your success in being able to recognize these groups is largely dependent upon having learned previous material — namely verb
7. Quiera (polite request "I want.." but more polite and deferential. Use with someone you address as "usted". Awkward, not really very commonly used. More likely posed as a question - "¿Quira darme el azúcar? Do you want to pass me the sugar?) Querría (conditional tense - even more polite. Literally "I would want", but more accurately
8. Darme/el vestido. Denmelo. Which of the following sentences below is an affirmative tu command that uses double object pronouns and corresponds to the following sentence? Compra la camisa para mi madre. Comprasela. Which of the sentences below correctly rewrites the following words as a formal command?
9. Gen·darme (zhän′därm′, zhäN′därm′) n. 1. A member of the French national police organization constituting a branch of the armed forces with responsibility for general law enforcement. 2. Slang A police officer. 3. A subsidiary pinnacle on a steep mountain ridge. [French, from Old French gent d'armes, gendarme, sing. of gens d'armes, mounted
10. “¿Podrías/Podría darme la mantequilla?” (“Could you give me the butter?”) Of course, these phrases for making polite requests aren’t just for food-related encounters. You can use them any time you want to ask for something without seeming too demanding. For example, check out the dad in a video about typical things parents say:
11. Tengo que darme prisa. I have to hurry. Juan, tienes que apurarte. Juan, you have to hurry. Juan, date prisa. Juan, hurry! Learn Vocabulary. Use Vocabulary. Related Topics. Previous Vocabulary Flashcards Vocabulary Quiz Photo Quiz Spelling Quiz Sentence Flashcards Video

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