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1. Damper definition is - a dulling or deadening influence

Damper, Definition, Dulling, Deadening

2. How to use Damper in a sentence.


3. Usually, a Damper was a plate that could be slid across air openings, but the Damper in a stovepipe was a metal disk mounted inside the pipe that could be turned from being parallel to the airflow to being perpendicular, completely cutting off air flow.

Damper, Disk

4. Noun a person or thing that damps or depresses: His glum mood put a Damper on their party

Damps, Depresses, Damper

5. Damper Bread was a staple of the early Australian settlers' diet

Damper, Diet

6. If you use this method, have a beer handy in case some of the ashes on the Damper


7. Dampers Air Dampers – Perfect for a Wide Variety of Applications At Johnson Controls, we offer Damper Controls in a diverse range of models

Dampers, Damper, Diverse

8. Duct & is the leading internet supplier of Duct and System Air Dampers, Duct Fans, Duct Installed Products and Duct Fabrication Products.

Duct, Dampers

9. A Damper is a mechanical device in a duct or chimney that regulates airflow

Damper, Device, Duct

10. The Damper is a bread that is prepared with baking powder


11. SUNCOURT ZoneMaster Damper 10-in dia Galvanized steel Powered

Damper, Dia

12. The Zone Master™ fully adjustable motorized airflow control Damper controls airflow in an HVAC system or fresh air intake system


13. Motorized HVAC Damper 110V HVAC air Duct Damper Zone Dampers Actuator Electric air Damper Register 80 100 125 150 200 250 300 350 400 mm (Outer …

Damper, Duct, Dampers

14. Ceiling Radiation/Fire Damper, 3-hour UL Rated


15. 1 synonym of Damper from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 4 related words, definitions, and antonyms

Damper, Definitions

16. Without a Damper, the chimney is a gaping hole sucking warm air (and heating dollars) out into the cold

Damper, Dollars

17. The closed Damper also protects from water and debris

Damper, Debris

18. Open Dampers regulate oxygen to the fire and provide an exit for the smoke and exhaust from the fire


19. Some Damper models have only two positions: fully open or fully closed.


20. Broan Radiation Damper for ULTRA and ULTRA GREEN Pro Series Fan and Fan/Light Combos


21. Broan Radiation Damper for Broan and NuTone Bathroom Exhaust Fans and Fans with Lights


22. While you're looking for new chimney and fireplace accessories for your hearth area, don't forget a fireplace Damper. A leaky or missing fireplace Damper can cost as much as several hundred dollars of heat loss right up your chimney

Don, Damper, Dollars

23. We've got conventional replacement fireplace Dampers, chimney top Dampers and components.


24. Damper is a traditional Australian soda bread, historically prepared by early settlers, swagmen, drovers, stockmen and other travellers

Damper, Drovers

25. Reduce the oven temperature to 180°C (350°F/Gas 4) and bake for a further 15 minutes, or until the Damper is golden and sounds hollow when tapped on the base


26. From light operations to heavy-duty industrial applications and from backdraft control to indoor air quality control, Ruskin provides the perfect control Damper

Duty, Damper

27. Every Damper is built with performance in mind and tested per AMCA standards in Ruskin's Laboratory


28. Master Flow Dampers balance and adjust the air flow in individual runs of round pipe in HVAC systems


29. The Dampers include hardware that makes it easy to install into existing round pipe as well


30. Find 4 ways to say Damper, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


31. Ruskin's Commercial Control Dampers provide superior air control, high performance, and sustainable energy efficiency


32. Dampers can be constructed of galvanized, stainless, or aluminum and are available with a diverse compliment of factory furnished options to meet any application.

Dampers, Diverse

33. The Honeywell ZD Damper is a power close and spring open Damper


34. These Dampers are available with square or rectangular parallel blades


35. Its 24 volt motor controls the air circulating in HVAC systems and is commonly used when a normally-open Damper is required


36. TrueZONE Bypass Dampers (CPRD) are round static pressure relief Dampers


37. Damper is only a noun.It refers to (1) something that deadens, restrains, or depresses, (2) an adjustable plate for controlling a draft, and (3) one that deadens vibrations

Damper, Deadens, Depresses, Draft

38. 1 Damper‘s corresponding verb is dampen, which means to deaden, restrain, or depress.Of …

Damper, Dampen, Deaden, Depress

39. A fireplace Damper is a small door inside a fireplace, usually near the base of the chimney

Damper, Door

40. Typically made from cast iron or other heat-resistant metal (sometimes ceramic), the Damper essentially opens and closes the chimney


41. When someone refers to “opening the flue” of the fireplace, what they really mean is opening the Damper.


42. What does Damper mean? An adjustable plate, as in the flue of a furnace or stove, for controlling the draft

Does, Damper, Draft

43. A Damper is a device located inside the flue that helps to control how quickly warm air, waste gases and smoke are released from the fireplace during a fire, while also helping to reduce the inflow of cold air from the outside while the fireplace isn’t in use.

Damper, Device, During

44. ‘A Damper on their holiday, however, was the unexpected death of Sean's brother Denny in Ahane, Knocknagoshel last week.’ ‘One PNM strategy team official said yesterday that Khan's resignation and the reasons for it may place a Damper on the convention.’

Damper, Death, Denny

45. A Damper is a device for reducing vibration in an engine, camshaft drive, or vehicle suspension

Damper, Device, Drive

46. A vibration Damper is fitted to the front end of the crankshaft to minimize vibrations


47. The Damper is designed with the aim of absorbing vibration energy and dissipating it as heat.

Damper, Designed, Dissipating

48. HVAC performance is largely dependent on airflow control and Honeywell Dampers are built to support improved airflow and heavy use

Dependent, Dampers

49. Honeywell has long been a leading source for commercial control Dampers with products that meet the benchmark AMCA 500D air performance standards.


50. Enjoy Damper live stream on Nimo TV


51. Watch Damper play Genshin Impact game and chat with other fans


52. (5.86) shows how the Damper power is greatly influenced by the damping exponent

Damper, Damping

53. Hence, for Damper used in wind resistance, the basic principle is the damping exponent cannot be too small

Damper, Damping

54. Moreover, for most Dampers, their permitted power is less than 1 HP (different tonnage Dampers have different permitted powers).Therefore, for α = 0.3 the Damper power will be overlarge if the Damper is

Dampers, Different, Damper

55. Smooth your ride and reduce unwanted side-to-side motion with a steering stabilizer or Damper


56. Steering Dampers and stabilizers reduce wobble on your vehicle’s front end by adding resistance to …


57. FYN-S1 The self-compensating FYN-S1 rotary Damper with zinc die-cast body provides a constant sequence of movement for different masses

Damper, Die, Different

58. A flue Damper is a device which is used to regulate the flow of air through a flue, a pipe which vents hot air and gases from a wood stove, boiler, or similar piece of equipment

Damper, Device

59. It is important to confirm that the flue Damper is in operational condition before starting the piece of equipment it is attached to and the Damper may need to be


60. Damper Length Ford Dampers come in three lengths—the distance measured from the front face of the Damper to the back of the hub

Damper, Dampers, Distance

61. Step 3: Clean the fuel pressure Damper area using clean rags


62. Make sure to remove all the debris and dust buildup around the Damper as well as the fuel lines

Debris, Dust, Damper

63. Remove the vacuum line connected to the pressure Damper, the wiring harness in the frontal area of the engine, and the fuel return line


64. As electrical current is supplied to the Damper, a coil inside the piston creates a magnetic field and instantaneously changes the properties of the MR Fluid in the piston (see Figure 5)


65. Consequently, the resistance of the Damper can be continuously changed in real time by modulating electrical current to the Damper


66. Titanium Super Damper Bolt Kits ATI's titanium bolts are made in the USA and are 47% lighter than steel


67. For aluminum Damper assemblies only


68. Kit 950200T includes 6 titanium 5/16 -18x1 countersunk bolts and 3 Titanium 3/8-16x1 bolts that fit most standard Dampers.


69. 1 day ago · As per the research work, the worldwide Tuned Mass Damper market, which recommends an Opportunity of USD 86.6 Mn in 2018 assessment, will …

Day, Damper

70. GP Sorensen Fuel Injection Pressure Damper 800-4019 $ 46


71. The Damper, which contains one or two pistons, is fixed to the car body or frame, and a pivoted lever extends from it to the axle


72. Some cars have Dampers that contain both oil and gas


73. These act more efficiently than oil-filled Dampers


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